New Software Product Company “Intelis-Automation

The company "INTELIS-Automation" is a new software product – "INTELIS: Document management 8." This solution allows to minimize the financial costs of paperwork, save time harmonization of documents, track the status of running processes and analyze load of staff through the formation of various logs and reports. The system allows you to coordinate the interaction of units and individuals to each other and provide non-stop workflow. The software product "INTELIS: Document management 8" – a decision that is implemented on a platform of "1C: Enterprise 8.1." With it is possible automate the complex: – the work of the office (including registration documents, keeping the range of cases, distribution and control the location of paper documents, share documents, check e-mails, scanning and detection of paper documents, creation and retrieval of documents by barcode, etc.) – management agreements (approval and registration of contracts and related documents, as well as operational work with them) – management meetings (preparation and holding of meetings (coordination of space and time, participants, agenda)) – business process management (creation, processing and movement documents (docflow) and automation of arbitrary business processes, not related to documents (workflow)); – archive management (safe storage and effective use of information, access to information from virtually any geographically remote location, integration with other enterprise information system, storage of electronic versions of documents and account information, document, identification of electronic documents according to the requisites, reporting on user electronic archive, etc.). The software product "INTELIS: Document management 8" can be used as a separate program, and easily integrated into any software products, based on platform "1C: Enterprise." Licensing the software "INTELIS: Document management 8" is as follows: The software product "INTELIS: Document management 8" licensed regardless of the platform of "1C: Enterprise 8". The license for the platform of "1C: Enterprise 8" and a license to work with "INTELIS: Document management 8" sold separately.

Wiretapping The Phone

Sometimes, access to reliable information becomes almost impossible for several reasons. And the availability of reliable data is sometimes vital, for example, the verification of unfaithfulness partner in business with verification partner. Technical means for covert monitoring facilities and telephone lines – the people bugging bugs are constantly evolving becoming more and more miniaturized. Basically, the size of file listening radiozhuchka determined batteries – batteries, but not in the case of wiretapping phone devices. The fact that phone bugs are fed directly from the phone line.

Thus, we consider the two brightest members of the family of devices interception of telephone conversations. Transmitter MT01 – telephone wiretapping – is connected in series to break a telephone line, intercepted by a listening device transmits a signal over the air to a distance of one kilometer of line of sight. The distance is really solid!. The rate of transmission may be different: it may be a conventional FM receiver (transmission frequency 96-108MHz adjustable) or a special receiver in the case of a transfer at the closed frequency. Advantage of the closed microtransmitter frequency is impossible to intercept the signal more stable job. Second representative devices wiretapping of the phone is a phone relay TR01. He also eats from the telephone line, but connected to the line in contrast to the beetle interception MT01 parallel. The thing is that when the handset phone scutes listening room, the torus is set telephone, and in conversation – a telephone conversation, respectively. The signal is also transmitted over the air for a hundred and fifty meters, but the microphone sensitivity enough to embrace the premises of 50 square meters. Transmission frequency may also lie in two bands – FM band and spetschastota. Get acquainted and if you want to purchase the device fashionable in our online store: Authors: Reticle

European Commission

The position of relatively low tax UK aims to reduce reliance on taxpayer offshore mechanisms to minimize the tax burden, as well as resistance to this from the tax authorities, allowing them to apply "Through taxation" of income of foreign companies. David Kilshou, of KPMG, said that if the IRS will be forced to cancel the law against tax evasion, it could trigger "Possible surge of outflow of money in offshore". "This statement shake the very foundations of the UK," he said, adding: "This article 720 and 13, which basically reduces the ability of taxpayers to shelter their income and tax revenues with a simple way of obtaining them through offshore structures. In applying these provisions, "reopened the corporate structure" * (note: refers to the application of the doctrine of pierce the corporate veil) and offshore actual earnings are taxed in the UK. " "Those provisions – a key moment in UK law, aimed at combating tax evasion, and any changes can drastically affect the structure of the UK tax laws and how entrepreneurs would run their business and investment, "he suggested. "The Commission believes that discrimination exists to the extent that if individual to invest assets in companies in the UK (not EU companies), it will not pay taxes in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the company will be taxed on profits. Concerns The Commission is that they regulate the transfer of assets to foreign companies only, but the rules go far beyond this, and regulate the transfer of assets to any foreign party. At present it is unclear to be whether taking any action against the Rules or in the aggregate only against the provisions on transfer of assets to non-resident in the UK but resident in the EU companies.

" "It is clear that we are entering a period of uncertainty. It is less clear how this period of uncertainty would be resolved – for example, should the UK government to respond to such difficulties by introducing such taxes for the existing UK companies? However, this method may charge the concerns of the Commission, may positively influence the key moments in UK tax policy. " "But one thing seems absolutely clear. The situation we know will change forever. All taxpayers must now decide how to adapt to change.

" Andrew Taylbi-Folkes, a partner in working with private clients of Ernst & Young, notes that these rules for years were very effective tool to prevent tax evasion by residents of Great Britain and the taxpayers who permanently reside in the country by placing their assets abroad. "However, – he said – if the UK will be forced to accept the changes recommended by the European Commission, the taxpayers of Great Britain and other countries will have more opportunities to use low-tax jurisdiction within the EU to reduce the tax burden. " Taylbi-Foulkes also noted that the rules impose some "significant challenges that will cause more problems." "The question arises of how this impact on foreign trusts? What happens if a company registered in the EU, which are owned by the British taxpayer, in turn, have subsidiaries outside the EU, which posted Investment? "- he said. "While the situation is not clarified, especially if the government will make further statements about the tax residency and permanent residents are unlikely to rich taxpayers would hurry reconsider the location of its assets ", – said Taylbi-Foulkes.

Test Site emergency Survival

that people's attitudes to each other in the next ten years will not change and conflicts will also be vsegda.Kak togdumenshit problem at least for a job? Can. Only in a package of measures will actually develop a calm and the correct relationship to the events and people to live and work has become comfortable. We will not conduct an analysis of possible measures in psychology, spiritual work with soboy.Eto can and should be found in other istochnikah.A you and I will decide how to organize our peace of mind in their own enterprise. What can we do? We offer you your own advice and hope that their application will help you gain full control and therefore peace in our emergency survival training ground – the Russian business space. Recommendation number 1: Make a transparent business for yourself in terms of opportunities within 20 minutes. Have all the information on business at the moment vremeni.Eto means that the computers of all your staff were instituted in the overall network with on your kompyuter.Eto means that you write and sign all documents with employees about the rules of your predpriyatii.V instructions should be given everything that makes them work their accounts transparent and accessible to you at any time. One time developing a document on the company you will be constantly provided with information that you have done. This will allow time to identify "dead" rabotnika.Tak we call a worker who contributes to intentionally and unintentionally in the bankruptcy of your predpriyatiya.Takoy person usually has a previous employment and bankrupt enterprises.

Network Marketing

1) Most of the newcomers to the Internet network business expect quick results. They think that if they join the ranks of a company, so immediately gush cash flow. The bitter truth is that even if you have a super a unique product or offering, you still turn to you do not line up. Why? First of all, next to you hundreds, even thousands of "partners" who are doing the same, which means that the client must go to you, not vice versa. Myself to you no one comes, and if it comes, then why to you? Secondly, and this is much more important, modern man is so constituted that when it is something imposed by means of network marketing, it has triggered a defense mechanism. Apparently, sad lessons of modern Russian history, plus the cliche of dubious individuals who go from door to door and try to vparim "amazing" products, and "practically free", you only have to pay 10,000 rubles for delivery. Although, in fact network marketing – a fundamental mechanism that is studied in all the leading economic universities in the world. But the average person rarely thinks about that on this principle and that any sale, one way or another, all of our lives MLM. The fact that when it comes to the supermarket – is a network, it is not just one person, and a room with a staff, that huge corporations allowed to work in this area, even service Google AdSense provides such an opportunity.

Enhancing Photographic Images

There are photos and then there is Fillinger Photography.  We pride ourselves on producing the best possible images for your family, friends and even yourself. Ranging from single shots (offering boudoir options) to couples, families and groups of friends.

What we offer is the following:  choose either – our studio, an outdoor setting, an indoor setting or your home (same price).  Prior to the photography session we will consult with all the people involved so that we depict the most accurate image, closest to what you have in mind.  After the session you will be able to give your input and, if possible/necessary/reasonable, we will work with you and Photoshop to alter the images.  Ultimately we want to provide an image that you see as you, not us.

All of the file formats clients require (for web, print, social media, etc.) will be on offer.  There is a set fee so no extra charge will be incurred depending on formatting needs.  And following on from that, our company will send any designers or marketing companies the client uses, all of the images in the format they require too.