Imagine sitting with the front of your TV remote control. You put on channel 1, one minute later you change channel and so on. Why? You see the same thing and the same thing. Time is important, either for pleasure or for work, the time is the currency. Your readers want to spend their time productively and want to get some value. However, as a Blogger, you can be feeling that you be repeating over and over again. Which theme motivates you or excites you? By chance I found 4 ways to inject enthusiasm and interest in what I write with a correspondence of more participation in my blog. Let me share them.

1 Think a research opposite to yours in relation to the themes of your blog. Then discuss them. Wait to see what happens. Tea really pleasantly surprised. 2 Choose an idea from another site. For example, I visit a site such as and I read something in the trends section. What appears there is what most spoken.

I choose a theme that seem interesting, but not the related themes of my blog, and write something about this idea that I chose. Remember a new idea, it is a renewal of your readers. 3 Use any fable. Fables of Aesop have survived for centuries. Why the uses stories to prove a truth? You can also find similar stories in your family. If you care enough to write about that then do it. 4. Stay calm. Any idea will not be an instant success. Think of your site or blog as a building starting from the Foundation up to the top floor of this. A building in which readers will find something of interest. Original author and source of the article.


Overall I think it is a sad tendency that most of us underestimate how powerful we are. Only the greatness of the amount is within each and every one of us – waiting to leave. The reality is that if you knew how special you were – and how much do you greatness was the only one you is that I am convinced that nothing can know immediately that you really do get what you want in your life. The journey is not always easy – very little of lasting value or true is the top seed for an easy road. In fact, they often find that it is those times that we thought insuperable tend to be more responsible for our gain the skills it took to get to our eventual success.

What I am suggesting is that the skills needed to become what we want to be learned only through times of difficulty or discomfort. Certainly, the good times and the study of self-improvement plays a role, but does not discount the importance of the challenges of life either. At the end all parts of our life can be valuable teachers. We just have to accept that each event – positive or negative it can have a chance to be better for having lived.

Now that certainly is not to say that we find any joy in each and every one of the events of life – certainly not negative anyway. However, I think it is worth seeking out the lessons that are both good and bad in our lives. Taking care not to dwell on the negative. Remember, there is a big difference between housing – and to simply learn and move something from the past.


Although there is a clear difference between the spiritual and religious, the tendency is to merge. This format tells us where we came from, why we are on earth, where we go when we die earthly and what awaits us later. Now, suppose you say NO to the format. And then? What format you hang? What structure you organized? The format is typically thought explains the scheme Fe-Science. After nearly a thousand years of Dark Ages, the negation of everything that is not compatible with Christian dogma, was born what finally called Science. And this idea seems to corner humanity: either you are a believer or scientific, that is, your format is one of God or one of the scientific method.

For most limiting and reductionist approach is, the binary form of thinking in absolutes is, unfortunately, prevalent. The format of the form is expressed in how we dress, talk, and we deploy to the world. And there was the type, talking incessantly, killing time in an airport waiting room. He spoke with the classic gesticulation, gestures and poses usual intonations peculiar to the region. He spoke just like many out there, and I remember several of my friends, while I wondered if I spoke, without realizing the same. There is something that betrays us. The merchants of Cancun or Acapulco are experts. Based on this format, in seconds, if you are located in Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Chihuahua, and so on. Your destination is impressive. One day I asked one, having witnessed five consecutive hits, and did not know exactly what to say, I just said, post it notes, young man.

Audio Books For Children

Many parents know how sometimes it is difficult sometimes to seat your child's book. Meanwhile, he listened with pleasure when he read aloud. Especially before bedtime. Unfortunately, not all parents have enough free time to joint family reading. However, there is a solution. I remember in my childhood I have great pleasure in listening to records with fairy tales, and becoming an adult – radio plays in the remarkable performance of popular artists.

Currently, there is an interesting alternative to the plates and radio plays. This is a – audio book. Many of them are addressed to children. Child can learn a lot of benefits from listening to audio books. Firstly, he learns to focus attention to perceive information at the hearing.

These skills are undoubtedly important and necessary for success in school. Secondly, the child hears the words and phrases, pronouncing correctly, and his vocabulary begins increase rapidly. Thirdly, the obvious advantages of audio books to paper is no load on the eye that will help keep your child vision. After all, modern baby and so much time holds for textbooks at the tv and computer. In addition, listening to audio books can be combined with any other activities such as painting or cleaning their room. You can listen to audio books during long-term travel or whiling away time in the queue. Children's educational audio books are a wonderful learning tool. They expand horizons and are an excellent complement to the textbooks. Let your child every day listening to audio poems, and you'll be surprised how easily and completely without cramming it will be able to remember them and repeat. On the Internet you can find a lot of children's audio books for free download. This folk tale, and works by Russian and foreign children's writers, nursery rhymes, cognitive and Orthodox audio books for children. The choice is yours!