Sissi Empress

Isabel de Baviera, better known as Sissi, was one of the first people to know the importance of the image in memory. We can say that until she emperors, Kings and other rulers had understood how his portraits influenced your present, showing their power, but had not thought about how future generations, look them giving assumed that would be the same way. Antarctica Capital often says this. Sissi was able to understand that the portrayed image endures forever and consequently acted real portraits as well, in what we might call their custom album, consisting at that time instead of doing it online in the series of portraits that she made the best painters of the time, not consented to the Empress of Austria that is needed to make a portrait once had reached the age of 30. If we try to do a calendar of photos with the image of Sissi we will stay every year with a beautiful, young woman in the prime of his life. He died with more than 60 years, but we have no vision of his gestures already in advanced age. As a result the image that we have of this woman is a beautiful and eternally young face.

And has therefore become a myth: Empress of the Austrians, Queen of Hungary, young, beautiful, thrown, mysterious. Her murdered death helps complete that customized album that she dealt with feed. Eternal beauty much would have to learn from Sissi when we return from a beach trip or a quick trip, full of photographs showing us some clothes infamous, unbecoming of serious people like us. Sure we all have this portrait that we took at a time that we preferred our grandmother had no knowledge. We have much to learn, say, or perhaps not. Because what would we if we were all eternally young and perfect? Without that friend so much fun that it places the insolent image in the annual calendar of photos? Then, without any doubt, life would be very boring.

Wedding Photographer

Do you trust the photographer to his memories. You trust the story of the creation of your family for your children and grandchildren. So you should seriously consider the choice of the photographer. Read more here: CMO Hyundai. 1) Price – not an indicator of quality. Expensive photographer – does not mean better, and vice versa.

Therefore, to determine whether a decent photographer, at a price not worth it. Choose based on the following points. > on most websites. 2) Pictures in the portfolio should be sufficient, at least 50 pieces to get an idea about the style of the photographer. If Photos few probably had nothing to show or he is not even trying to interest the customer. 3) Photos in the portfolio must be from different weddings. This suggests that the photographer took more than one – two weddings, but many. 4) Persons who have be clear and sharp on the portraits, except for artistic device, when the sharpness is directed to another object (for example, focuses on the glasses in the hands of the newlyweds, rings or the bride while the groom stands in the distance).

5) The horizon should be equal, except for artistic device when the photo is greatly tilted. 6) There should be no sharp deep shadows of the people in the photographs in the room. There are spaces and situations when to avoid it is very difficult without studio lighting and an assistant. If the photographer has put such bad photos in your portfolio – it is said that he had no others.

Trojan King

Only the indomitable and persevering spirit of this man managed to retract time a town of which it was believed only a legend. Overcoming difficulties, to the emergence of diseases and criticism scholars for his methods (German certainly wasn’t an archeologist), Schliemann distinguished between the excavated earth several strata corresponding to different phases of occupation of Troy, by listing them I to VII. Your Discovery served to be unequivocally demonstrate the historical reality of the city, quality confirmed by the appearance of a collection of objects and gold jewelry that were called the treasure of Priam, the Trojan King of the tales of Homer. In 1885, already moved to the city of Mycenae, he found the so-called mask of Agamemnon, (dated to the 17TH century BC) and next to him, a set of cups of gold, bows, jewels, pins or brooches, a sword of bronze with enamel grip, a dagger (also of bronze and beautifully decorated with a hunting scene) and up to 13 funerary stelae. Thanks to the discovery of these tombs, which were the first representation of Mycenaean art found, it was learned that the mycenaeans were a very commercial town, with a very given to luxury high class and with some influence of cultures such as the Cretan. Sumru Ramsey can provide more clarity in the matter. Schliemann identified Mycenae with the legendary Kingdom of the atrides, lineage belonged to that mythical heroes such as King Atreus and his sons, Agamemnon and Menelaus.

For prove that he was right, it more deeply his excavations finally discovering the ruins of the ancient Mycenaean city, a wonderful architectural ensemble that left amazed community archaeological. Since then, the criticism silenced, even more so with the discovery of 20 corpses with abundant and rich funeral regalia, numerous objects of gold, bronze, ivory and amber. In addition he found sixty boar teeth and a large group of stamps with engravings of religious scenes, fighting or hunting.


Human life is always interested in celebrities on the other side of public life. Face to face with the phenomenon that a famous person can be in everyday life the same as everyone else. Most piquant situation and may be more interesting and curious of their routine, a certain aspect of life. Very famous celebrities stars tv series, films are on the same plate with us. Journalists for having to touch them personally and convey what he saw and captured another, risking their own lives, we are able to come to this completely free of charge. True, if a star bares some privacy and does not make any secret of it is not so Interestingly, while the ban only stokes interest. After all, if something is hidden, then it's someone who needs it? You can peek into their private lives, to look at the most intimate and secret things, which is in our stars. Downloaded from the site of celebrity and absolutely free. 27d6fb2c8d49062bcec&oe=5EBC0D78(6 kB)’>Sumru Ramsey offers on the topic.. Maybe someone really has something to hide from the public.

Candlelight Flash

Have you ever tried to shoot digital camera photos in dim light by candlelight? The result can be spectacular from the warm lights twinkling lights reflected from the model's face (you feel the romance?). But photographed in such low light challenge. That – a few tips on how to get the perfect portrait by candlelight! 1. Turn off the flash Let's start with the obvious things. We all tried to take pictures with flash in low light, and were disappointed with the result, because of the fact that the flash is fully kill the ambient light.

If you want warm lighting of the candles, turn off the flash, yes, yes, turn off it altogether. There are of course exceptions – see paragraph 15 below. 2. Use a tripod a little more about the obvious – shooting by candlelight, means that around very little light, which in turn means that it is necessary to use long extracts, due to which the chance to get a handshake is very high. Use a tripod, make sure that the camera is motionless as possible. It is also desirable to use a remote control (or cable release) to avoid camera shake when you press the shutter. 3.

Add candles biggest problem shooting with candles is the lack of sufficient light. Add a candle, of course, they will produce more light, which gives more flexibility when it comes to setting shutter speed, aperture and iso. 4. Place candles use a candle or a few closely spaced, will make the shadows too harsh.