The Currency

This jurdica and econmica institution is realised to elude tributes that can affect the investments consequently is located the capital within a better econmico field. In order to transfer capitals it is necessary to consider the currency in which realizar exportacin, being able mainly to be realised in dlares or Euros, but nothing prevents that it is realised in another currency, for example can validly be realised in New suns or in Yens or Marks or another currency, nevertheless, it is clear that almost always the currency in which exportacin of capitals is realised it is not very important but what if exportacin is important or transfer in if of the capital or what is the same of the money. When one exports capitals not always continuous being proprietor of the capital the same person but can be different person for example when a mutuum or a renting of capitals is realised because person to which the capital is given is another person in these consensual contracts in which the two parts are not located in the same state or pas, but in different states or pases. 16. TRADE BALANCE Exists other econmicos trminos and jurdicos that must study when exportacin studies, thus it is clear that we must consider these trminos to have major knowledge of the subject matter of study and as to acquire major skill, consequently we will study the same. She constitutes this soothes to study other trminos related to the exports as it is for example the trade balance, in such sense we will study the same. The trade balance comes to be the balance or differentiates between the imports and the exports and the result are the trade balance, consequently segn the trade balance the exports can be majors that the imports or can happen the opposite, when the imports are majors that the exports, is necessary to put record that in the Peruvian state the exports are majors that the imports which it is good for the Peruvian economy consequently is clear that it is adapted for the economy and tambin the right to know the trade balance thus is necessary to consider these jurdicos and econmicos trminos that as much are necessary to the right and economy worldwide.