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In this regard, some interesting decisions are the so-called supreme interpreter of the Constitucion.En the application filed by Mrs. Carpio Melchora Baltasara Cacya on habeas data against Administrator Arequipa SA Trade Branch (formerly Commerce Bank) and others, called for: a) the updating of risk contained in credit records of the first notice of a debt of S /. 4212.00 for the personal loan, b) the rectification of the risk information, describing the loss as a normal client client, wrongly reported to the Central Credit Risk in the Banking, Insurance and Pension Fund. The Court rightly upheld the complaint. The existence of the right to informational self-determination beyond the incongruous fusion of two rights is a requirement of the information age, and not independent, since it is instrumental in a number of rights, since not only can protect the right to intimacy, but the rapid development of the right to information or personal information that is collected and processed in databases, with and without our approval. With regard to personality rights, but there is complete autonomy to make development more effective substantial rights. A relative is interesting to review the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, also signed by Germany and Italy, and which recognizes the right to have protection from PERSONAL DATA, which is reflected the dualistic theory, not theory monistic, as some authors seem to suggest, when they show their preference for the General Law of Personality. Even in Germany, Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany of May 23, 1949, still in force in unified Germany, with amendments, is ascribed to the pluralist thesis, regulating a number of rights of personality, and no explicit prohibition of creation of new rights, as a result of economic and social development.

Real Currency

, the Real currency, bastion of the plan that originated its name. To understand because it was and is so important we go the definition of a plan in the economic context: set of measures, order politics, social economic aiming at the objective determined one (Houaiss-2007). The objective at that moment was uncontrols to brake it inflationary with economic problems of all order. Inheritance of some failed plans and committed mistakes, the situation was unsustainable. We must know that a government act already moves deeply in one or more segments, a plan moves with the life of the country, of the society in general. In the practical a theory she is another one, therefore many plans and prompt actions of governments in the economy had resulted in failures, after all, in the blackboards of the cabinets everything function a thousand wonders.

In the real world the things can be different. In any action of economic management it will have> always a way is taken in detriment of another one. In this context it is necessary to comment some passed plans, with its errors and rightnesss, had been after all always made in the best intentions. A plan is something more complex than prompt actions, it can be applied to manage crisis, or if to anticipate, as well as always promoting the development, most logical and rational social and economic. Any plan or action of government always will be surrounded of good intentions, but nor always these are only enough so that the objectives and results are reached. Our history is rich in action of government in the economy. In the empire to influence the economic growth, we cite the measures taken in 1808 with the arrival of the cut, forms of tarifrias exemptions and tax benefits the entrepreneurs. The Baron of Mau and other precursors of the national industry had had benesses that they had helped in the one construction> economic development in Brazil.

Currency Euros

By: Present economy in Mexico Normally, each zone of the Euro the problems of the Member States currencies in Euros with a national design, on the one hand. But at the beginning of 2012 all the countries of the zone Euro they will emit a single commemorative of 2 Euros circulation with a design common in the national face to celebrate 10 years of tickets and currencies in Euros. Esteem that about 90 million these currencies will be put in circulation. Near 35,000 people they voted in a contest in line to select the winning design of a selection of five, that had been preselected by a professional jury after a contest of design between the citizens of the zone of the Euro. The winning design (to see left) symbolizes the way which the Euro has become a true global actor in the last ten years, and its importance in the ordinary life of the people (represented by the town in the design), the commerce (the boat), industry (the factory) and energy (central of Aeolian energy). The design was created by Mr. Helmut Andexlinger that is a professional designer in the House of the Currency of Austria.


It was with this expectation that we look for to make contact with a current cigana community. The encampment gypsy was detected in a next highway to the UFG. He was composed of three improvised tents that more seemed to belong to the MST, total off of materiality. Nothing of carpets, no woman with long skirt or handkerchief in the head, no signal of the espectativa that I had of religiosidade or some symbol that identified the cigana culture. It shocked me to the poverty, as well as the scarcity of existing people in the encampment, giving the impression to me to that the cigana culture was inexistent or well next to this. But as they had told, existed a link of the culture that was the dialect and that he was used at night in the colloquies between the parents. It is vital that they have conscience of the importance of these moments of use of the dialect and that also they repass to young this habit as form of resistance of the culture.

In them it seemed that at the moment the ethos of this small community nera the proper survival, made through the plate cloth sales. This evidenced reality if incased with the profile of Yuri, the trading gypsy. We evidence that the cigana community in Goinia had left of being nomadic, changed the tents for houses and if mesclado to the society. The children can go to the school and run the risk not to learn more the dialect, since they are if tying with the social context of the city and silencing its culture. After the contact with the two communities and of register through photos we work with a Storm of Ideas where we list words as daily, provocations, insertion, sacred, entrecruzamentos, hibridismo. From then on we opt to working in a multidimensional way, where each one could develop one of these words in an individual work with images, using proper the imaginary one on the cultures that we were searching.

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Once it lost such position, the traffic stopped. Soon I tried to resend such page to recover my position between ten more found but it was in vain. It was the time to be discouraged to continue. I proved the forms obvious to attract people my Web pages without success. I free sent a few classified announcements but this was a tedious process and consumed time. result was equally distant to be spectacular. It seemed as if there was not form to make money in the network! How it would manage to progress, and what it had learned of this experience? With base in some success achieved in the life, now I understand that some factors exist keys: discipline, persistence and belief.

The DISCIPLINE is to do is needed to make every day to reach the goal to which you are going. The PERSISTENCE is to continue in the process, but carrying out the changes where they are needed so that the goal can be reached. The BELIEF is the confidence in that you can obtain it. With these ideas in mind, it was the time to return to the basic ones than it is a business in Internet and than on is marketing line in order to respond some fundamental questions: What type of people is the one that will buy my product and/or service? How to arrive at them from the most profitable way? Once you know who will buy your product and/or service, you can determine the best way of to contact them. In order to find out who will buy your product and/or service, hazte same these questions: As they are the benefits that will obtain the buying potentials of my product and/or service? We say that you are trading a business opportunity. An important benefit of your opportunity is the possibility that your prospectus makes some extra money.