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The world of the work has transformed years in the last. More and more people work of independent way, more and more people work in Internet and more and more people work in several activities to make more money to the month. One of the well remunerated easiest options and is the survey by money. A survey by money is the classic survey in which they ask to your tastes and opinions in relation to a product or service to you. One is a marketing research instrument with which precious information is obtained to avoid lost of money and to ensure the success a product. The unique thing that you must do is to have a computer with connection to Internet and an account of electronic mail where to receive invitations to surveys. In order to begin, there are a search in Internet: survey by money writes in your motor search and you will obtain a great variety of results.

It compares the results among them to choose the best option. Some elements that you can consider are: the biography of the company, where it indicates his to you experience, their clients, as etc. were born, where they are; the terms and conditions that the company stipulates in relation to the remuneration (how much it pays to you and how it pays to you, if with points, money in cash or tickets for raffles); the opinion of people (in particular if there is some negative feedback). Next registrate in the companies that you like more and begins to receive invitations to participate in the surveys. The amount of invitations that you receive will depend on two things: – Of your professionalism: if you respond to all the invitations that command to you, as precise and sincere way, the company will describe to you like a reliable consumer who offers always valid information. If on the contrary you always respond with lies, only for adaptarte to each survey, the company it will immediately give account that your opinions are not used for mercadotcnicos aims. – Of the amount of sites in which you have registered yourself: you decide whichever surveys you are able to respond to the day, to the week or the month, on the basis of your availability and to the amount of money that you want to win. In order to begin to fill remunerated surveys and to make money of the possible easiest way, you do Click Here.


What are its services even coaching, but if you have no talent Naming Stop. What is the naming? From English to name – to call, christen. Foreign word, now fashionable among the customers. Like mushrooms after rain, there neymingovye agencies that the word "agency" without error unable to write, skip the letter "T", and all there is – to advise people about how to name the firm. In my collection of business cards such "Agencies" as much four, where the errors directly on your business cards in the names of firms. But most surprisingly, the proposal gives rise to demand, and they also have customers who pay money for something to call his company to the upper class. Beauty Salieri was the fact that he was able to assess the level of Mozart, and so envious. And many customers are not at the level of Salieri, and therefore do not notice the errors in the names of would-be companies.

Simply put, they have no idea what Naming and what it has laws. How to call a company store, my baby Call the construction company, think of a name car service, give the name of the project – is equally difficult and challenging. We must think of a name so that act on the consciousness of the inhabitant. Russian has always been ksenofilami, loved inostranschinu. Consulting – a beautiful and mysterious word. The customer is thinking: what if it's a panacea? And pay big money. But there is little call services consulting.

You need to have a gift, talent, and so call the firm to make the name of an exclusive, memorable, but easy. The invention of names in Russia mainly trades who himself had just learned yesterday that such a And maybe naming, brand name – it's a craze, and only? We'll see. The French say: "and then you can kill it." There is another expression – like a ship you would call, so it will float. Do you remember the name of the ship "Victory", in cheating is the first letter, and the name turned into "trouble"? Think of a name – it's not quite accurate expression. More appropriate "invent". Let me not want to offend the owners of these agencies fail real estate, real estate, as Alexander (Why not Masha?), Absolut (association with vodka), quartz-service (whether optical lenses for microscopes, or even any instrumentation), Ithaca (hard to think of anything more tongue-tied). If successful naming managed to invent, devise appropriate name for the company, you can save tens of thousands of dollars on promotion. Talentless name will unwind, but it will still slip and writing talent in the name of the company automatically raises its rating. Naming a real talent nebhodim, little knowing that such naming There are many owners of beauty salons, which never really solved business problem associated with how to call the company and that such naming These people are delighted by their creativity and wit, and therefore call their stores "Olga", "Venus", "Tatiana". If you have a good , this does not mean that you have the ability to compose the title. Each case must engage a professional. Haircut done at home, you can tell. Usually it is something miserable, self-made. So in the name of firms, in most cases it is obvious stereotypical thinking. Brand name immediately catchy. Say, ceteris paribus, where you will go bald for the first time: in "Velen" or "Master of the Golden Hands"?

Yerokhin People

His thoughts on ‘Working statistics in MLM’ shared Anton Yerokhin: Impatience – it’s death business in network marketing. That impatience and inability to wait is often the cause of the failed business. What am I doing? ‘Listen friend, you just sign the contract, and then money will flow a river !!!! “Do not worry, there will not have to plow !!!!!” Our business is for lazy people! “Such slogans – a kind of Titanic in network marketing . Thousands of people hated network marketing, only because of such views on the business …. Alas …. Plowing is necessary – it is a fact, and groin will be very much ….

What do I mean by the word “plow”? The basis of network marketing – this is great figures ….. ….. this is a working statistic is months or years of work …. Be ready for it! What is a working statistic? Any result – this relationship. Value of what? Right! Value figures! Example. Purpose: I want to personally involve in this business is 100 people. This will help me build a business that has a structure in the 10000 people that will give me the opportunity to earn $ 5000 or more.

Now actions betrayed “teapot”: I spent 2 meeting, none of the contenders proposals are not accepted! Ooooh! … …. this scam !!!!….. I was lured into a trap! ” Business does not work!

Moscow Taxi

It seems to be a taxi in the development of these has been palpable, but the needs of the citizens of this cars are not covered. The most massive development of a taxi in Moscow began after the appearance on the streets of a new model of GAZ, in 1936, which resulted in the 1938 opening of passenger routes ZIS-101, which served the residents of Moscow and carriageways of passengers on most routes mass: railway stations, airport, etc. In times of war, most of the vehicles was destroyed, and the revival began with the release of taxi GAS "Victory," which became widely used by all the taxi drivers. The plant, which produced these cars has become a monopolist. In 1948 he was introduced to feature a taxi deposited on the sides of the strip chess, and the light signal. The era of these cars lasted long enough, but in 1957 released a new model, "Twenty One", which is popularly called the "red cap" for the characteristic color.

Before the red cars had a white color, which took place overhaul, in the same year, similar cars were produced at the plant. These taxis were used in Moscow until 1970, when they were issued new GAZ-24 and GAZ24-02, which are fundamentally different from the "red hats". The new design was completely different, but despite all the advantages of the new gas, the owners of "twenty-first" did not take them seriously. But the quality of the new stamps have been much better the old "Volga": a more powerful engine, improved ventilation and heating, smoothness, good review. All these qualities make the new gas is very comfortable.

These cars were produced for 15 years, of course, with slight modifications, but no significant changes was to release a new model. But, despite an increase in the number of taxis, passenger service quality was very poor. Low qualification of drivers who do not respect the rules and rudeness were an inherent part of the taxi times. This was facilitated not only by the state monopoly on the taxi, but lack of control over these activities.