The Daily

Once the market rises up, I’m looking for a cup pattern consisting minimum number of 3 bands. I’ve been watching for 3 value at closing or lows. On the cup the first band will have the highest closing price (or low), the average band – a low cost of closing (or low), and the third page – the higher the closing price (or low) , – adds Stowell. “This structure shows the reverse trend. Once on the market a lively, and he then stopped, if the daily value at the close of all the lows will be lower plating structure, it will provoke a point of resale, “- says Stowell.

“Kepochnaya” structure, in fact, represents the opposite. “The market is obliged to pre-sell, and after these next reel on the market is up” – he explains. On their own trade as a whole, Stowell says: “When I start a position, I know the risks koy go on, but has no clear reward amounts. I just aim at it to pull a piece out of the middle oscillation. I do not bother with the top or bottom. Stowell acknowledges that the triumph of the trading is in addition Depending on the “rigid discipline, courage and perseverance.” “Enough, enough, it is important that the person has been persistence, and must also possess courage. You need to have strength of will to take action when the time come and talk about all the signals it “, – notes Stowell.

He also believes that any investor must calculate your level of comfort: “When you’re very much going to give ourselves the market, then you will not miss out on any other relevant things, and you will push the market now. ” As educator, he notes that all newcomers to investors’ need to go through the immediate boundaries. They learn about the disorder and fear associated with trading, will make mistakes. They are required to go through the process of learning. ” Stowell refers to investors: “Daily – a fresh day. He almost always be fresh. Need to constantly develop their skills. According to all the time to get involved.

Green City

Surazh – small, cozy and green city of Bryansk. History Surazh goes back to antiquity. This is evidenced by Surazh fort on the banks of the river Iput. The rich, the Moscow merchants surazhtsy founded here their trading colony, known as – Surazhichi. V1781, the village has been transformed into Surazhichi Surazh city. During the Great Patriotic War Surazh was occupied by German fascist troops, during this period in the city acted several underground groups.

September 25, 1943 soldiers liberated the city of Bryansk Front. Urban development enterprise of JSC 'proletarian'. Not only underground, but thousands of surazhan who fought on the fields of the Great Patriotic War, have contributed to the Great Victory over Nazi Germany, and ten natives of our district was awarded the highest award the country – the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. In honor of them in Surazh opened Alley of Heroes, named the streets, created school museums. Bolmat Vasily S. was born in 1925 in the village of Kalinka into a poor peasant family.

After graduating from elementary school, he worked on the farm, and then studied at night school and Surazh worked as a secretary Village Council at Kalinka, studied in Surazh pedagogicheskomuchilische. At the urging of the Komsomol Central Committee, he entered the Kharkov flight school, where he graduated in 1937. In 1939, the pilot VS Bolmat involved in fights at Khalkhin Gol with Japanese samurai, and in 1940 as commander of a unit in the war with Finland, he made seven combat missions and for bravery was awarded the Order of Lenin.

DrawDown Winning

Despite the fact that some portfolio managers believe in the high profitability of diversification, even with systems with a low percentage of winning trades, in fact, is a high probability of large DrawDowns on such systems, significantly reduce the profitability of this. On the other hand, if we trade system with a large percentage of profitable trades, we have much less need to diversify. And if our system is carefully designed so as to always "catch" the big trends and rarely cause damage, we obtain the best possible scenario. Of course, diversification is still useful for our strategy with a large percentage of profitable trades, but rather an additional expansion opportunities than neobhodimost.Sistemy with a high percentage profitable transactions require less initial capital to trade. If we need fewer resources to overcome DrawDowns and less funds for diversification, so we need less money to start trading on such system. Also, if a high percentage of winning trades, we can more confidently use the previously obtained profits to recover the funds after any big DrawDown.Sistemy with a high percentage of profitable trades easier configure and check for errors. Imagine a system with a low percentage of winning trades, in which the long series of losses is normal.

How many losses will have time to bring it until you realize that something working properly? I think a lot. Now imagine a system with a very large percentage of profitable trades. Any series of losses, which differs from the norm for this system to quickly draw your attention. Can hope that we can quickly check your system and correct any errors before they incur serious losses. In a system with a low percentage of winning trades, we have time to suffer huge losses while realize that something needs to be correct.

As you can see, we are convinced supporters of the systems with a high percentage of winning trades. We affirm that really is not difficult to create a system with a decent winning percentage, if you focus on the this option and you will be demanding to him. Very often, the creators of trading systems focus only on the total profit of the system. Usually, this results in a system with "perepodognannymi" outputs, taking a rare, but the unnaturally large profits, and very narrow feet, bringing frequent, but small losses. This approach gives a very low percentage of winning trades, and, ultimately, destroys the system. On the other hand, if we focus on achieving a high percentage of winning trades, we can achieve this without the great sacrifices and perepodgonok ", resulting in a system that actually" friendly "and reliable.

March Auction

Before you sell, you must decide what to sell. Here, you will need to offer the very fact that you buy. Also, some auctions it is also losing money because exposure of lots for sale at these auctions do not free. If you do not know how to sell, first to see how others are trading. Learn what and how they are put up for sale, at which time exposed to a lot, like, a description, how much does the delivery. To begin with you must necessarily take into account the time of the auction. Think about it, when your most likely potential buyers can look for your products online? If you are selling goods for personal use, it is best set the end of trading in the evening when all the home and remember their desires.

Well, if it will be Sunday, but in any case not a holiday such as New Year or on March 8. But if you sell, say, manufacturing equipment, it is best to auction ended the day when the office hard workers roam the network in search of bargains. In fact, of course, universal prescription for all situations, though there would be because the time in different parts of one Only Russia is very different depending on the time zone. And people are different and behave differently. So, remember the only time that the auction – a very important factor in a successful sale, but a specific time better place – be guided by your own instinct. Another nuance.

If the auction is new and is gaining momentum, it is better to set the duration of trading a little more (eg 2 months), so that more users of the site saw your lot. The next very important point, this method of payment for winning a lot. You can take money from customers for goods sold, using a bank or postal transfers, transfer Western Union.

Barcelona Marine Dominion

Barcelona to its prosperity and wealth was obliged to sea. City once dominated the Mediterranean Sea. In Barcelona, there was a huge port, where there was a Royal Navy, who was competing with the fleets of Genoa and Venice. C This port Catalans went to the conquest of the Balearic Islands, the port came after his triumphant voyage, Christopher Columbus. Maritime dominion of Barcelona began in the reign of King Jaume the First Conqueror (1213-1276).

This king has expanded the territory of Catalonia, the Balearic island of Majorca capturing and Ibiza and drove out the Moors. During the reign of this king was developed by a special naval code, which was adopted not only in Catalonia, but also in other parts of the Mediterranean. Barcelona then dominated the seas, and its naval instilled fear into his opponents. Since the Catalan Admiral Roger de Lewry in a sea battle off the coast of Malta in 1283 year, jumped aboard the French ship and killed Admiral Provencal Julien Korner. An even more militant admiral was Catalan Roger de Flor. This served as a mercenary admiral of Sicily with King Frederick Sicily in the years when the island tried to regain the French. He surrounded himself with a team of Catalan and Aragonese mercenaries, which terrified his opponents and was called almogavarami. By this time Barcelona was the richest trading nations in the Mediterranean.

Gold came in the city of North Africa and the Arab East. Catalans differed in the theory of navigation. Over a hundred years before Columbus' ships out of Seville, the great Catalan poet Ramon Lully (1232-1315) wrote the book 'The Art of Navigation, "in which a very detailed description of how navigating with maps. It was in Barcelona in 1494 he returned from his voyage, Columbus, where he met with Ferdinand and Isabella. Alas, the discovery of the New World did not bring any profit Barcelona. Right to trade with the United States have been given of Seville and the Atlantic port of Cadiz. However, the Navy once again survived Barcelona minutes of its glory. In the 16th century because of the Turkish threat to the whole of Catalonia began to cut wood and build ships in the shipyards of Barcelona. Along with a fleet of Venetian fleet defeated the Spanish Turkish fleet at Lepanto city, Greece. This victory is forever joined history of sea battles, and a copy of the flagship stands today at the old docks of Barcelona.