CCPs Company

Avoid this may be one way – to work or with a competent accountant or perform accounting services company with a specialized accounting firm. Frequent violations of the order of cash payments through the following errors: – "but we are all working well" – the original responses of CEOs, referring to the work without the ccp, reflecting in reports or not reflecting the receipt of income – the use of receipts and cash orders, or of some forms – for cash transactions without the use of CCPs, explaining the violation – that the implementation of the application of ccp is not necessary. Probably this the case of manifest some echoes, job opportunities in certain cases without the use of CCPs as defined by law and (or) the same opportunities to work with strict reporting forms. Unfortunately – the causes of these errors are incorrect interpretation of the rules of law. Again, not every accountant knows it's true in the case of your company right to cash payments. Help in this case do by law – Competent bookkeeping or accounting specialist company which can lead accounting support your organization.

– The most common variant of delusions is true fearless executives who decide on the violations of law in the form: system is not breaking through the checks in the presence of CCV; certain manipulation of the ccp aimed at correcting the amount of income that are fixed in ccv at a penetration of cash receipts, work with kcp malfunction, etc. This phenomenon Center specialists find no reasonable explanation. Penalties for legal persons for the fact that each cash receipt without the use of the ccv – punishable by a fine of up to 40 000 rubles. When negative circumstances, the violation of cash payments may entail verification of the enterprise by different control structures for the past fiscal inspection. Do not forget, organization of accounting of the company or individual entrepreneur is not a mindless exercise of preparing and submitting reports, but also warning of possible violations, which arise when incorrectly organized activities of companies and individual entrepreneurs, as well as risk assessment company executives by informing them about the inadmissibility of certain actions.