Money and Credit

It will be that in the carnival all are equal? The social differences and the abyss that separate and the B, will be that electric trios finish to the sound them? Certainly that not! The carnival that did not discern color, financial condition, today does not pass of a parade of blocks of the supplied ones that they are had fun showing for the prohibit ones that there in the avenue the money and the credit cards make the diversion if to become better for some folies. Already it was the time where the carnival was popular party and that all played and if they amused in one same block. Today the carnavalesca company created the famous election, where she does not have more equality, the integration of all in an objective of being does not have more happy. Who has purchase its ‘ ‘ abadas’ ‘ leaves if showing block-type each time more pompous, separating to the wage-earning people with its ropes and lambs that they hinder until if possible, to attend this spectacle of the discrimination. It remains to this excluded classroom the remaining portions of a party that were made to cheer the supplied ones and in consequence to silence the spirits of that they always eat the regurgitated leftovers of the perfidious and prejudiced elite. Whiskey and cachaa never go to join, as wage-earning and cards without limits, therefore, a rope brutally separates to diversion and exhibition.

The people if amuses showing a esfuziante joy, even so fugaz, but he plays and to laugh rendering crazy in the avenue and many times forgets until everything is finished in the Wednesday. The elite, this shows its money wanting to swallow ones to the others and forgets to play, its party finishes in doses of whiskey that stop the happiness. The ropes separate classrooms, but the joy and the diversion are not in banking accounts.

Dating Agency

But here, this phenomenon is referred to only as a way to compete, and I must admit rather effective way. Suffice it to mention a competitor fraud, without giving any supporting evidence, as the credibility of such a person – the agency strongly decrease, people, users of online services, most of them are not inclined to pursue a thorough analysis and delve into the details of the charges, it is easier to find another service, about which there are no bad references online. As you know, blame simply much more difficult to remove from itself an accusation. What are and dishonest businessmen from the dating agency.

A more careful study and analysis of their activity, it is clear that the agency itself is not devoid of the defects, which tries to accuse rivals. And even more has all these shortcomings to a greater extent than its competitors, the Internet is replete with complaints about a dating agency (rather nabratego name in the search bar). This is not constructive way competition requires a lot of time and effort that could be spent on service development and improvement of services within the agency itself. Dating Agency inner circle (it will continue so call, races really began), too, not long sought to join the online zankomstvam and capitalize on this, exploiting tighter unbeaten theme topic bench. At first glance, quite a third-party people, spend it would seem independent examination, but on inspection turn out to be close friends dating agency Owners will be called the character Jon, this person acts the part and helps in every way to denigrate the competition: creating a special scam sites with lists:.——,.—— (perhaps more of them, the names have been removed by the above described reason, and in order not to add these sites popularity ), allowing him not only to denigrate the competition, but also earn income for their partner’s back, trading places on their lists..

Olympic Containers

Garbage bags outside the containers, cartons and broken glass in the streets of the historic centres and food scraps scattered parks are part of the urban landscape of our cities. What is the pneumatic collection? The situation alarming living cities by the serious problems of accumulation and pollution arising from municipal solid waste (MSW), the pneumatic waste collection is presented as one of the alternatives more effective and innovative in our country. It should be recalled that the generation of MSW in Spain has doubled in less than ten years, going from 12 million in 1991 to 26.5 billion in 2000, according to collect Greenpeace in a report. The first Spanish experience in pneumatic refuse collection scenario was the Olympic village of Barcelona. Installed in 1990, with this system were meant the needs of waste collection in the houses destined for Olympic athletes. Municipalities as Leganes and Palma de Mallorca have followed the Barcelona example. The last City to implement it has been Vitoria. Did the past year, giving service to about 10,000 people and with an annual collection of 2,300,000 kilos.

Unlike the Spanish case, where his presence is still limited, these facilities are more popular in the rest of Europe, perhaps because they work for twenty-five years in countries such as Sweden. The option of pneumatic waste collection acquires special attraction for old urban spaces. The citizens who live in the old town or a town described as historical heritage are facing a serious problem: how to pick their garbage? On the one hand, the installation of containers in these homes causes an aesthetic pollution, according to municipal sources, and, on the other hand, in many places, due to the narrowness of the streets, the placement of containers and their subsequent collection, given the impossibility of garbage trucks access is problematic.

Foundation Bill

There is a proverb that says that we would have to leave a better country to our children. But it is more important to leave to better children to ours pas". In one of its Corentt books it says by example that if it is known a painter and it wishes to help him the best thing is to provide abilities to him so that the same agencie the means to work and soon to offer a good price to him by a quality painting. Slim reiterated its position of which the best form to fight the poverty is creating jobs. Corentt insists that the important thing is that everything what occurs, must generate development nondependency. The dependency impoverishes to all although in different forms. However, Slim is not against the charity.

It has contributed hundreds of million dollars to its foundation and has financed million dollars in projects of joint companies with the Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates. Its position apparently the society would benefit more if the wealth were inverted in harnessing the creative energies and talents to raise companies that create jobs instead of to give cash. &quot is the version of multimillionaire of the 21st century of the old proverb; if it gives a fish him to a man will eat a day, if vida&quot teaches to him to fish will eat all the;. The article ends with the following thing: Plantea two good questions, that I have listened of an increasing amount of wealthy entrepreneurs. They would do more by the society Bill Gates and Warren Buffett if they overturned his time and money to new companies instead of to finance philanthropy works? Has solved philanthropy some important social problem in the last 50 years? Perhaps Of the previous thing you remove a pair from questions for same you. In this article treatment to provide answers. From the wise person who said ensnale to a man to fish and will not return to be hungry in his life, to Corentt and other that say that the best form to help the poor men is to return them rich. And before returning rich to the others it is necessary that you look for his own wealth.

In opposition to which they can much believe everything begins in the thought and in his book I AM HAPPY, I AM RICO, Corentt shows all the necessary one so that you enrich to the others and same you beginning from the level of the thought. Its single reading will return millionaire to many in its world and same you. But nothing it obtains free. You must read it and to think and will become rich of well-known the easiest and honest form.