Brazilian Devices

The device, in fact, represented the center of the economic and social life. Based in a great extension of lands and independent production, they produced practically everything what they consumed. In the period understood between century XVI and beginning of century XVII, the Brazilian devices had been the ones that more produced the sugar of the world. The sugar society was aristocrat, patriarcal, agricultural, escravista and mainly marked by a well-known social iimmobilism. The authority device Mr. became present next to its family, to the employees, the slaves and until the next villages to its property.

Moreover, they were you of devices that controlled the city councils and the local life politics. In this direction this society was structuralized in a rigorous system of classrooms, presenting as ruling classes: an aristocracy agricultural, trading and a on bureaucratic nobility to the Portuguese government, these social classes withheld in its hands, all the power economic politician and of the colony. in the base of the social pyramid of the colony, we have a numerous contingent of slaves of African origin in its majority, who literally represented the active man power of this period. Ahead of this, the mandonismo is had as a marcante trace, in what it mentions the inserted social relations in these spaces. these factors had well-known influenced the social formation of Brazil. The figure device Mr.

goes to configure itself as one influences marcante in the configuration of an elitist, authoritarian society and with great social inaqualities. In this context, we have a direct relation inside enters the life of the devices and the process of formation of the colonial society. ' ' The great sugar Property is a true world in miniature where if it concentrates and it summarizes all of a small parcel of humanidade' ' (The PRADO JNIOR, 1993, P. 38). The objective that is intended to arrive with present reasoning is reflection on the influence that the cultivation of the sugar cane-of-sugar inside had in the consolidation of the great extension of lands of the Brazilian territory and the existence of an agrarian aristocracy detainer of the productive forces, since century XVI.

Technology ASP.NET: Select Script Online Store .

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Diamond Trading Company

In turn, a study of the World Bank, published in 11 of May of 2009, it detached the performance of Botsuana in terms of investments. Exactly in the context of the crisis, the country increased in 140% its punctuation in relation to the previous study, what it indicates the success of the domestic mechanisms of promotion to the investments. It also characterizes its influences, when in March of 2008, Botsuana extracts of its mines 30% of all diamonds of the world. Due to amount of these wealth in its territory, Botsuana creates its proper company for the processing and diamond commercialization, the Diamond TRADING Company of Bostwana, in association with the South African company Of Beers, being considered a giant in the sector, making with that the economy got a new dynamics for the country. We must still detach the South Africa, main world-wide producing gold country and one you lead of them of the extration of diamonds. In the economy, the subsistence agriculture coexists a modern industrial and mineral activity, that it provides to this nation to have the Produto greater Interno Bruto (PIB) of the continent, owner of the half of the African industrial production. The South Africa if prepares to receive the pantry from the world, for the first time in history, an African country that this hosting a Pantry of the World of soccer in 2010. The esteem budget is of 2 billion dollar.

Differently of what in general it occurs, the private initiative will bank only 20% of the investment, fitting to the government to arcar with most. To a cost of 1,1 billion of dollar, five stadiums had been constructed and others five pass for reforms. The remain of the budget will be destined the workmanships of improvement in the infrastructure of the cities where it will have games. Serious problems in energy sectors and transports exist.