The Concept

Information yet to MLM community, many have not even heard about the concept of CM 2.0. But why so many of those who know about SM 2.0 too hesitant to start work in new ways? And it is because of the following 2 reasons. 2. Unwillingness of leaders to leave the 'comfort zone' training base in the SM – a method of duplicating ('do as I do'). The majority held Super-leaders began to build their business in the 'good old days times'. They have succeeded in 'doInternetovskuyu age' and now their novices are taught that they can: to advertise in the newspaper, make telephone polls, paste ads, handing out leaflets. And since, even today, it gives a result, this retro-system is transmitted to future generations. Such leaders for the time being, keeping its 'star' status and income, provide an influx of new staff, and newcomers 'work in the fields'.

Plowed some time and did not get a decent result, many beginners become frustrated and drop out, or 'trying to Happiness' to another company. 3. Many psychological barrier while using your computer and the Internet are very limited due to the presumption that 'there's all very complicated or requires a long training. Well, Well, I have good news for you: 1) At present, all erstwhile computer wisdom has degenerated into a friendly environment for any user. Take a look at children who are beginning to use a 'box' is not even being able to read.

2) In our business, mastering the Internet can be done gradually, in your own pace and necessary for your volume. Here, you will not have to pass examinations. There is wide scope for creativity, learning new and even games. 3) Using acquired knowledge into practice, you'll all feel more confident in the information reality and will naturally grow out of 'kettle', as a minimum, the 'samovar' 🙂 What you are reading this suggests that you already have the necessary technical minimum. And with the help of a qualified mentor virtually anyone can overcome the technical difficulties and learn to create their own thematic lists, electronic discussion group (EDG), a blog and promote your own site. Make the right choice – use the lighter side of MLM for the design of your life!

The Company

After all, the observance of these factors allows us to obtain the highest price for the company. In response to the crisis, many business owners have strongly in need of free money offers on the market has become more and buyers, by contrast, is less. Therefore, even at the price of healthy, successful company has steadily gone down. And now it is possible to buy a business with excellent profitability and payback period of one to two years. Unfortunately, for a number of companies selling business has become an alternative to bankruptcy, so the company put up for sale sometimes 'half dead', namely those which buyers are very worried. Does this mean that the pessimists were right, and businesses better? Or is it better to use the current one, a winning situation for consumers, showing a maximum care? How to avoid 'pitfalls'? If the process of buying businesses was limited to only a plus, more could not write. But the risks inherent in any business, and ready-made business is no exception. And once so it's wise to hedge against possible trouble, properly formulated, what these risks might be. In order to avoid various 'pitfalls' when buying a company, you should answer the following questions whose answers will help you reduce the risks to a minimum. Questions that you should always ask before you buy: Introduced a fully authorized capital? (Be careful with closed-kind contributions); Have illegal payments from the capital; Covers a share capital of the firm debts, if any, in the course of you who are still present owner of this company (part of), look at what is recorded in the Handelsregister; you familiarize yourself with balance, at least for the last 3 reporting years, as well as current BWA; Is there a listing of all the long commitments, which are not apparent from the balance sheet (for example, long-term employment contracts, supply contracts or services) is registered company in the Handelsregister; Can the future success of the company, be expressed briefly and clearly, preferably in writing, whether there are independent expert views on the state of the firm; Were there any 'Dark spots' in the company's history, there unambiguous rules on transfer of shares of firm resolve, upon the death of one of the shareholders (important when buying a stake in the firm) Is there any agreement, if the statutory capital had not yet been to the end that threatens investors; Does the valuation of the company; Can I get access to the documentation of the company; there any danger that the partners have the right to purchase the offered shares in the firm for a full Control of profit; Do you have a right to buy someone else's share of the firm.

Tax Code Property

Selling party for its share in the authorized capital of LLC for tax purposes is considered as the realization of property rights, which confirmed letter of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on March 14, 2006 N 03-03-041222. According to the article. 268 Tax Code, the sale of goods and (or) the property rights of a taxpayer is entitled to reduce income from these operations, the cost of goods sold and (or) property rights, defined in the following order: – the implementation of property rights (shares) – the price of data acquisition of property rights (shares) and the amount of expenses associated with their acquisition and implementation. Example N 1. In the Company "Daisy" one parent – an individual Ivanov II, who made the full amount of authorized capital (10 000 rubles) at the time of registration of the firm. After a certain time, Ivanov II decided to sell its stake in charter capital of OOO "Buttercup" at a price of par value.

In this case, the tax base is zero. If in the process of financial and economic activities authorized capital of LLC "Daisy", was increased by parent up to 50 000 rubles, and the founder can confirm their expenses (eg certificate from the bank on making money on the account), then in that case the sale of his company for 50 000 rubles tax base will also be zero. If the sale does not share in the company, and shares of joint-stock company at a price of par, the tax base will also be zero.

Yerokhin People

His thoughts on ‘Working statistics in MLM’ shared Anton Yerokhin: Impatience – it’s death business in network marketing. That impatience and inability to wait is often the cause of the failed business. What am I doing? ‘Listen friend, you just sign the contract, and then money will flow a river !!!! “Do not worry, there will not have to plow !!!!!” Our business is for lazy people! “Such slogans – a kind of Titanic in network marketing . Thousands of people hated network marketing, only because of such views on the business …. Alas …. Plowing is necessary – it is a fact, and groin will be very much ….

What do I mean by the word “plow”? The basis of network marketing – this is great figures ….. ….. this is a working statistic is months or years of work …. Be ready for it! What is a working statistic? Any result – this relationship. Value of what? Right! Value figures! Example. Purpose: I want to personally involve in this business is 100 people. This will help me build a business that has a structure in the 10000 people that will give me the opportunity to earn $ 5000 or more.

Now actions betrayed “teapot”: I spent 2 meeting, none of the contenders proposals are not accepted! Ooooh! … …. this scam !!!!….. I was lured into a trap! ” Business does not work!

Compact PET

Although it happens that entrepreneurs buy only a piece of equipment doukomplektovyvaya line later. But this happens rarely and only on the initial lack of funds. If the composition of the line for bottling of milk and dairy products in PET bottles are all clear then proceed to the next section. In it we have a little talk about the organization of working protsessa.Kak it works not to talk about the abstract hardware, let's look at the line for bottling milk in PET packaging for example, production companies Carbo Concept (machinery for PET bottles) and Pakpromet (bottling line series PESET). What you need to consider when choosing equipment for PET bottles in the first place, remember that this device is very energy intensive.

Secondly, ensure high quality filtration equipment to any foreign substance does not fall into the chamber blowing. Third, learn from what works Perform minimum weight machine. For example, some machines accept only 40 gram preform, while blowing liter bottle is enough and shapes weighing 25-30 grams. Let's start. Begins to describe our shop with a machine for PET bottles.

The basic model of this machine works with sold separately blanks, blowing them out of PET bottles of 0,2-2 liter bottle with a diameter of 28 or 38 millimeters. For example, the device Compact A4 PET can produce up to three thousand liter bottles per hour. After blowing ready packaging arrives on the conveyor filling line. This may be used as an automated system and manual. Here, a bottle first thing meets washing system.

Internet Money Webmoney

Charge webmoney is credited to your electronic purse money, and thus an increase in accounts. There are several ways: to fill, and withdrawing a cashless or cash, by bank transfer and others. To buy webmoney, you must first make a request, and then choose a direction for the exchange. This can be done at certain sites, which are now very much on the network. A lot of companies, providing services in this area, be glad to help and will have the desired service. If you are looking for, where to produce output webmoney, must be addressed specifically to them. In this case you do not have to face questions about the origin of honest earned your money for the same will not need to explain the appearance of revenues. Do not have to also expect a quick decision on unfreezing the account.

The fact is that often the banks freeze the accounts of customers, in order to implement the check for 'laundering' customers money, even if the amount is insignificant. Refuse the services of banks and move to the procedure itself cashing webmoney easy and easily can be organizations working on brokering scheme. Sale, purchase of Webmoney is carried out with users only by mutual request. The company acts as a guarantee faithful performance of all obligations of the parties transaction is financially responsible for the safety of funds and concerns. And this – favorable conditions, safety, quality and reliability. Webmoney can be cashed in banks.

Consider, for example, Alfa-Bank. If you – customer of the bank, then quickly and efficiently will be able to perform this operation. At your disposal is available fully automated conversion. Payments are made instantly between accounts and that importantly, for free, but first there is a check by the operator. Offered very low interest rate on output in a convenient combination of high-speed transfers. Consider also the conclusion Webmoney (in particular, wmz) to your account modern system TeleBank VTB24. We offer you a very convenient and practical way. Transfers between accounts are very fast and at the same time reliable. This service provides Internet banking, VTB 24, thanks which you can easily sell their Webmoney. If you have a VISA or Master Card PSB, you can buy webmoney just putting money into your account. If you want to use the services of their bank, then we can deduce WebMoney at the expense of ruble at your bank. Send them to the account can be in rubles, specified in any bank in Russia.

Perspective On Auto Loan – Refinancing ?

In the trade-in of a large number of influential credit agencies have a new attractive service that has many advantages relative to conventional software trade-in. The procedure of this program is the same as in the 'classic' sentence, trade-in (old car instead of new), but in this case, the old car wins the pot instead of the entry fee. Cars that you pass the organization in exchange for new, will be sold to the following clients with a guarantee, and it allows European banks show greater loyalty to car dealers, well, a car salesman to sell more older cars to future consumers. Today in the sphere of car loans granted four credit Organization: The Bank of Moscow, "Absolut Bank 'and' Raiffeisen '. All the creditor banks that provide such a service have a contract with the official car dealers in the field of cars in the CIS and the specific salons. SPECIAL trade-in advantage over the traditional 'car loans' will be in the fact that there will be communication with the bank which you receive the original car loan to purchase the machine. The set of credit institutions refinance auto loans, designed entirely by other agencies.

And, naturally, regardless of what your car can be as collateral for another bank, it must be taken salon instead of the initial fee. If you get a positive decision on the refinancing of the service, of course, you allocate money to address the debts of the past loan to a third party. The procedure for trade-in is designed for people who have no arrears of contributions in its loan no more than 3 days; car loan must be completed no later than a year ago, re-registration may be granted to customers who have not only new but also has a used car, a second-hand cars there specific list of requirements. According to banks scheme trade-in is famous in the Russian market, and associate it with serious amounts of credit to the public. And it's convenient for car owners that the interest of the Russian car loans over the past decade in our country have improved considerably and have become very interesting for customers. In Europe, these concessions are used and are popular among borrowers. The largest size annual rate in these banks so far only 10,5-13 percent in rubles and 12.8% for the euro. According to:.

Accounting Records

Accounting records are now a common practice, which is now used by outsourced services. How does this mechanism work? All dovlno simple and understandable for many, but there is a separate segment of our market, which nepriemlet this service. Outsourcing offers you to remotely supervise your cash flow and accounting and, accordingly, constantly monitor and report to the accounting department. But total control and eefektivanya Analyst reports can show the ineffectiveness of many, and most importantly the concealment of funds, which in itself spoil the reputation of both the company and the outsourcer. Consequently, this ulsuga yavyaletsya only in the distant proper perspective for our market, which thrives drezhitsya afloat by 'black' accounts. Price of production facilities adequate functional Noah (production) of useful things in motion by their lifetime (ie the period in which the movement of an asset relative to the main syascheesya funds authorized to make the function principles which depend earnings to its owner).

The main tool will participate in the process of manufacture long period (over several production cycles), keeping the initial shape and characteristics, but evenly worn and carry their own price for the product made. In agreeing with the principles of accounting value of the production facilities required to share in moderate traffic expected date of operation route of distribution (forgiveness) for reporting periods in which data traffic will force has a capacity of utility (efficiency). This process is called pro amortization of the principal means. Accounting for depreciation is the main principle of mixed doleyu accounting major funds.

Test Site emergency Survival

that people's attitudes to each other in the next ten years will not change and conflicts will also be vsegda.Kak togdumenshit problem at least for a job? Can. Only in a package of measures will actually develop a calm and the correct relationship to the events and people to live and work has become comfortable. We will not conduct an analysis of possible measures in psychology, spiritual work with soboy.Eto can and should be found in other istochnikah.A you and I will decide how to organize our peace of mind in their own enterprise. What can we do? We offer you your own advice and hope that their application will help you gain full control and therefore peace in our emergency survival training ground – the Russian business space. Recommendation number 1: Make a transparent business for yourself in terms of opportunities within 20 minutes. Have all the information on business at the moment vremeni.Eto means that the computers of all your staff were instituted in the overall network with on your kompyuter.Eto means that you write and sign all documents with employees about the rules of your predpriyatii.V instructions should be given everything that makes them work their accounts transparent and accessible to you at any time. One time developing a document on the company you will be constantly provided with information that you have done. This will allow time to identify "dead" rabotnika.Tak we call a worker who contributes to intentionally and unintentionally in the bankruptcy of your predpriyatiya.Takoy person usually has a previous employment and bankrupt enterprises.

Network Marketing

1) Most of the newcomers to the Internet network business expect quick results. They think that if they join the ranks of a company, so immediately gush cash flow. The bitter truth is that even if you have a super a unique product or offering, you still turn to you do not line up. Why? First of all, next to you hundreds, even thousands of "partners" who are doing the same, which means that the client must go to you, not vice versa. Myself to you no one comes, and if it comes, then why to you? Secondly, and this is much more important, modern man is so constituted that when it is something imposed by means of network marketing, it has triggered a defense mechanism. Apparently, sad lessons of modern Russian history, plus the cliche of dubious individuals who go from door to door and try to vparim "amazing" products, and "practically free", you only have to pay 10,000 rubles for delivery. Although, in fact network marketing – a fundamental mechanism that is studied in all the leading economic universities in the world. But the average person rarely thinks about that on this principle and that any sale, one way or another, all of our lives MLM. The fact that when it comes to the supermarket – is a network, it is not just one person, and a room with a staff, that huge corporations allowed to work in this area, even service Google AdSense provides such an opportunity.