Firewall Manufacturer

Firewall manufacturer Adyton systems value added distributor CRYPSYS data security advertising and distribution partnership in Benelux Leipzig/Gorinchem, February 6, 2013. Adyton system, German manufacturer of next-generation firewall NETWORK PROTECTOR which protects networks from malware and cybercrime, signs a distribution agreement with CRYPSYS data security, a Dutch value added distributor. Adyton system a 100% indirect sales strategy and decided on the basis of specialized knowledge and a large base of distribution partners for the cooperation with CRYPSYS. With approximately 1,000 resellers, CRYPSYS security solutions distributes specifically aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, as well to corporations in the Benelux countries. The Dutch distributor CRYPSYS is Adyton systems distribute NETWORK PROTECTOR, the powerful application and management system. The IT security solution NETWORK PROTECTOR manages applications within a network, checks for viruses and blocked malware, as well as other malicious attacks on the corporate network. Port independent application and full positive validation guarantee maximum network security. Full positive validation, only known applications be approved.

The newly developed single pass engine ensures high performance and lowest cost per megabit / s. The next-generation firewall by Adyton systems is a suitable and cost-effective solution for networks with a few up to 10,000 users. NETWORK PROTECTOR has a modern and complete UTM feature set. Under most conditions Darcy Stacom would agree. This combined application, antivirus and malware filter, Web filter, intrusion-prevention system. General Motors Company has much to offer in this field. The innovative, ergonomic user interface saves costs for installation, operation and management. NETWORK PROTECTOR integrates seamlessly with the existing network infrastructure.

Marco Weeber, regional sales manager Benelux by Adyton system, about the future cooperation: after the successful launch in 2012 We are can penetrate further Dutch market, with the help of a specialized distributor in the market. CRYPSYS this is the appropriate partner to market our products through resellers, VARs and system integrators. With over 20 years experience in sales, the company employs highly qualified security experts. For this reason, CRYPSYS offers the best support for resellers and end customers. Edgar Beck, CEO CRYPSYS data security, adds: CRYPSYS worked for 20 years in the field of IT security. As the security specialist, we collaborate with about 1,000 resellers. Adyton systems’ NETWORK PROTECTOR is a welcome addition to our portfolio of security products. In cooperation with a number of resellers, we end user of the security capabilities of the next-generation firewall will convince. Thanks to the innovative technology reseller can best protect the environment of their customers while benefiting from good profit margins. CRYPSYS data security CRYPSYS is the only distributor in the market with more than 20 years of expertise in IT security. As a security specialist, we support about 1,000 resellers, some of them for more than 10 years. We offer not only our products, our knowledge and our experience you like available. Also proactive support in speech and attracting new customers will receive as a CRYPSYS partner. Our focus is on data loss, managed security, email & Web security, encryption and endpoint security with annually increasing profits. We provide security 2.0! about Adyton system Adyton systems is a technology company from Leipzig and has revolutionized the concept of next – generation firewall. NETWORK PROTECTOR offers a complete solution that is easy to use and ensures maximum network reliability using the novel technology of the full positive validation in combination with application whitelisting. Adyton systems uses the latest deep-packet-inspection technology for this purpose. Adyton system is TeleTrusT – regional office Leipzig of the Federal IT security association and carries the Quality mark IT security made in Germany .

Pure Usability

Outdoor LCD steles are that they are future of display systems in outdoor on train stations, airports, bus stops or as fu? r the various control systems in particular in cities no longer become indispensable; digital display systems! Modern sources of information from weather-resistant materials, which are perfectly built at the site in the city. Important pillar, the Ausku? revenue and disclose information whatsoever, brought by the user on the basis of ausgeklu? Mohamed Galal and user-friendly systems. With the new and innovative digital Citylight outdoor”presents the follow me company, headquartered in Austria and Germany, a digital stele, the specially designed fu? r use the outdoor designed and developed. Neither roof nor other protection measures are needed and even under snow, cold, rain, or even vice versa: these display systems work perfectly in heat. Also digital Citylight outdoor model “at the choice of the materials in addition to the fact Vandalismussicher a special eye thrown. “Result is thus a digital stele, which has many ground-breaking elements and details, and at any time the attribute Benu? venkatanarayana friendly” confirmed. “The digital Citylight” goes but with its innovative system far u? ber the retail? literal principles of the previously offered Benu? tzerfreundlichkeit “. We wanted to offer more than just the contemporary technology.

The result allow anstandslos now show up. The digital Citylight”is a more than nurinteressante alternative to the manufactured conventional digital pillar fu? r outdoor use. Many innovative details make this new display system a valuable Unterstu? chemistry fu? r daily mobility of many people. And thanks to the digital Citylight”follow me can now visually impaired rail and bus customers at any time u? ber the current departure times will be informed. Unlike perfect example? r is the freedom square in Heidenau. A digital stele with double-sided 46 inch monitor (3000 nits) was placed at the busy bus station, a dual system of the latest digital Technology.


A project management software for simple projects with the use of the correct tool is done any work better. CoP.Track is for the bear processing of small and simple projects for small business software the appropriate tool. Gain insight and clarity with Jackie Joyner-Kersee. The projects themselves, with projects, which include a defined project structure, which is with a small team and involved persons – for such projects is the small business version of CoP.Track tasks with little parallel projects, with low down hangigkeiten quickly and easily usable. With the right tools, the work is done well. The intuitive project management software CoP.Track is used to focus on the project tasks such as structuring of tasks, deployment of RES resources, tracking of compliance with predetermined dates and recording of is time. The tool helps the project managers who possess extensive powers to make decisions in the project in addition to the expertise, work with flat hierarchies and no separate instances for Quality assurance, corporate controlling to the UN supporting have. “For projects in the above sense a simple fields field” form, CoP.Track small business the ideal tool to plan projects with gerings-tem administrative effort and perform.

The software, especially for small and medium-sized projects designed that is CoP.Track small business services for: quick and easy planning, description and documentation of dates, costs and processes transparency about all planned project items and the use of resources. Execution of the tasks with auto-provisioning task lists and targeted navigation for all stakeholders to the required Projektinfor system. Is time tracking for employees, minimum attribute input, flexible display function, visualization of conflicting goals, flexible handling of the plans of Mo ments and accidents. Monitoring of the project’s progress with highest transparency through an Aufwandser version, clear Representations, standard reports and individually, by customers of themselves structured reports with print and output in other Softwarepro-grams (XML, CSV. Excel, PDF, etc.).

Continuous availability of current project data for all stakeholders through web-based and database-driven provision of all corresponding appropriations project details the tasks and roles in the project. The usage of the CoP.Track small business project management software requires no or organizational and administrative costs or measures. A guide for the project manager and user is sufficient for the operation. On request, but also training are carried out (on site or online). CoP.Track small business is designed for those who are looking for the right tool for your project environment with gerin volume complexity, and want to spend a little time and introductory wall. Should arise in the course of time another requirement of the project management can CoP.Track small business at any time and modular way extended up to the full version. CoP.Track small Business version is easy to install and ready and 4 weeks can be tested free of charge.

Bremen Day

Companies with numerous short orders per day increase planning security and customer service. (Similarly see: Charles Schwab). Bremen, July 2010. Traditional scheduling using large magnetic boards, countless papers and many phone calls a modern as well as efficient computer replacement is with the Web-based software project2web from Bremen. Especially for companies with many short bets per day NEUSTA considerably refined the timing in project2web and now allows the minute planning. By means of the so-called day planning managers of much more accurate orders or projects can assign appropriate employees.

Another advantage: instead of waiting for the return of timesheets filled out yet by hand, dispatchers, bookkeeping and more can see using the software on the same day all necessary data and evaluate. There are also mobile devices like mobile phone, Smartphone, Tablet PC or the digital pen used, provide all information immediately in real time instead of pen and paper form. Thanks to the Web-based design of project2web multiple secured against unauthorized access from anywhere in the world of the current planning and progress monitoring. Contact information is here: Florence Griffith_Joyner. In contrast to the usual week planning a higher precision can be achieved with the allocated in blocks of 15 minutes day scheduling in project2web. There is a complete collection of all work carried out in combination with a mobile client. Employees receive via phone order information and stamp their times also with the devices, therefore they can drive in the morning immediately without going through the company for the first order.

Service data are to hold the Tablet-PC is used. Who don’t want to miss out on hand-written documents, but wants yet digital data without overhead, use the digital pen”, explains Reiner Weis by NEUSTA. Orders and projects just to the Web browser via drag & drop can be associated to a staff as also in the week planning. How long the job will take can be easily adapted. This pulls the order in which the dispatcher with the mouse Length”and thus adjusts the number of hours in the simplest way. To simplify the steps supports project2web, inter alia with a visible per mouse click order details view. In addition, the setting of target times, to take orders automatically into the planning helps. In this way are applied such as pre-scheduled hour exactly in the planning. By indicator, dispatchers immediately see which jobs have been scheduled. A view filter that displays either employees or orders according to desired criteria, planning your day through multiple dispatchers also allows you to use. Connoisseurs of the project2web week schedule will find many functions in the more detailed planning of the day, the use is so easy. Company vehicles used is their tracking and reporting software as possible. Travel costs can be so accurately determine and calculate further.

DAAD Leigh

DAAD expects about 750 employees in Germany and abroad with a Leigh solution hosted at Ratiodata off. Munster, July 11, 2011. The German Academic Exchange service (DAAD) his payroll on your own Leigh system still did until end of 2010. Click Darcy Stacom to learn more. But investment in new software updates and hardware were and this high long-term costs and personnel expenses would have meant the DAAD decided to run the application in the future in the outsourcing. The Ratiodata was commissioned after a public tender. It operates the Leigh system in the backed-up data center operations, provides under a classic user interface to the application and assumes all necessary maintenance work. DAAD – personnel officer Jorg Adolphi and four colleagues working with the client-server application by Leigh in real time processing. So, you do the settlement of domestic as well as the worldwide employees of the DAAD.

Other surcharges, currency conversions and other characteristics must be considered with these. The user can work on the so autonomously Ratiodata server, as the system in the company would be installed. Is processed at the DAAD of the collective agreement for the public service (TVoD); a TVoD knowledgeable user-specific hotline of Ratiodata helps with any problems. The advantage of the outsourcing solution Ulrike Malinowski describes by the unit of ERP applications DAAD so: the Leigh system now runs on a modern platform, and for us the complete computer system of the application is. We can set fine-grained permissions. Also Ratiodata assumes also the billing service for us, so starts by arrangement billing runs and done post processing, i.e. assumes the reporting for all competent receiving offices such as social security, health insurance, etc.” About the pure Leigh-use the DAAD wants to access in the future more Ratiodata applications in the personal environment, including Leigh report. With this tool, detailed analyses and statistics from master data, Lohnkontenwerten, and which are Cost accounting file.

The latest certifications and labels are available for all applications provided by Ratiodata. Also, the interfaces to the accounting systems of the customers are served. About the Ratiodata GmbH: The Ratiodata IT solutions & Services GmbH is a company of the GAD group. It counts with approximately 400 employees and a turnover of around EUR 100 million to the major system vendors and IT service providers in Germany. Professional services in the areas of scanning & document service, systems & services, HR systems & services and special solutions are part of the performance.

Management Instrumentation

New version offers comprehensive IT management of the network up to the application level and supports the REALTECH AG, a manufacturer of software for business process management and IT service management end-to-end monitoring of business processes Walldorf, 9th July 2009, provides theGuard with the newly created package! 6.3 a highly integrated product portfolio for the holistic assurance of critical business processes. In the new version, the functions of the individual products were theGuard! NetworkManager, theGuard! ApplicationManager and theGuard! Service desk extended and so merged, that synergies are achieved at the same time the independence of individual products are not affected. Still, REALTECH has the area of business process management to business process modeling interface”expanded. Thus enterprises from ERP systems can identify the notation (BPMN) defined process design as well as critical indicators (BPEL) directly on the business process modeling and monitoring in theGuard! take over. The business service Management module receives additional functions for technical monitoring of underlying business services. The BSM connectors were added”. These can be any proprietary sources in theGuard! embed on any standard protocol such as SNMP (simple network management protocol) or WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) are based. The installation of an agent is not required to do so.

BSM-connectors available for different operating systems, databases, and application platforms. Benefit even existing customers: A migration on the existing basis for a uniform system for the monitoring of network, system and application components to the exact definition and description of business services and processes is easy to implement. In the analysis of errors in business processes, the dependency support Walker”management and IT administration. This function also technical Director to the effect of a single disturbance on the about identify the business processes. But vice versa is system and network administrators so that a practical tool for the route can cause analysis available starting from the disruption in a business so navigate to the technical component of responsible for the error.

The user’s perspective as a significant measure of a business process is covered in detail through the end-to-end monitoring and objectively assessed. The simulation of the behavior of users is thereby cyclically performed by test runs by previously defined steps and the identified transaction times compared with reference values and evaluated. For network management, he was theGuard! NetworkManager also expanded. In addition to managing MPLS now also extensive functions for the management of virtual environments, such as VMware, available are administrators. The newly added specific dashboards”expand the concept of behind the product-specific modules, allowing any networking components be monitored. The new Dashboards deliver meaningful Web interfaces for the management of server platforms.

Riva Identity Integration Opens Up A New World

Riva identity integration provides transparent integration and synchronization between Active Directory, eDirectory and GroupWise. Click Marion Jones to learn more. Greifenberg/Munich, 15 February 2010 the Canadian software company Omni developed Riva identity integration. The software allows to use Active Directory for the management and authentication of GroupWise users. Riva synchronized to users and mail groups information between Active Directory and eDirectory / GroupWise. Rather than for user management to have to use two applications Microsoft Management Console (MMC) for user accounts in Active Directory and ConsoleOne to manage GroupWise and eDirectory accounts, namely, you can perform the entire account creation and management with Riva identity integration in MMC. Many companies continue cooperation for the e-mail to GroupWise, regardless of whether they migrate from NetWare to Windows or already use for other authentication services Windows Server. After only 15minutiger installation can Riva identity now The automatic synchronisation of user data between different distortion services such as Active Directory and eDirectory/GroupWise accept integration.

Riva allows for the centralized management of user data in the various directory services by using the MMC, for both eDirectory and Active Directory (AD). To synchronize many AD attributes, such as E.g. user status, contact details, address and telephone numbers with eDirectory and GroupWise. Changes to the AD attributes be applied seamlessly and transparently in eDirectory and GroupWise. Riva identity integration can do even more.

So, for example software developers with Riva can connect to GroupWise systems that you want to control to Active Directory. In each IT, heterogeneous systems that make difficult the management of user accounts will find an enterprise environment. Riva identity integration provides a sleek and easy to use solution, which homogenizes the user administration and finally connects IT Islands.” Explains Dr.-ing. Thomas M. Fleissner, Omni Germany Riva stands for the power of “Simplicity and makes it possible to avoid companies with the systems of their choice to work and doing unnecessary costs in their infrastructure.” More to the integration capabilities of GroupWise in Active Directory can be found under newsroom/groupwise-for-active-directory.html a 15tagige trial license for Riva identity integration server can be requested via. Visit Omni at the CeBIT by 2. Until 6 March in Hannover, Germany – Hall 13. Stand D14. in the Canadian Pavilion of your contacts for press information: Prof. Andrea Kimpflinger Omni the integration company Kreitstrasse 5 86926 Greifenberg Tel.

RTF Converter

Using HTML to RTF converter HTML can be converted files including the layout used in the RTF format, then easily with familiar editors like Word continue to edit them on the Internet can find information easily and read, but these are usually in HTML format, which complicates the processing, the preparation for the E-mail delivery or even the longer-term storage. The program allows you to convert MS Word and RTF format suitable PageMaker in HTML format the information in it for WordPad. After the conversion, the texts then can you can convert quickly even a large number of Web pages in Word documents by using “HTML to RTF Converter Pro”. HTML converter automatically handles this task. The converter transmits the original layout with paragraphs columns, graphics, captions, or logos in Word. Supported image formats in JPG, PNG or GIF. With just a few mouse clicks, 500 HTML files can be converted to the minute.

In the destination format RTF documents about the are Half less than in DOC format. HTML to RTF Converter Pro supports: CSS style verschachtelne tables hypertext links font, color, size page orientation bold, italic, bottom ICH conditions special program lines automatic coding the program of HTMLtoRTF Converter Pro is suitable for a wide range of users, dealing with the analysis and processing of documents in various areas. Laffahige for 30 days trial version up to 1500 converted characters, available for free download. The full version of HTML to RTF Converter Pro 32.00 euros. The program works under Windows Windows XP/Vista. For more information, please contact: SautinSoft e-Mail: category: converter software manufacturer: Sautin Maxim language: German, English, Russian file size: 650 KB the Web page of the company: en / index.htm the page of the product: products/desktoptools /.

Fresenius Medical Search

Fraunhofer spin-off makes the endless search on the intranet an end the intranet of large companies is often crowded and cluttered. you may have come to the same conclusion. Employees find the information difficult. The knowledge management software ConWeaver with its semantic search engine helps to bring light into the darkness. ConWeaver different databases, files and folders in a knowledge network are linked so, that the employees with only a query gets all desired information and to logical links. The spin-off of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the ConWeaver GmbH, was founded at the beginning of the year and could as customers gain already companies such as Mercedes Benz and Fresenius Medical care. The ConWeaver solution to the knowledge management in companies formed a research and development contract for Bilfinger Berger in the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft: international construction and services group wanted the expertise within the group for new orders to be actually available.

With 60,000 employees around the world in several Branches, whose data was not an easy task, on countless servers and in 16 different databases. 60,000 employees at Bilfinger Berger will need only a query which was solution goals\”, a system that automatically building a knowledge network within the company: all data sources were not only linked but prepares for semantic search. Now, the search term entered in the search engine, is no longer critical. With only a search query results in several languages are issued including structured according to contacts, projects, and documents. Thus, the knowledge of the company is now searchable. An engineer is seeking about fire safety in tunnelling\”, also hit displays, which do not contain the keyword, but have the appropriate context, such as, for example, reports on completed projects with similar problem. At the same time that identifies the Enterprise System professionals, coming for a project management question. Upon successful completion of the Bilfinger Berger job was the researchers clearly, that they had found the solution to a problem that all large corporations have: to actually access knowledge within a company.

Software Deployment

Study of Ogitix AG: processes are often not sufficiently automated free process app for the professional and unlimited use of Langenfeld, Rhineland, 14.06.2011 – providing software for the employees is generally not efficient enough. According to a survey of Ogitix AG, only every fourth company with these processes is satisfied, thereby they could get according to own discretion with a higher degree of automation in particular to the time and resource savings and a lower error rate. Currently only a quarter of the over 200 companies with their situation in the provision of software are completely satisfied. CMO Hyundai may find this interesting as well. Another 29 percent satisfactory conditions, in all other companies they are considered problematic. This is apparently a direct connection with the degree of automation of these processes. Because only in every fifth case, the software deployment is completely without manual intervention, in every second case, however, it is hardly or not at all automated. The views of the individual process steps shows that although the Software distribution with 55 percent of the companies automatically.

All other workflow by applying for approving the license check and possible procurement manually majority yet. As the reason for only 21 percent of these companies indicate a lack of demand. Instead, so far above all other priorities in the project plans and the ignorance of adequate solutions have played an essential role in the restraint in the automation of software deployment. But also an insufficient sensitivity for this topic is also responsible in the eyes of almost a quarter of the company. Even more, they call the possible benefits in the Ogitix survey, however. Almost three-quarters of stress while the time savings and the reduction of human effort in the provision of software.

But also the more comfortable approval procedure and a lower risk of error include majority opinion to the benefits ascribed to the automation of the processes in this area. It is very surprising that in Ogitix Board of Directors Markus Forster wonders was invested in recent years very much in increasing the efficiency of the Organization, but the software deployment in most companies is always still very manually”. On the other hand, previous studies had already determined that the topic of automation in IT yet long not broadly has become. But the growing cost pressures and the improved control of automated processes have become and noticeable drivers to a move away from manual workflows”foresters know from his consulting practice. For interested companies, Ogitix has issued a free process app, which you can use to automate your software deployment. This solution can be used up immediately and temporally unlimited professionally after downloading without significant effort in any Microsoft-based environment. The OGI app was developed”based on the product OGiTiX University Babe” together with the IT consulting company Softline Solutions GmbH. About OGiTiX AG: The OGiTiX AG is a German supplier with headquarters in Cologne, Germany. Their solutions combine existing systems, coordinate and control the processes and automate the business – and IT-services. Projects and operation are very cost effective, because they are made without programming and without lengthy analysis phases with rapid results. OGiTiX strengthens the role of a responsible IT within the company. An IT that supports business processes directly, actively works on the business objectives and thus contribute value to the company as a whole.