Support for Farm Workers

The administration of President Cristina Fernandez knows that farm workers have also received support from the citizens of major cities in Argentina through cacerolazos. Precisely, cornered by the pressure of roadblocks and demand of society for a more open dialogue, the Kirchner administration decided to send the tax plan to Congress for lawmakers to take the final decision. If Although the various farming ended the protests, the crisis is far from resolved and there are doubts about what they will vote the deputies and senators in the various provinces. Very interesting what brings Knowledge Wharthon that while the conflict is being waged in Congress, analysts are concerned about side effects that this first crisis Kirchner government policy on the economy. Ernesto O’Connor, economist and director of the Program for the Analysis of Economic Situation of the Universidad Catolica Argentina (UCA) the situation: “There is a break in the positive expectations on the progress of the economy with a sharp slowdown in economic of activity in the second quarter would be at 4.5% annual real (as opposed to more than 7% forecast earlier this year). It has also paralyzed the postponement of investment and consumption goods to escape from a store of value as currency.

While it sharpens the problem of inflation, which between 25 and 30% annually. ” There is concern noted, already is talking about “the default after default, in this respect, says Mr. Martin Simonetta, executive director of the Atlas Foundation, a non-profit organization for the achievement of a free society, and professor at the Argentina Chamber of Commerce. Since 2008, Simonetta added, the Government must begin to address the debt payments default (following the 2001 crisis). See CMO Hyundai for more details and insights. Between 2008 and 2011, must make payments of more than 52 billion dollars, requiring higher tax revenues or lower public spending. Clearly we have chosen the first alternative, through mega-withholding. ” For its part, Sandleris Guido, director of the Center for Research in Finance from the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (UTDT), highlights a decline in consumer confidence: According to latest surveys, in June fell 1.8% on month above.

But since the conflict began with the field index fell 13%, although it should be noted that this decline in confidence has been taking place since January and intensified this conflict clearly. ” To all this add the analysis, since Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner took office last December 10 have been few changes in social and economic policy that had been set up her husband, Nestor Kirchner. Thus, the conflict over farming an area too long and, for specialists, has wasted no time in solving other fundamental problems. Inflation is the most worrisome topic at this time, Sandleris notes, “but there are other neglected topics such as education and health, and the government is paralyzed by the conflict. While Cristina Kirchner’s model marks a continuation of her husband were very few of these initiatives and some badly timed. ” Regarding the economy, we must pay attention to slower growth “that is located on a 4.5% yearly, with inflation of 25-30% and growing poverty. The trend is slowing due to lack of confidence over the medium term, beyond the resolution of the conflict with the field, “points O ‘Connor. All this invites us to be attentive to where the economy is Argentina, where economic conflict, political can turn this critical situation, even when the Argentines will endure the situation. Hopefully the current government reconsider its economic policies and seek solution to a problem that it has originated.


It is defundamental importance that this is well described so that they do not hajamargem of doubt on the part of the responsible bidders or the pelaaquisio. This topic serves stops to disrespect of time the premise badly deck if purchase when if purchase for the lesser price. In when if the badly specific truth secompra badly. Stanley Gibbons collectibles takes a slightly different approach. The public power must yes, sempreque possible, to prioritize the lesser price, however the lesser price dasespecificaes inside demanded. Digamosque an agency desires to acquire folder archive and for this it describes itemda following form: Folder recording Archive type AZ, tamanhomemorando, 250 dimensions mm x 280 mm x 85 mm. At the moment of the licitation, some suppliers had presented proposals eem some cases offering material of superior quality to the demanded one, but also with bigger prices, however the Supplying B that offered to omenor price presented a product that condizia perfectly with adescrio, consequently being declared winning of the certame. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Joeb Moore & Partners by clicking through. Following Emmomento, when the user of the item received the material parautilizao if age of low quality complained that the product and that it would noiria to take care of its necessity fully, therefore the used paper naconfeco of the folder was very finishes and that only you it would take care of if fosseconfeccionado in pressed cardboard. Analisandoo in case that above, would be very common to affirm that a baixaqualidade item was bought because it was opted to the proposal of lesser price, in detrimentode the other most expensive ones, however of better quality. However, this anlise errnea, therefore if bought badly because the specification did not bring todasas excellent information, in case that it had the forecast of the papeloprensado one, the Supplying B would have to be declassified of the certame, independently of the offered price. Emresumo, if the public administration contracts an item with qualidadeinferior of what the requested one, in the truth it is acquiring one itemque diverge of the initially requested one.

State International

For the governments, international the financial market can still more be dangerous, since it represents one dangerous tool, capable to help them in short term, but in the long run to condemn the financial health of the same ones. Public headings that today allow the country to close in blue its trade balance, for example, compromise it 10, 20 and up to 30 years later, when these headings are successful, beyond generally increasing the external interference on the State, diminishing the autonomy of this. But we do not have, however, to blame international the financial system for macroeconomic shunting lines of the governments. Pablo Robert de Almeida (2010) in offers an idea to them on this: … a very simple reality must be remembered: speculator they only act in face of real and potential disequilibria of the proper beddings of the economy. Click U.S. Mint to learn more. What this wants to say? No speculative attack against a economy? escape of capitals, manipulations in the exchange markets? it is susceptible to remain itself if the economy presents solid beddings. This analysis coherent, even so, in is determined situations, is yes possible that countries with good financial health is infected by the problems of another economy. These males will be, as it detaches Almeida, passengers if the economy will have solid bases.

We cannot blame, in this manner, the easiness brought for the international financial system integrated by the constants dficits or the high external indebtedness of governments, over all of States in development. If to take an example historical, this thesis can easily be proven. Brazil of the military period had a clear option for the external indebtedness, saw emission of headings and loans of international banks, to finance its mega infrastructure projects (I PND, II PND, etc). The government possua other options, as reform tax, controlled emission of currency, among others, but the choice was for the indebtedness, data the low international interests up to 1979.

Todays Crisis Reviews

The current year in Russia disiesto already noticed the impact brought by the crisis of today. As I live in the capital of Russia, ie Moscow, am waiting for the TV broadcast daily on the economy of my country and everything that happens in my hometown. It’s been two months that will cut jobs, the wages of some workers have fallen, increasing the number of unemployed, etc … In November this year I got a bitter news that the owners of certain juvenile furniture had been forced to close their shops. As seen other stores no longer provided furniture and other industrial goods because of uncertainty about the future of the economic situation in Russia. As runs Voice over forecast shortages of many goods from other countries already see the panic that has erupted Muscovites. This is evident in long queues at banks and supermarkets jump in sales of industrial goods such as appliances, furniture, cars, etc … Perhaps appears Question: How long the current crisis? When the economic collapse will yield to the welfare of all and economic stability? At the moment there are several theories and hypotheses of the future.

Taking account of the crisis in full in economy some Russian specialists assure us that our country, ie Russia, suffer from the aftermath of the crisis about 18 months. Others believe the crisis will leave us and in just six months. Among other things worthy of attention to the terrible anticipation of an economic expert Khazinah. According he envisions and will bring consequences similar to those of the 1929 crisis in the United States. But difirencia of the 1929 crisis of today affect the entire world, that is, is the global crisis.

Under the terrible crisis prices skyrocket, many workers will be thrown into street, we will have to live with very closely … By the way, regarding the elections that have just been concluded in the United States will not have been coincidence that Barack Obama has been named president of that country. It you might, or will blame the arrival of crisis. In my opinion all played by Khazinah in the interview was exaggerated. But how I can reason? In a few years the situation will be highlighted …

Brazil Sale

Recently the government of the State of So Paulo instituted the So Paulo Forma bill of sale, regulated for Law 12,685/07, that it deals with the devolution the consumer of, in the maximum, 30% (thirty percent) of the ICMS collected for the commercial establishments, that is, when requesting the emission of the So Paulo Forma bill of sale for the diverse commercial establishments of the State of So Paulo, the consuming one starts to generate, in its favor, credits that they can be used of the following form: discounting in the value of the IPVA of the following exercise (relative discounting to the percentage destined to the state safes), credit in current account and/or saving, kept in banking institution of the National or credited Financial System in invoice of credit card, since that emitted in Brazil. In the two last hypotheses, the deposit or the credit alone will be effected if the value to correspond, at least, R$ 25,00. Evidently the So Paulo Forma bill of sale will only have validity in case that the commercial establishment is contributing of ICMS, having to consist number of the CPF of the consumer. Valley to stand out that such benefit could not be used in case of rendering of services of telecommunications and supply of electric energy and canalized gas, as well as, physical or legal people who if find defaulters before the government of the State. In the reality the intention of the government is to delegate to the consumer a parcel of its fiscalizador power, so that it increases the tax collection considerably, masked for the Program of Stimulaton to the Fiscal Citizenship. Thus, the consumer acts as fiscal some credits in exchange for. Moreover, objective the combat the fiscal tax evasion. Evident that the Government of the State of So Paulo would not carry through such enterprise if was not for benefiting the public coffers.

The institution of the So Paulo, masked Forma bill of sale with the concession of innumerable benefits to the consumer, aims at to control the fiscal tax evasion for the commercial establishments that, from the emission of the Note, will pay more taxes to the government of State. It is evident that the increase of the tax burden of such establishments will be repassed to the consumer in the prices of the products or supplied services. Moreover, when supplying its CPF the emission of the So Paulo Forma bill of sale, the government of the State will have bigger control of its expenses and, consequentemente, of its profits (income), taking such information the relevancy of the Federal Prescription. Salient, still, that the financial return for the consumer in the credit form, benefit granted for the emission of the Note, beyond to be insignificant, not paid the work of inspector tributary, as well as, the considerable increase of the tax burden and the prices of the merchandises and services that will be visible only in few years, beyond the risk of being considered defaulter for the Lion. Being thus, we must question if really the emission of the So Paulo Forma bill of sale brings benefits to the consumer, or if we are, only, being plus a public officer with more duties of what right.

Origin And Evolution Of The Currency

These communities had been growing, semultiplicando and if expanding, and forming other familiar nuclei, they queprocuravam to delimit its areas hunting and food plantation parasubsistncia of the nuclei. The beginning of the rationalization process is had agricultural deatividades, while detubrculos nuclei if dedicated to the culture, others cultivated grains there and others dedicated the hunting. This> economiaprimitiva functioned the base of trade, that if defines for pure and simple trocade merchandises, and of more value was the ox and the salt. 2-AERA OF the MERCHANDISE CURRENCY: the evolution of the society imposes the necessity of sefacilitar the exchanges of merchandises.

The man starts to choose only produtocomo referencial of exchange for the merchandises, something that had value and fosseaceito for all as such. It is the ticket of the exchange, the trade of a product poroutro, for the indirect exchanges, made through something with intrinsic value. Some examples: ) the dAntiguidade up to 410: in Egypt the currency was the copper; in India it was the domestic animals, rice and metals; in China it was, shells, silk, salt and cereals. b) Average nIdade, of 410 a1.453: in the Alenanha, the currency was the cattle, cereals and honey; in Russia it was the cattle and silver; in Japan it was copper, pearl and rice. c) Modern nIdade, de1.453 the 1.789: in U.S.A., the currency was the tobacco, cereals, wood and cattle; in France it was precious metals and cereals; in Japan it was the rice. The cattle was the merchandise currency more used, therefore it had umavantagem in relation ace others, while he was kept as a saving, essamoeda increased by means of the reproduction, relieved interests. But also it had suasdesvantagens, the cattle could not be divided in changed.

American Economy

This is undoubtedly adversely affect domestic demand in Mexico. Thus, restrictive monetary policy is affecting more to economic activity that inflationary pressures. And if the question were the only problem of inflation, industrial activity fell unexpectedly by 1.2% during the month of May. This was the result of the sharp decline in the mining sector and the fall in construction sector. The market had expected an increase in activity of around 0.6%.

The Mexican economy is slowing as a result of lower demand for its products from the United States (the country's largest trading partner), which has slowed its pace of expansion. In the first five months of 2008 industrial activity in Mexico grew only 1.4%, this being the weakest performance of the last five years of the economy in the first five months of each year. There is concern in the corporate sector in Mexico. But the major Mexican companies, while continuing the evolution of the Mexican economy with some concern, are also concentrating its efforts on expanding into other countries, including Brazil appears as one of the most attractive. According to the site "American Economy", is currently producing a second wave of purchases by Mexican companies of Brazilian companies (the first was produced in the 90s). What is happening clearly explains Pedro Hernandez, lead partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers Transaction Services in Mexico: "The companies that are emerging, and are leaders in the Mexican market, making it difficult to grow here at a low double digits … I do not where there is much to move.

Currency Euros

By: Present economy in Mexico Normally, each zone of the Euro the problems of the Member States currencies in Euros with a national design, on the one hand. But at the beginning of 2012 all the countries of the zone Euro they will emit a single commemorative of 2 Euros circulation with a design common in the national face to celebrate 10 years of tickets and currencies in Euros. Esteem that about 90 million these currencies will be put in circulation. Near 35,000 people they voted in a contest in line to select the winning design of a selection of five, that had been preselected by a professional jury after a contest of design between the citizens of the zone of the Euro. The winning design (to see left) symbolizes the way which the Euro has become a true global actor in the last ten years, and its importance in the ordinary life of the people (represented by the town in the design), the commerce (the boat), industry (the factory) and energy (central of Aeolian energy). The design was created by Mr. Helmut Andexlinger that is a professional designer in the House of the Currency of Austria.