The Camera

Otherwise, early or later the entire structure may simply come down on your head. But for outdoor unit of a special fixture is required. He, as the saying goes, "stand up on foot." It is only necessary to pick a place for him (when choosing a place keep in mind that the unit is not blowing in the curtains or wall, and stood away from the heat source). While unit is not attached to the floor, but after laying all communications move it from place to place anymore. Thus, the indoor unit You can not install: 1. … Over the heat source (eg, above the battery). Otherwise the air conditioner will work on refrigeration, "before losing momentum" and very quickly goes down.

Imagine that you opened the refrigerator door, and it will be cool not only the camera, but the whole room. He "earn" and fails to end the day. The same thing happens with air conditioning. In addition, the heat coming from the battery room, a plastic housing unit may deformed. 2.

… In areas where devices are constantly working with high-frequency electromagnetic waves (eg, drill, drill press). High-frequency oscillations can "bring down" the chip (CPU) installed inside the air conditioner. 3. … Directly over the bed or place of work, otherwise there is danger always catch a cold or, worse, pneumonia. 4. … Where air circulation is impeded, for example, curtains, etc. The distance to the obstacle should not be less than 3 meters. Otherwise, air conditioning, which maintains the set temperature automatically fails.

Vibrating Pumps Brook Brook

Vibrating pumps differ in design: – depending on water intake (the location of the suction hole) top or bottom – of power: from 180 to 320 Tues – The material of manufacture: aluminum, impact-resistant plastic or There are two shared material – current-carrying wire along the length of 6 m, 10m, 15m or 16m, 25m, 40m. – depending on the regulation of domestic pump, maximum flow without the pressure ranges from 1 to 1.5 m3 per hour . The principle of vibration Pump: The principle of the pump is based on the use of variable current, transformed by an elastic shock absorber in the mechanical vibrations of the armature and the piston. Piston, vibrating, creating a hydraulic shock in the glass. Simultaneously, the valve closes the inlet and the water is forced into the pump discharge nozzle. The pumps are equipped with a rope of nylon (required), which is used for mounting and fastening of the vibration pump.

Rope, as he is from nylon, does not carry electric current, thus protecting the rights in the event of breakdown of insulation from the danger of electric shock. The use of wire rope is not recommended, because the cable is ground lug housing. To ensure the operating parameters of domestic brook vibration pump (for example), we recommend complete pump hose with an internal diameter of at least 18-21mm (3 / 4 inches). Using hoses smaller cross-section leads to an overload of the pump and loss of productivity. The pump on the design is simple: it is not burdened by any rotating elements, no motor, it does not require any serious maintenance (Eg grease), no serious repair. The pump is easy: just having a mass of 4.1 kilograms, it can be transferred into any container (even a plastic bag) and then apply anywhere in any tank, whether it be water (river or lake) well (well) or even an ordinary barrel, and it can be hung on a rope of nylon. The main advantages of vibrating pumps brook: – reliability and durability, in compliance guide operation;-meets Russian safety standards – 100% final inspection of each pump on the performance and compliance with the specs – the best match of price and quality of the pump; – quality of materials used vary according to the manufacturer, but meet the necessary requirements – as required from time to time required for washing the flow of the pump from solids, to include the pump in clean water – the suction hole is located at the top or the bottom of the hull that allows the user, depending on the individual existing water supply, select the desired option.

Constructive Solutions

Attic for installation of need for a couple of cubes of more boards and insulation than ordinary attic. Insulated attic – quite suitable for habitation in the winter with a reasonable heating. Warming loft (loft insulation) Construction attic to a greater extent than the lower floors are exposed to heat loss by reason of the lack of roof attic "thermal pad", as well as on the roof of the attic has a large surface contact with the outside world. Therefore, for the comfort and heat economy requires effective and thorough insulation of the attic. So maybe the attic insulation foam or styrofoam, as well as slabs of mineral wool on the basis of basalt fibers. At higher Attic insulation to insulant impose more stringent requirements, as well as to thermal compaction and its execution. This seal prevents warm air to penetrate through the sealing layer.

Attic Insulation must effectively retain heat at the same time should not "steal" extra inches of space. When the attic insulation is important to remember that the heat loss occurs not only through the coating, but also through the end wall. Therefore, gable houses also need to insulate well in line with modern requirements. Heat loss from the roof of the attic are large enough, so competently executed warming could have a mansard roof appreciable effect. Quality roofing permit with the state of thermal insulation can reduce heat loss by more than 3 kW and thereby significantly reduce the cost of heating homes. Constructive Solutions For erection of new dwelling house attic creating comfortable is easy.

Strategic Missile Forces

Five wheeled Caterpillar bulldozers leveled the exact copy of the main area of the country to rehearse for parades of hundreds of military vehicles. According to company representatives engaged in rental of special equipment and services under its maintenance, bulldozers worked for two months (March to May). It happened in suburban Alabino in the location of the Taman Division. 60 days in a polygon, which is commonly used by the military for destruction of munitions found or testing of new, transformed into an ideal space for a rehearsal of military parades. Operators of construction machinery have a unique mission: to recreate the Red Square with all its turns, descents, and even small rises so that, once on the pavement of this area, drivers, mechanics are easy to navigate in the maneuvers. The project was also surprising because this scale military parades, as occurred, and more are planned this year, the country has not seen for more than 17 years.

For obvious reasons, multiple rehearsal passage of hundreds of pieces of military equipment to the Red Square is almost impossible. One need only mention that among the best examples of cars in the parade should be involved infantry fighting vehicles and assault, self-propelled "Octopus", anti-aircraft complexes and systems of "Favorite", "TOP", "BEECH", T-90 tanks, armored scouts Tiger, mobile missile complexes Strategic Missile Forces, "Topol-M. Because the federal budget has allocated funds for the development, design, rental of construction equipment and hiring qualified for pometrovogo recreate the central area of Russia. According to representatives of legislative bodies, such scope in preparation for a parade and a mass patriotic spectacle speaks about the power of Power. Get a first impression of thorough preparation could already May 9: – I believe that such large-scale parades are not just appropriate, but necessary, – said deputy Sergei Nikitin.

– In this way we demonstrate the outside world their strength, morale. To cool hot heads in some other countries. And the more solemn, we will celebrate our victory, the better. It has nothing to be ashamed.