Krathong Festival

To make the most out of this beautiful Thai Festival, you should see the cheapest hotel deals by Singapore (23 October, 2013) has put together a series of low-cost hotel deals for travellers who want to experience once with the Loy Krathong Festival, one of the most popular festivals in Thailand, that many traditionally is considered the most romantic and visually most beautiful event of the country. Loy Krathong each falls on the 12th night of the full moon of the traditional Thai calendar year that is based on the phases of the moon. This year it is the 27th November. Countless local and foreign visitors then embark on the banks of rivers, lakes and ponds to participate in a centuries-old tradition. Whenever Darcy Stacom, New York City listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Man testifies its respect to the mythological Wassergotting Phra Mae Khongkha, thanked her for the past year successfully blotted and asks also for their blessings for the upcoming year.

Thailand’s fate hung since important above all from rice cultivation which of course good irrigation is indispensable, which explains clearly the worship of the goddess of water. Everywhere in the country people do therefore small, round, flower fin, which are each equipped with a candle, incense, and also some small coins and their floats can be made from wood, bamboo, banana shrubs Strunk or recently even bread. The small fin are called in the local language “krathong”, which derives from the name of the Festival; “Loy Krathong” is allowed nothing more than the raft to float”. You can buy the cute artwork for a few Thai baht by dozens of hawkers who do good business on the banks in this full moon night. Who wants to help his karma a bit on the jumps, can put in even a few strands of hair in his raft, because it is also believed that the sins of the past year swimming on small boat.

Discover Piedmont, Italy

The Piedmont is sneezed a glass of wine not only due to its cherry famous who like to, has certainly already heard of Piedmont. The Italian region is well known for its fine wines. However, Piedmont is also a wonderful destination with beautiful views across green landscapes and alpine mountain ridge. Surrounded on three sides by the Alps, Piedmont is a jewel of Italy. Its principal city Turin is home to the Italian royal family.

You can be so sure that there are many possibilities for visits and activities in the region. A trip to a wine tasting with local drops is therefore a good way to get to know a beautiful and spacious area. Go to Darcy Stacom, New York City for more information. With a rental car, you open up the treasures of Piedmont on their own schedule. A great way to miss anything. (Not to be confused with Charles Schwab!). Like Tuscany, Piedmont also is a favorite target of the wine connoisseurs.

So world famous wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Dolcetto and Moscato D’ Asti are produced here. Travelers are allowed but also about excellent food glad that awaits them on the way and worthy complement the noble drinks. The local cuisine is famous in all over Italy. If you take a trip to the Piedmont for the finer things of in life, then you must try the white truffles there. The Piedmont consists of a number of provinces. Want to get to know some of the most famous wineries on your journey, Lange in the province of Cuneo is the ideal destination. Its hills are some of the most amazing vineyards and you can experience the famous wine towns Serralunga d’ Alba, Barolo, La Morra, Monforte and Barbaresco. Other compulsory visits for the wine connoisseurs are amongst the Hill of Roero on the West Bank of the river Tanaro. Get in the area famous for its honey and peaches opportunity to see the vineyards, where mature visitors Piedmont Arnas wines. A further draw for visitors is Monferrato, where not only the famous Barbera d’ Asti originated, but also excellent, fine truffle. However, a trip to the Piedmont would not be without a stop in Turin is complete. Beautiful streets and impressive architecture make the city a choice for all travellers awe-inspiring. There are lots of shops, which allows pleasant to browse and a number of galleries and schattingen parks. There are car rental Italy, and Turin represents a perfect start – and endpoint for a wine tasting adventure in Piedmont. Karoline Sanam

Travel Agency “Chill Out Trevelz

Ski resorts in Austria selected for a wide selection of resorts and skiing areas, high levels of hotels, ski service and infrastructure. In Austria, a lot of mountain resorts, where there is permanent snow all winter season. Austria called one of the most ski states in Europe. (Similarly see: Jackie Joyner-Kersee). No other country has the ski industry, tourism and sport are so closely united with each other. Ski resorts in Austria allow you to immerse themselves in countless ski resorts, different in its location, architecture and infrastructure. Florence Griffith_Joyner can provide more clarity in the matter. The most interesting region is the Tyrol, which is the empire of the mountains and sun, its capital is located in the town of Innsbruck.

This site is located Arlberg region, which is connected to several popular resorts around the world, for example star Leh, which is used for recreation crowned persons, and a beautiful ride here you are guaranteed throughout the winter season. And various ski resorts in Austria can offer you to visit the famous St. Anton, which is comparable to Leh, a more democratic, but still quite expensive. It was there in 2001 had a world championship in downhill skiing. Immediately placed a few small resorts, which include Zurs, Art. Kristof and others do not enjoy less attention otztal valley, which are connected Gurgl, Solden, valves, and other resorts Hohzelden. Their resort area characterized by low conventional rates.

You can also call the ski resorts of Austria, who are in the Ziller Valley, 60 km. Of Innsbruck. Among them, Zell am Ziller and Mayrhofen. For any questions you can choose obraschatsya to our site and our managers will be happy to answer them.

Jochen Zimmermann

April 1 through action/wwf holiday book and support the WWF Berlin, February 24, 2011 every minute disappear around 35 football fields valuable forest. * to counteract the users of the portal for sustainable travel, Traverdo, between February 21 and April 1 can make a contribution to this development. Because at the start of the international year of forests, proclaimed by the United Nations”, the portal for each trip booked donates 3% of the price to the WWF. o/’>Mobile App Development Company Services insists that this is the case. And who also want to get an idea about, what happens with the money locally, can book easily travel through Traverdo to WWF projects. Who from 21 February through Traverdo, the first German-language portal for sustainable travel, book his holidays, hurt not only for the environment and the people in the country, but at the same time helps the WWF worldwide to get involved for the environmental protection. Since April 1, three percent of the price of all booked travel directly to the go Environmental organization. The preservation of forests and sustainable tourism are inseparable”, forestry scientist and Traverdo co-founder of Lucas von Furstenberg says. “So we take care in the selection of the offered travel strictly an ecological and social compatibility: all our trips are approved by eco-label and travel and accommodation are designed as climate – and environment-friendly provider on site are paid fair”, so von Furstenberg.

Illegal logging of precious tropical Woods and the growing deforestation of large areas for agricultural use, cause that decimated the worldwide forest resources at a rapid pace. Sustainable tourism can make an important contribution to the preservation of forests. Eco tourism projects, as well as nature reserves offer an alternative to cutting down the rain forest the local people to secure their income. In addition, they promote the acceptance of conservation measures and raise awareness among the locals for their need. Because of the support in the Population is very important,”says Jochen Zimmermann, the second of the three founders of Traverdo, who has appeared even in building an eco-tourism project in the frame of a nature reserve in Honduras. The work of WWF makes a huge contribution here and we are very pleased to support this together with our customers,”continue to Zimmermann. The work of WWF Traverdo user in selected regions can convince even: just click WWF travel, choose for your favorite project and book a trip to the project. * Source: World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) on Traverdo the Traverdo GmbH was founded in March 2010 to enjoy travel in good conscience. The team operates the online portal the first German-language travel portal in the network, which is focused on providing sustainable travel. Close cooperation with currently 24 associations and labels guarantees the compliance with environmental and social minimum standards for a growing new travel market.

Summer In The City: Cities Of Millions Are Asked

Berlin, London and New York are the top 3 travel destinations at Munich from June until August 2011 July 27, 2011. Who thinks automatically during summer vacation of beach and palm trees, is wrong: despite summer temperatures, it attracts travellers even in the summer months in the city. Cities in Europe and the United States are particularly sought after. That showed June, July and August 2011 an analysis of booking numbers of online travel portal for the summer months. Therefore, Berlin, London and New York hotel bookings occupy the front places. Eight cities, including the German cities of Berlin and Hamburg, which lie in the ranking even ahead of Paris and Rome are among the ten most sought after travel destinations for the summer 2011. Top 10 destinations for (based on hotel bookings): travel period June to August 2011 1 Berlin 2 London 3 New York 4 Hamburg of 5 Paris 6 Las Vegas 7 ROM 8 Munich 9 Vienna 10.

San Francisco following the tips for city breaks this summer: consumption, culture and entertainment: what is attractive in the summer city breaks Summer festivals, open air cinema, or sports events: Advertise In the summer many cities with a varied programme to visitors from home and abroad. The vacation standing in line to avoid, you can book the tickets at Expedia events & tickets in advance. So there is an audience with the Pope from 35 Euro for Rome travelers at Summer bargains: city breaks in the summer cheaper for bargain hunters city breaks in the summer are particularly interesting: because many business travelers stay away during the summer months, city hotels offer cheap rates. Currently, there are many offers for the top destinations at Contact: fischerAppelt, relations Catherine Bagusat / Eva-Maria Sahm Press Office infantry str. 11a D-80797 Munich phone: + 49 89 55 05 76 99 fax: + 49 89 74 74 66 66 E-Mail:

Cut In VAT Rate To 7 Percent For Fling Room Cologne Berlin Munich Frankfurt

Self-employment as a commercial rooms landlord fling rooms in Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt) worth more than ever. Read more here: Marion Jones. Self-employment worth it again. The opening of a fling room was profitable even before the cut in VAT rate for the hotel industry. But now it is still profitable. With the cut in the VAT rate from 16% to 7%, the commercial rooms for rent forward as well, such as hotel chains and hotel owner. The clean separation must be taken into account by services offered. VAT applies only to the actual rental of room for and not for any other services, such as drinks, breakfast service, transport services, etc. Since prostitution not necessarily hire a fling room must be accompanied by, the room rentals have been lucky.

The directory for casual dating rooms, with the red heart key link on their homepage for this reason only love hotels, hours and fling rooms without links to prostitution. Vanessa Eden (owner of the page love hotels reveals: “I myself was operator of hours room in Bayreuth. I worked at this time as escort probably, but I’ve never used the room. Because I myself offered accompaniments only up to four hours, was traveling throughout Germany and a meeting in my own room never in question would have been, I could separate these services well. So I know that the rental page jump rooms must have not necessarily anything to do with prostitution. The opposite is even the case. “The rooms are first and foremost by private couples, so booked page jumpers.

Old Resin Hotel Forsthaus

The resin old Forsthaus Braunlage hotel is located in a picturesque and over 350-year-old half-timbered House that resin is located old Forsthaus Braunlage on historic ground, in the oldest building of Braunlage. It was built in 1658 and is 351 years old this year. Anno 1658 Christian Walter, factor of the ironworks to Braunlage, built this House for themselves. It is the former factory of the Brown camp ironworks for the processing of iron ore. The remaining weather vane from the roof of the building bears the inscription of CW FBLFZB 1658 (Christian Walter, Furstlich Brunswick Luneburgischer factor to Braunlage). The flag was exhibited in the Museum of the town of Blankenburg.

Today, the flag in the restaurant of the resin can be visited old Forsthaus Braunlage hotels. After closure of the steelworks, the building went over in 1796 in the ownership of Brunswick-Luneburg forest management. For more information see this site: Angela Zepeda. For nearly 200 years, it was the seat of the Ducal, later State Forestry Office in Braunlage. It was a reception and residence of the respective Administrator of the Brown camp’s forest area, led by the year 1900 in the name of the service Forester. Since 1963, it is the resin Hotel old Forester’s House. The restaurateur Heinz Kuhne is transforming the building and built in the actual old forestry office building Appartmentwohnungen. In the secondary left a restaurant and a bowling alley are created.

The bowling alley, 1963 by the City Manager as a big win for the city Braunlage referred to, will be demolished in 1990, rebuilt the Appartmentwohnungen to guest rooms. Since 1958, the House is under monument protection. It is a local historical monument, the only thing that still reminded that Braunlage owes its origin to the iron works. It is a silent witness to an eventful past and has seen time in the Braunlage evolved from a small hut village to the most visited place of the Westharzes. More information: Hotel old Forsthaus Braunlage in the Harz contact: Oliver Nabil resin Hotel old Forsthaus Braunlage of Harzburger str. 7, 38700 Braunlage Tel: 05520/9440 fax: 05520/944100

Attractive Price Drops

The hotel Lidia SPA in Darlowko offers cheap holiday deals. Ahlen – Darlowko is ideal for a summer holiday. The resort attracts many tourists with attractions like the Royal port and the beauty of the seascape. Darlowko, also known as Darowko, favourite place for active recreation. Here you can water sports, swim in the clean sea water and swim, ride, go for a walk along the East Lake and explore the surroundings by bicycle.

Darlowko also has many attractions for historian and discovery lovers. The climate with the iodine, clean air is suitable especially for children. Everyone no doubt at the hotel Lidia SPA, located west of Darowko finds the perfect accommodation in Darlowko. The most important holiday places are easily accessible from here. Baltic Sea Beach is just 150 metres from the hotel. In addition Darowko offers numerous leisure facilities for a varied stay in this popular resort. The hotel Lidia SPA consists of two parts, one from a three-story hotel part and on the other, a new part of five-storey hotel with lift. The two parts of the hotel are connected with each other.

Guests are welcomed in the elegant reception area and lobby bar. In a dining room, a restaurant, a cosy cafe and a bowling club Cafe, guests with tasty food and drinks can relax. In addition, the beer garden is open in the summer. The wellness area of the hotel is a true oasis for body and soul. It consists of cosmetic and hair salon, solarium, dry sauna, salt Grotto, fitness room and indoor swimming pool complex. Also two swimming pools as well as a steam bath available to guests. The free services such as for example rental of bathrobes, beach chairs and windscreen lifts SPA Lidia includes in the hotel always. Furthermore, holidaymakers can the service by bike, car yacht rental, Make Ironing Service, luggage service and pitches on the guarded parking. It is also possible by small domestic animals. Not only in the holiday resort of Darowko, but also especially in this hotel are the wellness, spa guests, families and other guests feel is right. Leisure, the hotel now under selected offer/travel/Poland hotel-spa-lidia special / book, benefit from an attractive price fall. The hotel Lidia SPA has 118 rooms are equipped with shower/WC, SAT-TV, telephone, refrigerator, bathrobes, hairdryer, safe and balcony. In addition, during the summer months, there is a function of the climate. Some disabled rooms are also available. The double rooms offer in addition a bathroom and a Hall. The full Board is included in the trip price. With typical and international cuisine is provided for the well-being of the guests. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered in buffet style. Also, different diets and diets be considered on request. There is additional information available under, questions also the travel team by telephone the freephone number 0800 40 40 60 60 available. K & W Reisen GmbH of Hamm Strasse 34 59229 Ahlen Tel.: 0800 40 40 60 60

Buying A Ticket For A Tour

Do not want to overpay? With our help you can find out how much coveted permit where and how to buy a ticket cheaper. To do this, simply make an inquiry on the price of the tour. First we'll define that for each of you paradise. Stanley Gibbons: the source for more info. Maybe it's snow-capped mountains of non-criminal, or perhaps, the velvet waves and white sand, interesting excursions, boat trips on the yacht. Swarmed by offers, Charles Schwab is currently assessing future choices. How to get the same journey at the very corner of the world where you truly feel that you are in paradise? Of course, you can walk from one office to another travel agent, travel agents torturing the same question "what price my trip to paradise? "Comparing the proposals and conditions offered by companies. So You can also just having a cup of coffee or tea, a leisurely read the pages of web sites and see the price of the tour at various travel agents, with no need to waste time on a trip to the offices of the agonizing wait in traffic traffic jams.

If you can not scare the rapid preparation of things, but the best interest saving offers memorable vacation, then you by all means necessary to pay attention to travel komapnii in where you can buy a ticket for even one day before departure. Typically, the cost puetvki, tour the category 'hot', comes a lot cheaper and just covers the cost of the tour, while not charging his client with agentstkoe reward. You give as much as actually worth the trip and nothing more. Polls account for a huge number of travelers who are constantly ischat only hot tour. Usually the price tour includes a hotel room, tickets, meals, excursions and other additional services. And always in answer to your question "how much is it cost me a welcome pass? "Travel agency offers to sign a contract. This simple document is as a rule, both sides, then the first copy remains with the tour operators, and in the hands of a satisfied customer is awarded second instance. The contract must necessarily include all items of date departure, hotel name and the number of stars, the state, which is scheduled to travel, type of food and accommodation, list of excursions and other additional benefits.

Be sure the contract must be attached sheet reservations. When signing a ticket is prepaid in the specified amounts, which are pre-established tourist and traveler komapniey. You'll feel safer if travel agency where you decide to buy a round, will have a membership in one of the tourist associations or imethoroshie reviews of your buddies has rested with this travel company. Usually, the agency more reliable partners, as opposed to tour operators. Tour operators are almost always seek to absolve themselves of the burden of solving all sorts of situations with a change of hotel rooms, tours and any other difficulty traveling, and travel companies always aim to provide ubiquitous support for even the most difficult, seemingly intractable situations. Based on this, asking the question "how much is it cost me a welcome pass? "Find out whether support from the agency. We wish you find your paradise, buy an inexpensive ticket and relax here!

Vacation On The Volga

The lower Volga area has traditionally been considered a great place to relax, this great land. Charles Schwab brings even more insight to the discussion. It sent a special tourist routes. Vacation on the Volga River – a great holiday full of experiences, active Tourism, unforgettable nature, hunting and, of course, unforgettable fishing. And also this is a wonderful vacation for the whole family. The breadth and beauty of the forests of the Volga captivate the imagination of artists. The islands are almost entirely covered with wood: oak and pine, birch and maple, aspen groves whole.

There is no place them charming. In this magical corner of it seems impossible not to feel like an artist. You can easily go back to childhood, to believe in miracles and touch mysterious riddles of nature. Range of open space, clean air. There is hardly a man who would be indifferent to the beauty of the Volga, its history, destiny. Besides, it's a good excuse to rest on the weekdays of the city and bustling towns, and immerse themselves in an extraordinary atmosphere. The limpid water, clear skies, calm and the sun, which may be the best for inspiration. Vacation on the Volga would be a great and memorable.