UAH Roof

There are companies that offer a guarantee for metal more than 10 years. As a rule, it is crucial when choosing a company: if the prices of all are the same, should pay attention to this approach to warranty and customer service. Market of metal – enough highly competitive environment, leaders in each region had long been decided, so the quality of services highly enough to any company that you are "on the ear." If you had to buy metal roofing and order its delivery, the next step should be to calculate the cost of its installation. It is impossible to give definitive advice to all, but from experience we can say that the quality of metal roof installation cost not less than 14 thousand hryvnia. K example, all materials and work on the roof of a neighbor's home area of 8×8 m – replacement of rafters and forests, laying insulation and roof cost about 28 thousand UAH. Bonding metal to a more modest neighbor: house 5×8 m, with an area of 120 square roof.

m cost $ 19 thousand UAH. This cost of the work on Osokorki (suburban district of Kiev). At the same time work in the first case amounted to three weeks, the second – about 10 days. And this, given that all had been brought and prepared by the customers, according to the recommendations on the choice of metal and consumables for professional companies engaged in roofing. Speaking in general about the cost of works on installation of metal in the metropolitan area such services are expensive and not everyone can afford to gardeners. For example, the dismantling of metal laying slate and processing of forest would cost at least 80-90 hryvnia for "square". Quilting gidrobarer and mineral wool – 30-40 hryvnia per one square meter. Installation of sewers – at least 25-30 hryvnia for one meter.

Making the rafters and scaffolding – 50-60 hryvnia per square meter, installation of the forest – from 13-16 hryvnia per square meter. In addition to your estimate on a roof should include a lot of supplies (nails, screws, etc.). The process of counting estimates for the laying of the roof the same rigorous as the selection of metal. Having to buy a roof, you have already seen that the selection metallocherpitsy best left to professionals. The same advice can be given in the case of calculating the estimates for the packing of metal – the price is better to learn from professionals, and in general such a calculation is best left to their shoulders. At As you just get the real cost of the installation of metal, saving time and, most importantly, nerves.

Industry Portals: General Concepts

The idea of industry portals is not new. Their main feature is its specificity, which is also the main advantage compared to the portals of a universal character. Indeed, the visitor portal easier to navigate a large number of familiar concepts and terms, than in huge bazaars (on popular sites) raznotematicheskih pages generic resources, most of which, we note a qualitative search not in principle. In recent years the tendency is even more thematic restriction, up to portals for individual types of equipment for specific makes of vehicles, specific types of household appliances, etc. It seems trend is linked with the growth of Internet users.

In our time, is difficult to imagine a company (any activity), which has no e-mail addresses, although a couple of years ago, this happens quite often, and in regions just at every step. Today, any, no self-respecting company has a website, and even at this level, at corporate sites, are clearly seen in the direction of line growth of sites such as semi. On corporate sites appear collaboration tools with the visitor. This variety of surveys, product catalogs, which can estimate the product, leave a comment, feedback systems and even systems of registration with control panel to manage their accounts on the company website (for example, work with dealers). Industry portals of a new generation – are projects that involve close interaction is not the site owner and visitor.

This is a place of communication portal users. Features offered by industry portals are quite diverse. It's ratings, advertising materials companies, tendering, a lot of help Information, topical message boards and much more. For example, industrial portal 'Avtomatpro' () offers the company's work site for several rates. Even free tariff plan 'Bronze' allows any industrial enterprise in a short time to familiarize its potential customers across the spectrum of its capabilities. The main feature of the portal is that any company can touch button to create your own online store. To do this, simply register on the portal in one of the paid tariff plans ('Silver', 'Gold' or 'Platinum'). The cost of tariffs ranging from 300 to 1,200 rubles. Filling the information store does not require any special knowledge. At any time, the company can switch from one tariff to another, which automatically affects the functionality of the store. In addition, all filling online store will automatically be added to the portal page 'Avtomatpro', which is a good way of promoting both the magazine and the organization's products in particular.

The Time

Design at work: The borrower must be completed on-site work on the workbook or an employment contract. Borrower having more than one place of employment, must submit copies of employment contracts with all the places trudoustroystva.VNIMANIE: Founders and unincorporated business organizations should be submitted in accordance with the approved company spisku.Stepen documentary evidence of income: The borrower must provide a certificate on Form 2-PIT, or a certificate from the employer about the amount of income in the form of our Kompanii.Dohody that can be taken into account when assessing the solvency of the client: Salaries at the primary place of work including earnings for overtime and bonuses, income from work for part-time and part-time, income from dividends, income from interest on deposits in the form of permanent, stable insurance payments, pension payments; Net income in the form of rent. Since the appeal before a decision is 3-7 days, some banks, these terms are reduced by half. This is especially true in the face of rising prices when the time a mortgage much depends. It's no secret that for a week or two the price of the selected apartment can be increased. Therefore, in this case, the experts will save you money. Another convenience for the borrower is now in his presence in bank is not required. After an appeal to the agency, the borrower is sufficient to attend only on the signing of a contract of sale. Terms of the loan (before the global crisis) Currency: Dollar SShAStavka loan: 9.60 – 12.60% In an initial contribution of more than 30% :9.6-11 .1% per annum during the term loans 1-10 years, 10.1-11.6% per annum during the term loans of 11-15 years, 10.6-12.1% per annum during the term of crediting 16-25 let.Pri initial contribution 15 – 30% :9.85-11 .35% per annum during the term loans 1-10 years, 10.35-11.85% pa in term loans of 11-15 years, 10.85-12.35% per annum during the term of crediting 16-25 let.Pri an initial contribution of 10-15% :10.1-11 .6% per annum during the term loans 1-10 years, 10.6-12.1% per annum during the term of lending 11-15 years, 11.1-12.6% per annum during the term of crediting 16-25 let.Obespechenie credit: Acquired nedvizhimostSrok credit 1 – 25 letRazmer loan 150 000 – 1.5 million dollars SShAPervonachalny fee: 10.00% Proof of income: the official dokumentami.Srok consideration of the application: up to 3 dneyNotarialnoe design Agreement: No dannyhTrebovaniya zaemschikuVozrast to the borrower: 21 – 65 letGrazhdanstvo RF: Do not post trebuetsyRegistratsiya loan: Not trebuetsyObschy seniority: 2 letTrudovoy experience last from 6 months