Great Nations

I don’t know who started, I do not think that anyone knew at any moment, I do not think that you matter really. Missiles They flew all over the planet, in a few minutes razed what had cost centuries building. The impacts ended with major cities, the majority of the population died instantly. Nuclear winter started to propagate the closer who had not died by the explosion. In a few hours a cloud of radioactive death covered the entire planet. Huge amounts of dust and smoke were emitted to the atmosphere by hiding the Sun. Only a small percentage of the world’s population survived, but for a short time, they are already dead although they do not want to accept it.

Walking and why you believe to be alive, but the radioactivity has rotted her flesh, are just dying bodies closer to death than in life. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Goop holiday gifts. Relegated to a physical status below the diseased rats. They take little to disappear. The last human on this planet will die in a short time. Since always, since they acquired intelligence that differentiated them from other species, they also acquired envy and selfishness. Although they were quite ready to understand that they would better in their own community, always your foolish pride and irrational selfishness made them distrust each other, trying to improve, not beating themselves with the help of others, if not stepping on each other, eliminating a supposed competitor at any cost and at any price. The power.

How many wars has caused? The hierarchy of Government was created to improve their quality of life, to establish an order. But once again aroused ambition and human selfishness. His self-destructive, latent in the essence of the human being, nature makes its appearance every moment, converting every achievement to get into something more so that fight. Great Nations faced by longing and conquest of power.

A Good Photograph

Many times we complain that the photos do not always go as one wants and that ruins the photo below some tips. Photo must be natural and not force, should darseel moment and seize it, always should be aware not to lose the moment, should I care much focus and angle not so much tomarlafoto for taking it, but do look the scene, adopt an elegant but unforced, position that feels natural, to photograph an animal is more difficult here is where patience comes, debs not force alanimal to do so you must take it at the right time when you click the position desired, for landscapes is a bit more difficult that must find an exact point to take the photo, for example if they will take the picture at a landscape should be taken as referenica at least a tree or something in what the image centrelas mejores fotos sese daran has focused are still object in the Center located far away, whether it is a flower in the distance, a shrub, a waterfall, whatever. According to Mary Barra, who has experience with these questions. The camera does not matter much only in the quality of the picture when it comes to print it or take it that blurry but if seseguira seeing great that cuandote fotoesahi das account that was a good photo, if you are a photographer always carries a camera with you never known when daran moments, you can try to create as the moment in a natural way a professional photographer put a very juicy flower, I hope with your camera sitting all day until I get a hummingbird sucking nectar from the flowerThis man took the photo and it was lamejor all of a photo contest, so how we can try to create a special moment in a natural way and they look good.

Lose Weight Fast

Looking for a quick way to lose weight and lose those extra pounds quickly? If you are looking to change his body drastically in a short period of time, I can only recommend you my personal diet. My personal diet represents the cyclical ketogenic diet and is a diet that focuses on consuming a large amount of fat, moderate servings of protein and minimal amounts of carbohydrates. This is a diet similar to the Atkins diet, with the exception that you take a day to only eat foods high in carbohydrates and low in fat. The good thing about this diet is that allows you one day for carbohidratarte and recharge your muscles and your spirit. It is very difficult to eat only foods high in fat, that leave you feeling of lethargy. However, when you are eating mostly fat and protein, your body becomes a fat burning Monster and begins to burn fat at an incredible speed, is why this diet is so popular.

With this diet, you will eat many nuts, as well as eggs, bacon and even cheese if desired. It really doesn’t matter that you are consuming foods high in saturated fat, always and when you keep your carbohydrate below 10 grams per day, and everything will be burned as fuel. So if you are looking for a diet to lose weight fast, without any doubt, you can try my diet. The day number 7, you can invest the program primarily you will eat oatmeal, brown rice and whole-wheat bread, along with some protein, it is a big change and facilitates this diet more easily.

The Lumbar

It needs less space than a recumbent bicycle and simulates the movement of a street bike. They emphasize the use of quadriceps (superior frontal muscle of the leg). Recumbents spinning: the user’s position is more horizontal, with the legs almost parallel to the ground and back secured by the support of the saddle. It is lighter for the lumbar area and exercises above all the area of the biceps femoris and the buttocks rather than a standard bicycle. Resistance: First: the majority of initiation models use a system of friction resistance as a brake drum or tape. They are very simple and have limited operating programs. Second: They are also the aerodynamic resistance, using a device of blade; greater pedaling = greater strength and greater difficulty. They tend to be more reliable and long-lived, because not to be friction and move the air with its internal system there is less wear.

Third: electro magnetic resistance, giving an effect smoother and more quiet. Its price is usually higher, and they include default programs and interactive heart rate monitor. Materials: there are different types of materials. You should take into account while more solid is, more will last. And, even more, if the person that you will use of very high or robust complexion.

Good optional (a little more expensive bikes): heart rate Monitor: which detects your pulse. They may be on the handlebar, and with simple contact show you rate your heart beats. Remember that, for most people, the most effective pace of training is between 70-80% of maximum rate. Depending on the models, now with boards spinning bikes can find electronic high-efficiency when it comes to give you useful data for your training. You can also find models with rear wheels for easy movement. Original author and source of the article.

The Beliefs

The worker against his own attitude is also required work, this attitude is based on the beliefs and values that the worker develops their own work. You have to take into account, that attitudes are determined jointly by the current characteristics of the post as the perceptions that the worker has than it should be.Generally three kinds of employee characteristics that affect the perceptions of the should be are: the needs, values and personal traits of reach and impact job satisfaction is related to organizational climate of the company and job performance. I believe that it is essential to remember that workers are people, and therefore, is fundamental for them to feel that their work makes great, is important, recognized and has a purpose. All human beings have these basic psychological needs and many of them are not covered by the administrative and managerial systems of companies, focused on numbers and statistics forget that their structures are shaped by people. Does would not be different if? organizational structures encourage the development of the people who comprise it? Wouldn’t that be a benefit for companies and for workers? It perhaps is that we fear of developing the individual because we think can convert in competition or present difficulties? We consider that we still haven’t learned the lesson of winning-winning than about how many academics for decades that they come saying and we are still involved in systems that do not allow the maximum development of individuals and therefore neither organizations. I consider it necessary that employers provide grains of sand in this field, starting from the inside change to make work in a dignified, enjoyable, constructive activity. After all, most work during the greater part of life do not deserve all have fun while we do something for our society? And if this has an impact on productivity is anyone who may object to doing so? Conclusions modern management should be attentive in keeping motivated their human resources, doing their work to provide the benefits established, guaranteeing a great satisfaction in the performance. Bear in mind as Molina points out: to be happy at work must reflect 2 things 1) which both contribute that work for our personal fulfillment?, if you are of people who think they pay them for doing something that seems so fascinating to them and which would make free or as hobby if there were a job as well, are on a track toward the motivation. He will never stop having ups and downs, but these are not reasons to make you decide to change jobs original author and source of the article.


She is a woman of 40 years who was born and lives in Africa. Three young children seen as placing a pot with water with something on fire. And they continue looking like hypnotized. Soon the water vapor caracolea cheerful on the bowl. They are eight o’clock in the afternoon and the Sun is about to be.

Children watch the steam peering. Finally, defeat them the dream. The woman puts out the fire and tends with his sons. On the inside of the pot there is only water and stones. It is not literature. It is a real event that I read in some material from Intermon Oxfam: the appeal of a woman sub-Saharan so that their children fall asleep without anguish, despite not having nothing to dinner. The shame of hunger again plaguing the planet. Two World Food Summit (1996 and 2002) undertook to eradicate it as global objective of development and the Millennium Summit (2000) approved to reduce hunger by half by 2015.

But today there are more hungry people. According to figures from FAO, the UN agency to combat hunger, in 1990 there were 823 million hungry people and in 2007, 861. In addition to that failure that the increase in the price of food has caused a real crisis of hunger. In 2007, the price of food increased by 40%, denounces the FAO. The price of rice has exceeded the $1,000 per tonne (47% increase in a month). And wheat, corn and soybeans have doubled its price in a year. Price increases that affect Mexico, Indonesia and Yemen, which does not suffer food emergencies. In China, the price of food has risen by 21%. Nobody is protected from inflation contagion, proclaims the editorial of a newspaper, as if it were a viral epidemic. But hunger is not unpredictable catastrophe, misfortune or sent by the gods or cataclysm of the destination.