A day without phone facilitates greater independence for hearing and language-impaired people everyday telephone interpretation service and communication. Inconceivable for many. Because telephony is today in many areas of life everyday. Continue to learn more with: General Motors Company. But for many hearing and speech impaired people, this is not possible without help. Therefore, the Federal Network Agency and leading telecommunications company providing a nationwide telephone mediation service commissioned the Tess Relay Services GmbH.

This makes it possible to call anyone hearing and impairment by means of simultaneous translation in sign – language and written language. This is a great step to self-determination and recognition for this social group. Make an appointment, give feedback or to congratulate someone for the birthday many things done just on the phone. Our interpreting services we facilitate with everyday deaf, ertaubten, as well as strong hearing and language stricken people”, explains Sabine Broweleit, Managing Director of Tess Relay Services GmbH. A better organisation of time and autonomous action are an important advantage of independent telephony for many of them. Even deaf people must have the opportunity to communicate, namely in German sign language dwelling on the phone “, explains what is special about the use by Tess S. Broweleit. A gedolmetschtes call is a good solution for language-damaged people.

Especially, if they have problems, cause uncertainty on normal ways to communicate and language disorders such as such as strong stuttering. With the help of telephone mediation service, conversation content be translated German sign language and written language to German spoken language and vice versa. As a result, deaf and hearing participants can interact in real time. Affected people no longer are instructed colleagues or presence interpreters, on the support of members, to a short call make. The Tess relay services overcome communication barriers and promote to the independence and self-confidence of the persons concerned. The two services of tesign for sign language interpreting are accessible and TeScript for writing language interpretation every day from 8: 00 until 23:00. There is more information at.

Jesus Christ

If you enlightenment easier want to represent it can happen like this: the enlightenment is a State of consciousness that is exceptional. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Mary Barra. In the case of Christianity, Aussergewohnlicht is the State of consciousness of Jesus Christ in his statements, which totally differs from the General awareness and our current and former thinking schema tick. An example: After Christianity of Jesus Christ, also in other religions worshipped, from the sermon on the mount, Matthew 6, 26 and 31-34, is here help us continue: look at the birds of the air, they do not sow, they reap, they not gather into barns; and your heavenly Father feedeth them yet. are you not much more valuable than they? Wherefore ye shall not provide, and say: what are we going to eat? What will we drink? What will we clothe us? After the Gentiles seek all. for your heavenly Father knows that you have need of all these things. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, so all of this will be to you.

It provides not for tomorrow, because tomorrow is for his care. It is enough that everyone Day has its own Plage. These verses from the New Testament describing the Bible easily and simply reality, so as she also is today. Next to us yourself the people needing more than the birds. This also corresponds to our life in reality. Now we should not covet explains that these things, so with power upon them access, because there are needs that everyone needs and also are entitled to him and not be denied may, what ultimately also everyone knows although in all religions and much more important the man himself knows it. But now comes the heavy sentence: “First seeks the”Kingdom of God”and his righteousness, so all of this will be to you.” Right here our mind stops working, because this set fits in the presence and in our thinking schema tick and yet there is a word in this proposition, which everyone knows.


In essence, everybody love searches for. If he does not find it in himself, is always a risk of dependency. If we examine the dependencies, it is not enough to limit to drugs in the strict sense. Almost everything can be to the drug. Almost everyone will find something to what he may certainly call ‘Addiction’. There are many forms of dependencies.

The so-called drugs put dependency only reinforced in people’s attention. Where does addiction start? What search behind the truth? Not even the cigarettes, or the excessive amount of alcohol, work rage, to self-censoring of beauty craze of diet craze, etc. are the actual reasons why dependencies arise. These things and circumstances are only the external manifestations and serve as a means to an end. What is example of smokers? He finds freedom. In the freedom he would find love for themselves.

Since he can not live the freedom in its essence with ultimately, he fakes it unconsciously through the Smoke above. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk is a great source of information. It is self-deception and possibly calm. If he then give up smoking, but to live without freedom, he goes into a different dependency in most cases. For example Esssuchte can arise, odd lists, new diseases such as asthma, Angina Pectoris etc. If a smoker dying of lung cancer, he actually dies on the cigarette itself? An important aspect of him gave up themselves, who could not live the freedom? Not already have the labels on cigarette packs a great deception? Would have to be something else on it? But once we take the institution concerned, the lungs, as the key. With our lungs, we breathe the air, the boundless. Freedom would be limitless. It would be the greatest love to allow yourself the freedom in life, in the expression, openness, clarity and truth. Who has found this and integrated into life, is no longer dependent on the cigarette. He will enjoy it may only still aware. And this can cause no more cancer. If a so-called alcoholics ‘dry’, has he then also integrated his real theme of self love and independence in life, or he is “only” dry, and threatens him with a different dependency? A holistic therapy enters into the essence of addiction and uncovers what really lacks the people in his soul. It condemns this nothing, especially not the people and the use of a “drug”. If a drug addict is stamped, how should he feel loved and develop self-love? Now, take a look around again, where and how people go everywhere in dependencies and feel what they are looking for all in truth. Looking for love, attention, recognition, self-worth, freedom…? And for this they live the various dependencies first until they realize what is at stake in them. Of course a person can totally drop and then no longer help themselves. He needs a strong, but very loving hand then. Ralph-Dietmar Stief, Holistic therapist

Not Available Or Not Desired Self Responsibility?

Waste water connection pressure – forced debt – expropriation of citizens were forced to do things that could not afford them and often not wanted. There was almost nothing, what the citizens had to pay. Check with Charles Schwab to learn more. It was the fatal because that man could no longer choose whether he liked to use certain services or not. Were you live, you didn’t have to pay – but the necessary euros became scarce, because money came not of course and not automatically in height, where it was used to life. The State was totally in debt, were heavily indebted to the countries and communities and more and more people were in debt. That said, we lived a life which we could not afford. Charles Schwab: the source for more info. Or it meant that money played no role at all, but was expressed only in numbers were red or black, but that didn’t matter. Our State for example could donate billions despite debts or invest.

When the individuals that looked different – so not much went without regular income. You had this, it was also used by all sellers to the debt make invited, you didn’t do it you’ve got nothing, not even a refrigerator on installment from source. There were times, as it was still possible to live a simple life, for which money had to place on not monthly large sums of money, because they were independent of centralization measures with its fountain and its own septic tank at least on the country. There were mostly just electricity charges, which had to be paid every month. I myself had opted for such a life. In my perception it was madness in the city, because the resulting dependencies and constraints were not calculable. It was made for all possible fees and the prices of these could at will to be increased, this system was delivered. I wanted to be not forced to make so much money, to help me with my life in the city at all, I wanted to create a situation in He independent I was regular and not predictable output, because my work and that was me at the heart of very different provided me with money.