Francis Bacon

" The knowledge is poder" Francis Bacon said and nowadays I understand with clarity that phrase. If 8 years ago it had known what I know nowadays, 8 years ago had achieveed the success that I have nowadays. To obtain employment is not in fact one easy task, mainly when one looks for the use that wishes to have and not the use that " there is tener" because it is not possible to be aspired better to something. Any person can say that she has a use, but the question at issue is yes in truth has the use that one wishes to have. All the people we dreamed about an ideal work. All the people we want to have the dreamed work. Which is yours I do not know it. The unique thing that I know is that all the people can accede to the work of their dreams if in truth know what they must make to obtain it.

To be successful in the use search is something more than a luck question. In fact it is a situation that is determined by the knowledge with respect to which truly they look for the employers. Don’t mention it serves to have esudio, the preparation and all the others, if it is not for sure known how to face a possible opportunity of work. The use or the work that you want to have yes exists and yes he is something that you can obtain and reach if you have the tools necessary to obtain it. The barriers exist only in mind of each person and once we are able to collapse them, we become owners of our own destiny. It demolishes your barriers because if to not beams, they will finish derribndote it thinks about it a little.

But good, never it is behind schedule after reaching the deepest dreams. Always there is time to obtain what it is wanted to have. I hope that if you read this history and are in a situation similar to mine, you do not let pass the opportunity to change your labor life in abrir and closing of eyes. Original author and source of the article.

Canaan Through Desert

God, by means of Moiss and of its twig (cayado), released to the town of Israel of the slavery of Egypt, sending 10 warnings (plagues) to the opresor, without affecting the pressed one, reason by which the town of Israel left Egypt praising and glorifying God. Imagnese to a multitude of almost two million people fleeing joyful from the furnace of the slavery of Egypt. Suddenly the town is cornered, defenseless and paralyzed in front of the Red Sea ahead, and to the most powerful army of the Pharaoh behind. The town of Israel is in front of a sea impossible to cross and an army impossible to win, Israel depended again on the power of God to libar itself of these two gigantic enemies humanly impossible to win. Instead of to trust the power of God, the desperate town I stop praising and glorifying God, forgetting that with hand strong and extended arm it had released them to God of the furnace of the slavery of Egypt.

Now, the discouraged and terrified town began with first of an interminable list of complaints and back-biting against Moiss and against God, saying: why they removed to us from Egypt and so that they brought to us to this so unfortunate place to die drowned in the sea or to perish transferred by saetas of the Pharaoh? Suddenly, a cloud interposed between the released town and I exercise armed. Jehovah of the armies had descended surrounded in a cloud to provide a miraculous exit. A cloud that granted light to him during the night and shades during the day the town of Israel, whereas it granted darknesses during the day and the night to him to the army of the Pharaoh. Still more, the twig that had made descend the plagues on Egypt, now separated waters of the Red Sea, creating a way of exit for the town of Israel, that surprised and shamed, crossed hastily loading a little food, escazas tinajas with water and many animal.

The Subject

-You can clarify it with some detail more? (I asked to him) – I only can speak of things felt by my, are not test don’t mention it for anybody, although they give security sensation me. – I did not see tunnels nor personages, a light that in fact was I and only had a experience of pure conscience and immense freedom. – Sure, soon thinking on that, it is the doubt it will be a hallucination mine to the doors of the death. For that reason it spoke of it with my father and I asked to him what I said before. And that was the result.

Now I believe that it was not an illusion. – Well that I fought not to return, I liked I more that one than this, if, certainly, the reality is total. Perhaps the mind of everyone magazine those experiences of well-known forms so that they can be caught, and with a peculiar particularitity, the physical life from that state, are diffuse memories and seems a dream. Since then I know clearly relativity than we considered real. This history describes commented aspects previously, reuniting the ingredients that they confer to him clearly and valuable example. On the other hand, previously exposed he is coincident in almost the totality of the similar and known cases, giving rise to the definitions that of each existential plane of the human being do the understood ones of the subject. When the person acquires the level of conscience adapted in the material or physical plane, the subtle body is able to act in higher worlds, which is translated in a better and greater evolutionary development in the immediate planes superiors. When the person accedes to the astral plane superior, or through its capacity to transfer its conscience (also called astral trip), or through the physical death, as soon as she distinguishes differences with the world physicist or material, arriving to think that still one is in this plane, when continuing visualizing the same images.

The Best

You must reflect on certain concepts that are basic for the decision making, since much people by the scared that she is to that change, concentrate mainly in the present and stop giving importance to him to the future, when the future it is the present of the rest of your life, and for that reason you must plan your future and the one of yours of the best possible form, and is for that reason that you must differentiate between which she is one opinion, and what is information and knowledge. All we must right to think, but it is necessary to have well-taken care of and so we thought since with a mistaken opinion we can make damage to other people. When we began to undertake some change or different activity with illusion, we are very vulnerable since we do not have the knowledge base, nor sufficient positive the mental attitude, to make decisions from value, that maintain forts to us in this beginning, since anybody always you dira that does not work or that your you cannot do it but, the key this in which those people say to you or does not think but, in as you react before those opinions and commentaries, so that your reaction and decision, are only going to depend than your you take inside, than your you know, than your you create. And we must know that a society that acts, reacts and makes decisions as far as the opinions and commentaries from others, this condemned to have serious problems and to fail. If it is certain that you must listen those people whom through its experience, they have obtained or achieveed the success in its life, and to know how to administer all positive that these contributes to you, and thus to be able to apply to those advice and knowledge in your benefit, but also conoceras to people who probably are leido many books and have acquired knowledge in many areas in which they are expert, but that does not mean that they have achieved success, since the knowledge by itself does not give to be able, only the knowledge started up through an action plan, is what gives to be able.

Conventual Hospedera

Six centuries of art for the rest To only 11 kilometers of the border with Portugal, the locality of Alcntara is in the Natural Park of the Edge, in Cceres. Possessing of a great natural wealth, Alcntara conserves two historical monuments impressive – the Roman bridge and the convent of San Benito – and their environs safeguard the more important dolmnico field of western Europe. In order to enjoy a place where history converges with the culture and the comfort, suggests the Conventual Hospedera of Alcntara. This it could be only a lodging of Cceres with doubtless enchantment. Nevertheless, one is a convent of the S.XV turned now into a modern hotel of 4*. The restoration of the building conserves the artisan atmosphere and the spirit of the original construction, adding to him to the comforts and services of a select hotel. The church of the Conventual Hospedera of Alcntara still conserves the cupola and lodges a museum of the machines of the flour factory, whereas the old orchard is nowadays an pleasant natural space where the clients of the hotel can enjoy the reading in the shade of the olive trees or an pleasant bath in the swimming pool.

A panoramic corner in Ordesa and Monte Perdido For many, the valley of Huesca is one of the most beautiful corners of The Pyrenees. An example of it is the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, that was declared Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO in 1997. Known like the Paradise the Pyrenees, glacier is located in a depression and nowadays it constitutes a landscaping set of a beauty in which high tips prevail and a great variety of ecosystems. Pioneer in managing and protecting the nature, the Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido attracts every year more than half million visitors and serves as economic motor for the municipalities of his surroundings. In the slope of the Ara river, in a small called town I appear, is the Inn, an ideal rustic lodging to enjoy surroundings of natural beauty and the fantastic views of the National Park. After exploring the wild nature of the place oscense, practicing senderismo, scaling and even rafting, recommends to enjoy a relajante session in sauna of the Inn and to refresh with a glass in the hall lounge.

The Same

That is to say, the operating deputies discipline themselves themselves and they are given and with its eloquent speech they produce the dominion from its subjectivity. The avenging congregation that celebrates has said him four common places to the regime could be transformed into impositora multitude. That is what it fears the totalitarian regime more and feeds the spectacle from the own mediocrity on its own deputies. In other words, the totalitarian regime works on it bases to control, but not to destroy, because one would lose the balance of the appearances and the same arms of the control. We could say that it places to " oposicin" uncontrolled in " no-lugar". At the same time, it long satisfies a yearning postponed by the controlled ones, the apparent one to share of the ether. That is to say, the access to the screen. Once intermingled both sounds of the harmful polarization the dominated one becomes rather less than a remainder.

It does not have nothing else democratic that to offer the ether. It is for that reason that, in surely misunderstood phrase while it spoke of insurgency, called to an ontological term. I have said it thus: the policy does not become of outside inwards, becomes of inside towards outside. The regime is nourished of the superficiality of the social components. When everything to that body seems to him most natural of the world, and it unfolds to exorcise with insults, it has done exactly what the totalitarianism of the 21st century allows, that is to say, the bud of the superficiality and executes what totalitarianism wanted, the abandonment of all imagination transcendental. We arrive this way at an incoherence of great coherence. The power has unfolded subtly and conformation feeds back the social it. The regime, thus, has created its own ontological model to which there is to oppose another one by means of other measures of value and of causing that the important thing returns to determine the forms, the measures, the procedures and the behavior.


Permtanme, friendly parents, one more a reflection. Guilty do not feel not to spend too much time with their children. They try that time is a time for both of benefit and quality, a time that serves to know itself and to be understood every time better. Friendly parents do not pawn the wage of a month on buying to the boy the juguetito or fashionable aparatito to him. The material is ephemeral. Probably at some future date not even they remember the momentary satisfaction that produced to them to have that gift, but will remember with affection some anecdote, situation or conversation that they have lived together. Friendly parents, do not negotiate with their children superficial and material details in exchange for the well-known one, " if you behave well, ". " To behave bien" , in the sense that all we know, he is something that is due to learn because if, it does not have price, is something necessary, to coexist in society.

Friendly parents, do not watch another side or indicate to others like guilty of its lack of familiar solidity. Not always " the other " they are the guilty. The children must understand that also they are mistaken, and must learn of these errors. Friendly parents, also eat you it vegetable and the fish, does not cross in red the traffic lights although there are no cars, do not insult or they ***reflx mng themselves of others, wash the teeth after the meals, because as the saying goes, it preaches itself with the example. I know that the aspects commented in this reflection are difficult to obtain, but, what does not require a effort? It is certain, things require more effort and implication, others not as much. Each values the importance of the same according to its criterion. Nobody has the manual to be good father or mother, this is something that is learned, and that the own experiences, preoccupations, errors and triumphs, lived in this long and exciting " asignatura" , they do that each father, mother, and each familiar relation is unique and unique.

I would like to conclude, with a small appointment of the philosopher and Rousseau writer, that summarizes very well what I want to them to transmit. Rousseau in its famous Manifesto says: " He is reasonable who knows how to have a discussion, which means to know how to listen when it is spoken to him instead of to watch for another side. He is reasonable who respects the right of the others () Is reasonable that does not soil by the way the ground because it has learned that the ones in charge of the cleaning are not enslaved. He is reasonable who recognizes when equivocation and knows when she must rectify and request excuses. All these things have a common origin that &quot is called; good educacin". D. Liliana Knoll Churches. Lda. In Pedagogy. For more information does not doubt in visiting the page Original author and source of the article.

The Currency

This jurdica and econmica institution is realised to elude tributes that can affect the investments consequently is located the capital within a better econmico field. In order to transfer capitals it is necessary to consider the currency in which realizar exportacin, being able mainly to be realised in dlares or Euros, but nothing prevents that it is realised in another currency, for example can validly be realised in New suns or in Yens or Marks or another currency, nevertheless, it is clear that almost always the currency in which exportacin of capitals is realised it is not very important but what if exportacin is important or transfer in if of the capital or what is the same of the money. When one exports capitals not always continuous being proprietor of the capital the same person but can be different person for example when a mutuum or a renting of capitals is realised because person to which the capital is given is another person in these consensual contracts in which the two parts are not located in the same state or pas, but in different states or pases. 16. TRADE BALANCE Exists other econmicos trminos and jurdicos that must study when exportacin studies, thus it is clear that we must consider these trminos to have major knowledge of the subject matter of study and as to acquire major skill, consequently we will study the same. She constitutes this soothes to study other trminos related to the exports as it is for example the trade balance, in such sense we will study the same. The trade balance comes to be the balance or differentiates between the imports and the exports and the result are the trade balance, consequently segn the trade balance the exports can be majors that the imports or can happen the opposite, when the imports are majors that the exports, is necessary to put record that in the Peruvian state the exports are majors that the imports which it is good for the Peruvian economy consequently is clear that it is adapted for the economy and tambin the right to know the trade balance thus is necessary to consider these jurdicos and econmicos trminos that as much are necessary to the right and economy worldwide.

Federal Reserve

The summit of the G20 (the countries more industrialized and the emergent powers) in Seoul begins today, South Korea, the fifth summit of world-wide leaders since the crisis in 2008 exploded and that it must like objective consolidate a joint exit of the recession. But " war of divisas" it is centering all the attention, since that puts in danger the global economic recovery and turned aside of the agenda subjects of great importance like the reform of the financial system. Obama arrived yesterday at Seoul, but before it sent a letter in which it indicated that the world-wide economy depends on the economic recovery of the USA: " A strong recovery creates jobs: income and consumption are the most important contribution that the United States can give to the recovery global" , like so that they are becomeed aclimated to the position of the USA in front of the reclamations of countries developed and especially emergent by the wave of fresh money that the Federal Reserve the past week has announced it will inject in the economy: about $75.000 for month until June, through treasury bond purchases of the USA, about $ 600,000 combined million that with other programs of purchase of assets of the EDF, it arrives at the amount of $900,000 million by total. Dollars that will migrate towards the good yields of the emergent economies causing the overvaluation of their currencies, the loss of competitiveness of its exports, bubbles of assets and the increase of the local inflation. But How he is that the EDF creates the money, being that one is task of the Treasure of the USA? We say that to the EDF " imprime" currency participating in the bond market. Purchase treasury bonds to great financial institutions pay and them adding credit to the accounts of the salesmen in their respective accounts with the Federal Reserve (instead of to transfer cash), which is equivalent to monetary impression.

Best Service

Once it lost such position, the traffic stopped. Soon I tried to resend such page to recover my position between ten more found but it was in vain. It was the time to be discouraged to continue. I proved the forms obvious to attract people my Web pages without success. I free sent a few classified announcements but this was a tedious process and consumed time. result was equally distant to be spectacular. It seemed as if there was not form to make money in the network! How it would manage to progress, and what it had learned of this experience? With base in some success achieved in the life, now I understand that some factors exist keys: discipline, persistence and belief.

The DISCIPLINE is to do is needed to make every day to reach the goal to which you are going. The PERSISTENCE is to continue in the process, but carrying out the changes where they are needed so that the goal can be reached. The BELIEF is the confidence in that you can obtain it. With these ideas in mind, it was the time to return to the basic ones than it is a business in Internet and than on is marketing line in order to respond some fundamental questions: What type of people is the one that will buy my product and/or service? How to arrive at them from the most profitable way? Once you know who will buy your product and/or service, you can determine the best way of to contact them. In order to find out who will buy your product and/or service, hazte same these questions: As they are the benefits that will obtain the buying potentials of my product and/or service? We say that you are trading a business opportunity. An important benefit of your opportunity is the possibility that your prospectus makes some extra money.