New York

The minimum registered Cable in the 1.4650 area, stops and placed in the zone of 1.4850, also recorded maximum in the zone of 1.4966, the pair held the 1.4900 area at the beginning of the trading session. The EURO reached levels of support in the 1.2513 area, remained in the area of 1.2500, and stops were placed at the 1.2550, after improvement, recorded highs in the 1.2702 and stops were placed at the 1.2630 for a trade weak. Currencies followed one after another. The Yen remained strong, despite the decline of GDP estimated for the third quarter. USD / JPY highs in the 97.57 recorded in Asia, and some traders took profits, minimum recorded in the 95.92 area, and the pair managed to stay in the area of 96.50 in New York. USD / CHF that did not reach maximum recorded two years ago, then reverse, highs in the 1.2010 and the 1.1886 lows. USD / CHF is in search of its limits, and Aggressive traders could sell the pair at 1.1950 looking for that reversal is maintained. After the Swissy, the loonie was on the rise, hovering around the 1.2400 area; recorded highs in the 1.2426, before reversal of the lowest in 1.2220. For a week beginning with a few publications, the USD may remain in double action, and technical factors are those which dominate the trade. If the dollar failed to gain at the beginning of the week, in my opinion will fall by the end of the week.

The Pleasure Of Being

There is nothing easier than being, enjoying every moment to discover intimately in every attitude, and … each reaction, not conditional. Bring forth the sincerity of our personality without qualms more gently than personal, instantly satisfying experiences in a multiple explosion of joy and permanence. Knowing one’s limit of shame authorize us to imagine the parameters of others, taking the tact necessary to avoid macular its presence in the dialogue, nor the ways ways to convey ideas, feelings, emotions and feelings. The veracity of transparency is the joy of continuity and grace, as it does not protect the spontaneity resentment rises to the top of friendship.

We in the midst of a technological world millions of contacts and a plurality of relationships that do not disagree with our ambitions, replete with ever amount not meet the unity of the issue … We simply no joy! It is insurmountable argue the immutability, the warmth is part of our basic needs and our satisfaction, from conception, through our birth, to elementary education. Without the warm fraternal spirit does not go into any particle of experience, as it deviates from the path to oblivion, as only remember the mark of friendship and affection. The greatness of the expression in its fullness is the top booster of the space needed, since without immersing ourselves in the expansion of thought can not externalize our being in its entirety. It is precisely this limitation that will print to the media is choking us the pleasure of being, not surpassing the fear of being, investing in the doubts and the fears of ridicule. When the expression of others is no longer dominant in our self-rating is where the freedom of the personality as to assess the sand of the opinion that another shed, we place ourselves in what beach is treasured, and low winds and storms that met there. Set Up our attitudes is to satisfy our expressions as such, that values and listens reported, as a secondary consequence, the leveling of our influence, constantly learning where the wheels stop circulating to make trips outside mo. The traces left by our expression in all its forms, leaves an indelible forged opinion, hardly change in your pours, and the harder it is desirable to delete or alter the mark, since efforts to do the same can be diverted to unintended destinations , preferring unchanged their geometry, but it is always possible to add …

either dip it in a consistent crowd, or to make it inaccessible. The free expression of its essence dismantles the domain of others, and that it is a product of the soul, whose strength is greater than any circumstantial situation, knowing when, and … where, hide to protect it, making it inaccessible to anyone who is not the holder, since this is the real result of personal progress, whose power no income … or sold! Having control of the expression allows us to be free, and that freedom is contradictory their limits are equal to anyone, therefore … similar to those of others! Enter the game to start the expression to be free, allows us to open unimaginable doors with amazing destinations, overcoming social locks require only materialism and criminality, exposing the excitement comes from the inside … and enjoy our life in its fullness of being!


Few lawyers write texts, however, it is clear that this is a specialty on the right, which implies that some lawyers are engaged in producing exclusive doctrine, therefore we hope to have contributed to the study of law, which for some is a science and for others it is a discipline which motivate other publications on corporate law, which is sorely lacking in the Peruvian law, foreign and comparative law. That is, few lawyers dominate the multidimensional theory of law, which results in that theory of law, which is well known by lawyers, which confuses law with positive law or legislation. Theory should be rejected and fought in the study of law by misleading the lawyers. The multidimensional theory of law is the theory which states that the right is made or composed of many elements.

Which is not like eight-dimensional theory of law. That is, both terms refer to different legal theories. This theory applies to business law, commercial, corporate and all other areas of law. Therefore in this office must refer to it. The multidimensional theory of law is desirable because it allows study to fully understand, completeness or integrity of the law, and that it is not a set of rules, ie that it is not as positive law or legislation. Dimensional theory is another theory, for which the right is composed of only three elements.


Here we will give you a few tips to lower belly. Don’t let yourself be overcome and encouraged to follow them. The costume more elegant, nor most expensive car in the world, it will feel as well as the power look, again, without belly. Let’s now see how lowering that belly. In a short time, the vera disappear as if by magic and will feel light, lightweight, and happier than ever! They are simple to follow, tips and free of charge. Without expensive equipment, or radical diets or dangerous medicines.

Nor you will need to visit doctors or nutritionists. Here are the three main aspects which should be amended to reduce your belly. 1 Food: foods that contribute most to the increase in the volume of your abdomen, are: bread, flours, alcohol, dried legumes such as beans, lentils, chickpeas. Another enemy to avoid: excess sugar and carbonated drinks. Excessive intake of bread, we not only swells, but it hinders the proper functioning of the intestines. This, in turn, not only will we formed belly, but it makes us feel slow, heavy, and with poor digestion. I must eat, then? Large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Avoid that are slow to digest, such as the radishes or artichokes and artichokes. Asparagus are good for cleaning the kidneys, but tend to be slow digestion. The most recommended are: lettuce, all varieties it finds. Tomatoes, all types of green vegetables, and plenty of water. Yes, water. No juices, which swell, especially citrus fruits such as oranges or grapefruit. A simple Council does not always tell you: replace one of their daily meals, preferably of the night, by a great dish, Yes, big plate of vegetables. You will see the results in three days. And no alcohol, please. Make a small gift, and you will feel renewed. 2Nd change the proportion of their meals.

Some Tips To Secure International

Some recommendations to ensure the safety of international transport Virtually every company one way or another confronted with the problem of ensuring security of cargo delivered, and in the first place, this problem for the organization of road haulage. If air freight, sea (including container transport) and rail freight can still be controlled, the movement of the truck, as Typically, it is impossible to trace. This, as well as overall market volatility increases the already not the lowest business risk associated with transportation of cargo, up to an unacceptable level. In this article we offer read some of the recommendations that will help reduce risk and protect your cargo. Tip 1. Check the insurance carrier Some entrepreneurs involved in trucking, acquire insurance in installments, but do not contribute. Of course, the policy shall be canceled immediately, but the paper remains an entrepreneur on your hands. This policy is not valid is presented to all potential customers, as the guarantor of reliability of the carrier, and, oddly enough, is a primitive fraud often work.

Advice is simple: do not be lazy to call the insurance company and clarify the status of an insurance policy – this will save you from unscrupulous carriers. Tip 2. Do not rush cargo often place their proposals on specialized sites. It so happens that shortly after announcement of the author is associated carrier doing a very good offer, and absolutely willing to all conditions, its only requirement – to go as quickly as possible. The result is obvious: in a hurry no time to thoroughly check the documents and reputation carrier, the car is loaded, go to the warehouse …

And disappear with the goods. The essence of the council, never in a hurry. Unearned money – is not lost money. Carefully check all the documents of the carrier and, if possible, try to get information about it from third parties. The best option will appeal to companies that provide services for the organization of international transport. Tip 3. When possible, the present value of the goods is no secret that most importers deliberately underestimate the cost of imported goods in order to reduce their customs duties. This is often used by unscrupulous carriers: a case of theft or damage to goods, worth 100 thousand dollars they reimburse at a rate of 2 or 3 thousand This is really a difficult situation, but fortunately there is one simple way: wrap with a carrier such an agreement, in which the loss of cargo he will have to pay you a specified amount, which is comparable to the cost of the goods. Experienced, honest and reliable carrier go for it, refuses to cheat once, which, however, only better. Tip 4. Try to keep track of movement of cargo. Ask the carrier to inform you about the shipment, click on the route several checkpoints on the passage which you will receive a message. Such a simple way will help you a little control.

Translating Services

In recent years, companies have experienced “a leap in global marketing”; thousands of translation companies have been created and can be accessed via the Internet. The translation services ranging from freelance translation agencies. Freelance translators are usually limited to providing services in one or two languages, but an agency has the ability to offer a translation service in various languages. The final product the customer is receiving a revised document has been translated from one language to another. The new document should have no grammatical errors, spelling or style or even the meaning or context of any material information from the original document should be affected.

The translation service allows customers to communicate with people who have a language other than their own. This innovative way to reach the world is very beneficial to those associated with business and are looking for ways to open up new markets in order to get potential customers, otherwise be unattainable. The translation service provider should also provide confidentiality as part of the service. The information could be translated strictly confidential documents and, if it fell into the wrong hands, the consequences would be catastrophic for the company and its business. Client confidentiality becomes extremely important to start the process of expansion and product development.

Trust is another important aspect in the relationship with clients and translation service should offer. Should be professional translators and translation so that the new document can be understood by the precision and accuracy of translation. Some agencies have in their databases with translators, which is not always necessary in the task of translation. The translators should be experts in the language combination involved. The translation service should also provide a reasonable time of delivery and competitive rates with no hidden costs. Public relations and marketing are areas that can support growth and business development as well as translation services when translating documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, university diplomas, transcripts academic, employment forms, CVs, letters, bank statements, business contracts, etc.. The translation services offer a service absolutely essential in today’s world. Communication is the key to any business and a translation service provides a unique and revolutionary way to communicate.

Original Parts Maze

How often do we make sure that only genuine spare parts MAZ can guarantee an excellent performance technology – whether foreign or domestic car manufacturer! Increasingly, we hear from Customer question – "do you sell spare parts maz or not …." This means only one thing that now more and more motorists are willing to invest in quality parts maz. As a wholesale and retail company Sales of spare parts maz, we often became convinced that in our country there are thousands of manufacturers of defective parts. We constantly receive offers of cooperation with various manufacturers of spare parts maz, mostly manufactured goods in the east. Using cheap labor, they release a counterfeit product is of poor quality. Unfortunately, because of unscrupulous suppliers are increasingly on the shelves roadside shops can be found such products! But it is not always the "left" parts maz may be of poor quality, such as a box to maz 4370 Zubryonok – gather in the "garage" conditions in the manual. This makes all of the same plant workers involved in production, the day they are working on an assembly line and in the evening they come home and collect a box of spare parts from the factory variable gear! It must be admitted that the quality is not quite bad, and in some cases even better than the factory assembly. … But thanks to the efforts of the Minsk Car Factory, which continues to maintain product quality at a high level – every car owner can get for their equipment quality products and spare parts through its dealer network RUP MAZ. Even in times of global crisis, the plant continues to produce parts maz such positions as cabin maz, maz frame or transmission always is available at dealers MAZ. Parts maz is now available in the company store and maz, until recently we thought that it is virtually impossible – and today we have a spare parts shop and Internet maz representation. So now we can say that everyone who wants to have Maz spare parts – he can find them from an authorized dealer!

North Western Andalusia

The showers and thunderstorms will prevail from the North. The Center – East of the country and the Balearic Islands will remain in yellow alert due to high temperatures. Skies cleared almost throughout the country, although some areas will have occasional rainfall. Time will continue to be unstable with showers and storms in the northwest quadrant of the Peninsula, and can be very strong in different areas of Galicia, and the temperatures drop slightly on Monday, according to the Agencia Estatal de Meteorologia (Aemet). However, will remain in yellow alert (risk) by high temperatures Lleida and Majorca which can record temperatures of 38 degrees; Barcelona with 37 degrees; Teruel, Zaragoza, Huesca, Tarragona, Girona and Navarre which may reach 36 degrees, and Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca with 34 degrees. A total of 28 provinces may have maximum temperatures above 30 degrees in this start to the week, while 24 provinces will not fall 20 degrees both by day and by night. In general, temperatures will have a descent moderate, except in the Mediterranean area where does not expect many changes from the previous days.

In addition will be on orange alert (important) by heavy rains and storms the Galician provinces of Pontevedra, Orense, A Coruna and Lugo where could exceed the 30 liters in an hour. They will continue in yellow alert by precipitation Cantabria, Toledo, avila, Segovia, Palencia, Zamora, Salamanca, Valladolid, Madrid and Asturias which is expected to collect 15 litres per square metre at the time this Monday. The northwest quadrant of the Peninsula provide showers and weak storms that will be locally heavy and persistent until noon on Monday, especially in Galicia where they will be strong. During the early morning these rainfall might affect Madrid and Toledo, tending to refer throughout the day. Is also likely that these summer storms affect more weakly in the Bay of Biscay, high Ebro, Aragon West, Western Pyrenees, North Western Andalusia and Extremadura where heaven they will be cloudy to tending a little cloudy. In the rest of the Peninsula will have clear skies, like that in the Canary Islands, except at the northern end of the Islands where the expected cloudless and the possibility of some weak rain this week start. Finally, the component West wind will blow moderately in the littoral of Alboran, and loose to moderate on the Cantabrian coast and Andalusia. In the Canary Islands there will be intervals strong Northeast component, and South into the interior of the Peninsula. Source of the news: unstable time from Monday in all Spain, with a slight drop in temperatures


Found in his town mechanic who has a garage and gain customer base, agreed with him and started running. I agreed that 30% of its profits going to give him a place to work. At first I worked only on weekends, he worked from morning till night in order to earn their customer base. Over the weekend, receive the earned approx.

10000 rub. of whom 3,000 gave the owner as agreed. 2 months later decided to defuse the schedule a bit, ie distributed the working hours for the entire week on average 2-3 hours a day. I agreed with his companion and he tells clients that they came to diagnose the evening when I went to work. Per week could earn 10-12 thousand rubles. cleaned so we worked for about a year. I have accumulated a sufficient sum of money, I bought my garage and now I’m in this business alone. Everyone knows that the most import and domestic cars – fuel injection, the engine they run the electronic control units (ECU).

However, maintenance and Diagnosis of such engines – services sector, where demand still greatly exceeds supply, especially in the regions. Of course, in the branded and expensive auto service centers, used; tsya modern expensive scan testers. But not everyone knows that the perfect replacement to this appliance can serve as an ordinary computer with a special program. The program price for computer diagnostics – immeasurably below the cost of a scan tester. What you need to provide such services – and what the ‘issue price’? Let’s assume: 1.

Policy Issues And Comments

Expanded and updated 08/03/2007 1. Acting in the opposite direction established constitutional judgments handed down by the Constitutional Court, violates the preamble and Articles 4, 6, 13, 29, 229, 230, 234, 235, 237, 241 and 243 of the Constitution the following: On the mandatory sentences uttered constitutionality erga omnes effect by the Constitutional Court, declaring unconstitutional a law or enforceable, it is the first thing to make clear that senior standard that exists in Colombia-The Constitution – expressly identified in Article 230 that the judges in their decisions, are subject only to the rule of law. The article reads as follows: “ARTICLE 230. The judges, in their decisions, are subject to the rule of law. Equity, case, the general principles of law and doctrine are auxiliary criteria of judicial activity. “(Emphasis highlighted in color, is not original). Having regard to the mandate of Article 230 of the Constitution, conducive and relevant question is: What is the law to which the rule must be submitted judges in their rulings? The answer lies with the Superior Code which in its article 4 found that, the Constitution is law of laws, and that its provisions shall prevail and shall apply to any law of the Republic of Colombia.

The article reads as follows: “ARTICLE 4. The Constitution is the standard of rules. In any case of incompatibility between the Constitution and the law or other rule of law, constitutional provisions apply.