In essence, everybody love searches for. If he does not find it in himself, is always a risk of dependency. If we examine the dependencies, it is not enough to limit to drugs in the strict sense. Almost everything can be to the drug. Almost everyone will find something to what he may certainly call ‘Addiction’. There are many forms of dependencies.

The so-called drugs put dependency only reinforced in people’s attention. Where does addiction start? What search behind the truth? Not even the cigarettes, or the excessive amount of alcohol, work rage, to self-censoring of beauty craze of diet craze, etc. are the actual reasons why dependencies arise. These things and circumstances are only the external manifestations and serve as a means to an end. What is example of smokers? He finds freedom. In the freedom he would find love for themselves.

Since he can not live the freedom in its essence with ultimately, he fakes it unconsciously through the Smoke above. It is self-deception and possibly calm. If he then give up smoking, but to live without freedom, he goes into a different dependency in most cases. For example Esssuchte can arise, odd lists, new diseases such as asthma, Angina Pectoris etc. If a smoker dying of lung cancer, he actually dies on the cigarette itself? An important aspect of him gave up themselves, who could not live the freedom? Not already have the labels on cigarette packs a great deception? Would have to be something else on it? But once we take the institution concerned, the lungs, as the key. With our lungs, we breathe the air, the boundless. Freedom would be limitless. It would be the greatest love to allow yourself the freedom in life, in the expression, openness, clarity and truth. Who has found this and integrated into life, is no longer dependent on the cigarette. He will enjoy it may only still aware. And this can cause no more cancer. If a so-called alcoholics ‘dry’, has he then also integrated his real theme of self love and independence in life, or he is “only” dry, and threatens him with a different dependency? A holistic therapy enters into the essence of addiction and uncovers what really lacks the people in his soul. It condemns this nothing, especially not the people and the use of a “drug”. If a drug addict is stamped, how should he feel loved and develop self-love? Now, take a look around again, where and how people go everywhere in dependencies and feel what they are looking for all in truth. Looking for love, attention, recognition, self-worth, freedom…? And for this they live the various dependencies first until they realize what is at stake in them. Of course a person can totally drop and then no longer help themselves. He needs a strong, but very loving hand then. Ralph-Dietmar Stief, Holistic therapist