She is a woman of 40 years who was born and lives in Africa. Three young children seen as placing a pot with water with something on fire. And they continue looking like hypnotized. Soon the water vapor caracolea cheerful on the bowl. They are eight o’clock in the afternoon and the Sun is about to be.

Children watch the steam peering. Finally, defeat them the dream. The woman puts out the fire and tends with his sons. On the inside of the pot there is only water and stones. It is not literature. It is a real event that I read in some material from Intermon Oxfam: the appeal of a woman sub-Saharan so that their children fall asleep without anguish, despite not having nothing to dinner. The shame of hunger again plaguing the planet. Two World Food Summit (1996 and 2002) undertook to eradicate it as global objective of development and the Millennium Summit (2000) approved to reduce hunger by half by 2015.

But today there are more hungry people. According to figures from FAO, the UN agency to combat hunger, in 1990 there were 823 million hungry people and in 2007, 861. In addition to that failure that the increase in the price of food has caused a real crisis of hunger. In 2007, the price of food increased by 40%, denounces the FAO. The price of rice has exceeded the $1,000 per tonne (47% increase in a month). And wheat, corn and soybeans have doubled its price in a year. Price increases that affect Mexico, Indonesia and Yemen, which does not suffer food emergencies. In China, the price of food has risen by 21%. Nobody is protected from inflation contagion, proclaims the editorial of a newspaper, as if it were a viral epidemic. But hunger is not unpredictable catastrophe, misfortune or sent by the gods or cataclysm of the destination.