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A large number of principles does not mean that you can apply them all at once. In each case highlighted the main and auxiliary principles. CMO Hyundai: the source for more info. When it comes to principles, then there are only the basic laws of behavior of the subjects of the market economy. In real life, several factors can distort their actions. For example, government intervention is sometimes distorts the implementation of certain principles evaluation. Hear other arguments on the topic with everest capital.

Imperfection of market relations, characteristic of phase transition to a market economy, further distorting effect of assessment principles. For these reasons, assessment guidelines reflect a tendency of economic behavior of market entities, and do not guarantee such behavior. However, as development in our country market relations operation of the objective principles of business valuation will increase. Consider the first group Principles. A key criterion for the value of any Property is its usefulness. Business has value only when it can be useful to the real potential owner. Utility for each customer individually, but qualitatively and quantitatively determined by time, space and cost.

However, as the overall usefulness of the object to the owner in a market economy can allocate its capacity to generate income. Utility business – is its ability to generate income in a given place and during that time period. The more useful the higher the value of the appraised value. The principle of utility is that the more the company is able to meet the needs of the owner, the higher its value. From the perspective of any user of the estimated value of the enterprise should not be above a minimum price for a similar company with the same utility.

Real Estate In Lyubertsy

Real estate agency Lyubertsy 'Incom-Garant "Buying an apartment or other property – it is always important and crucial step in the life of any person. And at this moment imperative to the presence of competent realtor, real estate agency employee. Suppose you want to buy real estate in Lyubertsy. Charles Schwab does not necessarily agree. What will you do first? Find a reliable real estate agency in Lyubertsy. Angela Zepeda contains valuable tech resources. To this agency was a vast, constantly updated database of all property in the area of Lyubertsy to security agencies have not doubted.

Real Estate Agency Ltd. Lyubertsy 'Incom-Garant' – agency providing professional services in real estate activity in 1994. We provide the following services: buying and selling apartments in Lyubertsy, Malakhovka, legalize the ownership of land in Lyubertsy and Ramenskoye areas, carry out their survey, help you rent an apartment in Lyubertsy. In our agency in the sale are apartments in Lyubertsy, land, rural property in Lyubertsy and Ramenskoye areas – elite cottages commercial real estate and just country houses and cottages. Well represented Resale and new construction in Lyubertsy.

The database is updated daily. Our experts will assist in the evaluation of real estate Lyubertsy, Ramenskoye areas give free advice on real estate, to ensure the safety of real estate transactions from beginning to end. Well, if you want to rent an apartment in Lyubertsy – we will give you more base of the section 'rent in Lyubertsy, where you pick a suitable accommodation for the location, number of rooms and their financial capacity. And if you want to settle the communal apartment in Lyubertsy or make an exchange – we will find the option that satisfies you, and collect all the documents to the transaction. For the entrepreneurs in our agency a wide range of commercial real estate in Lyubertsy and Ramenskoye: apartments on lower floors, shops, offices, warehouses, showrooms, car parks, industrial production in the Lyubertsy district.

Second Home In Cyprus

Cyprus has become a second home for many Russians, the Russian language sounds very often and you can even find shops with Russian goods. ut as a related topic. On the island of Cyprus often purchase a home here and come to live or vacation lovers in this country travelers. Sunny island of Aphrodite – a favorable country for foreign residents. The island of Cyprus with a rich historical and cultural heritage, attracting, in addition, developed economy and the mild climate and warm sea. From the time of the ancient world called Cyprus 'blooming' and 'sunny'. Food in Cyprus is very tasty and healthy, is used a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Even by European standards Cyprus crime rate is extremely low. In Cyprus, there is no congestion. The right to residence permit, including offers and buying a house or apartment costs more than 300 000 euros. For owners of houses and apartments in Cyprus taxation fairly humanely. On the island excellent choice of houses and apartments to suit every taste.

It is not surprising that for the rest of life and a considerable number of foreigners buying a house in Cyprus. The Russians with the beginning of the financial crisis, won the leadership of foreign buyers of real estate, pushing at this point of perennial leaders – British. Prices in Limassol, for example, acquire property for themselves our fellow citizens, not decreased significantly during the crisis. Share transactions entered into by the Russians, was about 50%. The famous resort of Paphos with Limassol are very frequently visited places in the country among Russians.

Real Estate Loans

But, if you purchase property from a positive reputation on the market TRNC company that has "shoulders" a lot of built facilities, nothing to fear. Well selected real estate before construction begins, ultimately, will give you the results, no matter – it's an investment project or a home for life. Before the final decision, we show customers the finished version of the exponential property (called a "show house") or a complete real estate listings (complexes) of the construction company for which you can judge the quality of construction, the scale of a construction company and the developer. Real Estate Loans As we mentioned on our site, the banks in the TRNC does not lend to foreign nationals. Therefore, many Construction companies have credit facilities to customers themselves. Duration of loan solely depends on the conditions of a construction company, typically a period of from 3 to 10 and, in rare cases up to 15 years. Terms Credit is also different – the annual interest of 7% to 15%. Each buyer has the right to premature repayment of the loan (this condition is entered into the contract).

But, of course, not all companies provide services to Northern Cyprus, the credit rather we can say very few companies provide loans for the long term. When buying real estate loans is an important factor in the initial payment. The usual minimum initial contribution – 20 -30%. If Properties under construction and the buyer decides to take credit for such property, then until the completion of the installment paid (interest free), and after payment begins the remaining amount of the loan. Complete Real Estate Ready Real Estate – real estate is a "turnkey" or under 90% done. Many real estate developers are left on the stage of choosing a buyer Final materials – floor boards, wall tiles, sanitary ware, wall colors, choice of material for wardrobes, cupboards, etc. All this is included in the price, but the buyer the right to choose finishing materials for its direct "taste." Normal time to completion or "turnkey" 1-3 months. Payment of the last installment (on contract) – after "device" property.

If a property with a pool – in most cases – it is a proven, full of water, a swimming pool. Naturally, in installments in this case can not be counted. However, if the property is bought at 100% payment, we can expect certain benefits from the builder. When buying a ready-made real estate loans is possible. Resellers – a special category of real estate transactions that are fundamentally different. For the buyer has its big advantages: in most cases – it habitable house with garden, perhaps with the completion and furniture. Two more benefits – 5% tax (the amount specified in the contract) was paid on real estate owner (paid once), as well as titles to real estate can be already received. Negative – for those who dream of buying on credit or hire – payment of resale properties – 100%, with the consent of the owner of real estate – installment payments may be in six months, in rare cases, a longer period. It is believed that the secondary real estate is much cheaper than new buildings. It's not quite true. Of course, there are options for a "hot property" in connection with the urgent relocation, personal reasons, but such cases fast sales are rare. As mentioned earlier, one goal of buying a property before construction (so-called off plan) – increase the price of property for the construction of its future resale.

The Time

Design at work: The borrower must be completed on-site work on the workbook or an employment contract. Borrower having more than one place of employment, must submit copies of employment contracts with all the places trudoustroystva.VNIMANIE: Founders and unincorporated business organizations should be submitted in accordance with the approved company spisku.Stepen documentary evidence of income: The borrower must provide a certificate on Form 2-PIT, or a certificate from the employer about the amount of income in the form of our Kompanii.Dohody that can be taken into account when assessing the solvency of the client: Salaries at the primary place of work including earnings for overtime and bonuses, income from work for part-time and part-time, income from dividends, income from interest on deposits in the form of permanent, stable insurance payments, pension payments; Net income in the form of rent. Since the appeal before a decision is 3-7 days, some banks, these terms are reduced by half. This is especially true in the face of rising prices when the time a mortgage much depends. It's no secret that for a week or two the price of the selected apartment can be increased. Therefore, in this case, the experts will save you money. Another convenience for the borrower is now in his presence in bank is not required. After an appeal to the agency, the borrower is sufficient to attend only on the signing of a contract of sale. Terms of the loan (before the global crisis) Currency: Dollar SShAStavka loan: 9.60 – 12.60% In an initial contribution of more than 30% :9.6-11 .1% per annum during the term loans 1-10 years, 10.1-11.6% per annum during the term loans of 11-15 years, 10.6-12.1% per annum during the term of crediting 16-25 let.Pri initial contribution 15 – 30% :9.85-11 .35% per annum during the term loans 1-10 years, 10.35-11.85% pa in term loans of 11-15 years, 10.85-12.35% per annum during the term of crediting 16-25 let.Pri an initial contribution of 10-15% :10.1-11 .6% per annum during the term loans 1-10 years, 10.6-12.1% per annum during the term of lending 11-15 years, 11.1-12.6% per annum during the term of crediting 16-25 let.Obespechenie credit: Acquired nedvizhimostSrok credit 1 – 25 letRazmer loan 150 000 – 1.5 million dollars SShAPervonachalny fee: 10.00% Proof of income: the official dokumentami.Srok consideration of the application: up to 3 dneyNotarialnoe design Agreement: No dannyhTrebovaniya zaemschikuVozrast to the borrower: 21 – 65 letGrazhdanstvo RF: Do not post trebuetsyRegistratsiya loan: Not trebuetsyObschy seniority: 2 letTrudovoy experience last from 6 months