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Every housewife dreaming of a new plate Hephaestus, because it determines 50% of success in preparing tasty dishes. Home appliances for kitchen presented cooker – gas, electric, Gas-electric, as well as built-in appliances and other But what to buy for the kitchen stove? What advantages do the above said plate? Consider carefully the benefits of all types of plates. Enumerating the advantages of a gas stove it is important to note that only on a gas cooker, you can quickly reheat or cook food for the family for a minimum of time. Sometimes the lunch break (if you work nearby, or educational institution for children) are missing, but if the kitchen has a gas stove, you will always minimize the time to cook. Cooking dinner or lunch can leave stains on the stove, which should be washed. A remarkable advantage of the gas stove is the possibility of rapid cooling of the burner, which makes it possible to wash the plate immediately after cooking.

In winter the kitchen with gas cooker warmer, and the air in the kitchen more pleasant and clean, which forms a good mood and good emotional environment in general. Price as gas stoves are cheaper compared to others, so if buying a board largely determined by its price, then the choice is obvious. Comparing electric cooker with gas, you need to immediately recall the main advantage – it is safe plate. Electric stove does not interact with the gas and open fire, suggesting a good safety. Electric ranges use less oxygen from the air kitchen that is unquestionably good advantage. You no longer need make windowsill plants, since gas burns oxygen.

Cooking and frying foods easier and more enjoyable. The temperature of the filament electric stove is easier to control, which allows a softer approach to cooking. Cost electric stove and cost over manual more than gas, but this only emphasizes its other advantages. Gas-electric plates are notable for their versatility: they include heating elements of all the plates and used as natural gas and electricity. Gas-electric panels are distinguished by their reliability, since it is not exchangeable for areas where problems occur with gas. You may at any time be able to delicious cook, using a variety of heating elements. Built-in appliances for the home a more modern and functional than the other plates. It also has its positive and negative characteristics. Built-in appliances can be easily placed wherever is convenient. Altogether unnecessary that would be the hob was a particular place. Built-in appliances is remarkable in respect of occupied space in the kitchen, is different beautiful appearance that will only complement the design of your kitchen. Given all the above listed advantages and disadvantages of plates, each owner must carefully choose the plate, knowing all the technical and economic features. Perhaps the preference for choosing the price, safety, economy, style, accessibility, etc. A great example is positioning itself producer boards Hephaestus, who represent a wide range of all types of plates and other household appliances. Plate Hephaestus are reliable work, inexpensive cost and a great choice. The choice of plate – a serious work that is done responsibly. Only the right decision will then contribute frying and cooking food, and mood in the kitchen in general. Plate Hephaestus made to assist displaced homemakers, that would be great to cook. Good luck in the choice of household appliances!


And this something else for these scientists, is not material, but they are patterns of relationship. They discover that everything It depends on the interactions and that it be emergent properties that depend on them. They then arrive at a revolutionary conclusion: the padron of everything that exists, I live or not, is a network, all linked to everything. In the course of these discoveries, investigations of these last decades in biology, mainly studies of the Chilean Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela bury the old paradigm. These scientists reaffirm the network as a model of life and sustain that living beings are autopolipoides, or self-builders themselves.

They bring the idea of a creative autonomy of human beings where everything is created through the interaction of various aspects that make up the living being. From there, say a radical constructivism in the sense that there is a world abroad responsible for our evolution. The outside world is just disturbing, each of us learn and we live in an original way. We need to create our lives and live, here is an inseparability between knowing, being and live, they are deeply integrated with our positions to teach and learn. If we think of Maturana and Varela (2001) theory of autopoiesis we constantly analyze our potential through interaction. The axis of the new paradigm of science is organized around the idea of network. Then, each of us as a node in the network that can potentiate this organization, in a very strong way since then moved by the construction power of love; arises, an absolutely revolutionary situation, in modern science: emotions of classical science dispelled the distractors of knowledge and were brought by the new biology as the essence of scientific research. For Maturana, love is essential. As an educator and researcher we ask ourselves: what kind of consequences might such divisions with separate subject? If we consider recent investigations, not only in biology, but the cognitive science in general, are pointing to the connectivity as a basic condition of construction of knowledge and subject, we can then think that education is practiced today in this kind of context, as a violence of biological needs.

Much More Than A Necessary Evil: Job Descriptions

Job descriptions for the personal development and job descriptions are considered the performance evaluation in many companies rather necessary evil due to the supposedly high administrative maintenance effort, whose only raison d’etre consists only in a normative requirement of the ISO 9001. But far from! Job descriptions are written descriptions of jobs by means of which work objectives, tasks, skills, authority and representatives are recorded accurately. In the literature, as well as in entrepreneurial practice there is no standard for job descriptions has established itself, making variations to be found en masse. In terms of content can a job description following information contain the description and characterization of a job in the company, the individual duties and responsibilities of the jobholder, by the Jobholder to bring skills and qualifications and organizational involvement in the companies with supervisors and management responsibility. In many companies, the basic tenor, is that it is at Job descriptions is just an annoying rules, which generates no added value for the company and its employees except for a high administrative burden.

As a result, numerous outdated job descriptions languish unnoticed in the cabinets of the company itself, which no longer match the points actually to describe. Job descriptions bringing a benefit should not be underestimated in terms of the personnel policy! Job descriptions constitute the basis for hiring and training new employees. They also supported the identification of training needs in the company. Both employees / Jobholder, as managers also benefit from existing, current job descriptions with regard to their training and basic orientation in the company. A job description lists all set requirements on the respective jobholders in terms of competences and qualifications, which the employees required to meet this point high. Matched by a resilient and consistent indicators for the human resources development are generated with the actual skills of the employee and the Delta, where appropriate, arising from this.

How To Buy The Best Pavilion?

If you want to buy a gazebo, it is a difficult decision. There are a variety of pavilions on the market therefore need some special note before they decide. The Pavilion will reflect his target and the great? is an important factor in deciding his. They need the surface gauge, where they want to build the Pavilion to be sure, that it not too big? or would be too small. The great? of the Pavilion will have an effect on the duration of the framework, because a large? en Pavilion a strong framework needs to keep his weight. If you a big? en Pavilion need is it better to have a tube made of steel so it is rust-resistant. You must look at the various types of pavilions. A gro? en Pavilion normally comes with a frame standardma? ig to support his weight but you can also a smaller part of the style of Pop-Ups to buy.

These pavilions are very easy to open and build. There are also various fabrics available. You would be protected from the Sun with some tissues.It is also important that it is waterproof to the example, the polyethylene is ideal. Many types of gazebos have tear-off pages, so that you can change the structure after the weather. Note also the color, because it is a large? s selection on the market is available. The price of the Pavilion are also his goal of relektieren. The Pop-Ups are a cheap choice. Gro? ere pavilions, used for festivals and celebrations are more expensive but they will last for years. There are many pavilions available so you must choose the right style for the goal. You must make a cost comparison before you decide on the best prices and a high quality to find.

Bernhard Lehner Spengergasse

The new product already reaps first fruits at UPC. Gerhard Feimer, head of personnel at UPC says: through our image video on karriere.at, we will achieve more attention for our vacancies. At the same time potential applicants in a very simple way there a glimpse behind the scenes at UPC.” The UPC-image video is here: company/2795/upc-austria on karriere.at with 450,000 monthly visitors, 5,000 jobs from Austria’s top companies and a pool of applicants with thousands of highly qualified candidates is the leading Austrian career portal karriere.at. In addition to a semantic job search with advanced matching capabilities, karriere.at offers the possibility to the entry of the personal career profile in the candidate database, as well as a wide range of information on the topics of career and vocational training candidates. Karriere.at offers organizations a steadily growing recruiting network for the optimal approach of the right candidates, such as MSN, Wirtschaftsblatt, format, etc. Currently, over 3 million potential candidates about the recruiting network be reached. about JobTV24 JobTV24 is a specialist for video-based communication in the Internet in the field of recruiting and employer branding. As the largest European video platform, the company’s professional video production, video distribution, as well as targeted placement of Recruitingvideos in up to 60 international career portals and places stock exchanges offers for job and career. More than 500 companies and organizations with around 1500 movies among the customers of JobTV24. JobTV24 is Gold winner in the best of corporate publishing award in the category of digital media-best use of video”and awarded with the German IPTV award. More info at: page / press contact i5comm for karriere.at Bernhard Lehner Spengergasse 37-39 1050 Vienna phone: + 43 664 439 86 09 E-Mail:


In essence, everybody love searches for. If he does not find it in himself, is always a risk of dependency. If we examine the dependencies, it is not enough to limit to drugs in the strict sense. Almost everything can be to the drug. Almost everyone will find something to what he may certainly call ‘Addiction’. There are many forms of dependencies.

The so-called drugs put dependency only reinforced in people’s attention. Where does addiction start? What search behind the truth? Not even the cigarettes, or the excessive amount of alcohol, work rage, to self-censoring of beauty craze of diet craze, etc. are the actual reasons why dependencies arise. These things and circumstances are only the external manifestations and serve as a means to an end. What is example of smokers? He finds freedom. In the freedom he would find love for themselves.

Since he can not live the freedom in its essence with ultimately, he fakes it unconsciously through the Smoke above. It is self-deception and possibly calm. If he then give up smoking, but to live without freedom, he goes into a different dependency in most cases. For example Esssuchte can arise, odd lists, new diseases such as asthma, Angina Pectoris etc. If a smoker dying of lung cancer, he actually dies on the cigarette itself? An important aspect of him gave up themselves, who could not live the freedom? Not already have the labels on cigarette packs a great deception? Would have to be something else on it? But once we take the institution concerned, the lungs, as the key. With our lungs, we breathe the air, the boundless. Freedom would be limitless. It would be the greatest love to allow yourself the freedom in life, in the expression, openness, clarity and truth. Who has found this and integrated into life, is no longer dependent on the cigarette. He will enjoy it may only still aware. And this can cause no more cancer. If a so-called alcoholics ‘dry’, has he then also integrated his real theme of self love and independence in life, or he is “only” dry, and threatens him with a different dependency? A holistic therapy enters into the essence of addiction and uncovers what really lacks the people in his soul. It condemns this nothing, especially not the people and the use of a “drug”. If a drug addict is stamped, how should he feel loved and develop self-love? Now, take a look around again, where and how people go everywhere in dependencies and feel what they are looking for all in truth. Looking for love, attention, recognition, self-worth, freedom…? And for this they live the various dependencies first until they realize what is at stake in them. Of course a person can totally drop and then no longer help themselves. He needs a strong, but very loving hand then. Ralph-Dietmar Stief, Holistic therapist

Active Holidays And Romantic Art Enjoyment In One

The painter way week of 01 to 08 August 2010 in the Saxon Switzerland take a fantastic rock scenery as a backdrop, stripe over his shoes, up grab a brush and canvas and let then gleefully inspired. Like the painter Caspar David Friedrich as Bernardo Bellotto made it 200 years ago probably – a trend that is popular to this day. “Under the motto active holidays and romantic art enjoyment in one” cordially invites therefore the Tourism Association Saxon Switzerland e.V.: painter way week “from 01 to 08 August 2010. The painter way week combines painting courses with guided hiking tours on the Malerweg in the Saxon Switzerland. Interested parties meet for”artists from the region who know the best places to paint and draw in the nature, Yvonne Bruckner, project manager enthuses holidays by the Tourism Association. What are the prospects preferred Caspar David Friedrich, Ernst Ferdinand Oehme and Carl Gustav Carus? Gave the painter himself what life? We answer these questions during the courses or the excursions with certified guides of the National Park at length”, as Bruckner. Package painter way week”is available for four or eight days in the Saxon Switzerland.

Guests themselves choose on which days they prefer brushes and paint, or the hiking boots. Also the choice of accommodation is flexible of rustic hiking pensions up to the five-star luxury hotel is everything. Time knowledge is not required. Yvonne Bruckner by the Tourist Office recommends however to bring a personal time standard time documents, depending on the desired E.g. watercolours or acrylic paint, brushes, and don’t forget good shoes for the 4-up 6 painter way tours. For Caspar David Friedrich, the art was once mediator between nature and man.

His creative power was in the observation of nature. Similarly, it is the artists of the region today. Can be – seen at work over the shoulder them on the occasion of the painter way day on August 8th – the highlight of the painter way week. Then present etc. Painters of the Art Association Saxon Switzerland e.V. passion image-rich in the Uttewalder reason, Schramm stones and many other locations along the route of the painter. Several times awarded it is one of the most beautiful and oldest hiking routes in Germany. With his name, the Malerweg pays homage to the artists who held the Saxon Switzerland, their grace and majestic broadcast on screens in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Lena In The Potato Hotel Luneburger Heide

Potato is name sponsor for a new hotel rooms in honor of Lena Lena Meyer-Landrut, the sympathetic well from Hanover, has managed BBs, literally everyone is talking about. Finally it did you, to win the Grand Prix for Germany after almost 30 years and not only that, with her natural nature has conquered the hearts of the people in the storm. The team from the 1st German potato-Hotel Luneburg Heath in the village of round Lubeln has to get infected by the general enthusiasm for Lena Meyer-Landrut. After all, the potato in the Hanoverian Wendland and thus close to Lena’s hometown of Hanover is located. “After now the first Rapture, searches and indeed we have the register of potato varieties: there, the potato variety called Lena”! Funny way the potato variety Lena has the same birth year as Lena Meyer-Landrut. It was approved in 1991. This however remains the only commonality, because this Lena is no lower Saxony product, but a Polish Potato variety.

The potato Lena”is a pale, floury variety of potato, which is especially suitable for French fries. It, is exactly like Lena Meyer-Landrut, also on everyone’s lips… To appreciate the musical prodigy Lena, potato hotel has decided now to honor to you baptize a new room on the name Lena, because in the potato-hotel, style, each room is named after a particular potato variety. At the time is worked in the nearby pottery at an appropriate door sign in the form of potato. And who knows, maybe Lena is looking even a peaceful part of the world Yes the whole hustle and bustle; then Lubeln in the Hanoverian Wendland is in the village of round always welcome and let’s see then maybe you will be in your”room stay? More info: lena potato /.