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Once it lost such position, the traffic stopped. Soon I tried to resend such page to recover my position between ten more found but it was in vain. It was the time to be discouraged to continue. I proved the forms obvious to attract people my Web pages without success. I free sent a few classified announcements but this was a tedious process and consumed time. result was equally distant to be spectacular. It seemed as if there was not form to make money in the network! How it would manage to progress, and what it had learned of this experience? With base in some success achieved in the life, now I understand that some factors exist keys: discipline, persistence and belief.

The DISCIPLINE is to do is needed to make every day to reach the goal to which you are going. The PERSISTENCE is to continue in the process, but carrying out the changes where they are needed so that the goal can be reached. The BELIEF is the confidence in that you can obtain it. With these ideas in mind, it was the time to return to the basic ones than it is a business in Internet and than on is marketing line in order to respond some fundamental questions: What type of people is the one that will buy my product and/or service? How to arrive at them from the most profitable way? Once you know who will buy your product and/or service, you can determine the best way of to contact them. In order to find out who will buy your product and/or service, hazte same these questions: As they are the benefits that will obtain the buying potentials of my product and/or service? We say that you are trading a business opportunity. An important benefit of your opportunity is the possibility that your prospectus makes some extra money.