Franzis Photography Apps For IPad To Success

Consistent implementation of photo books and video learning courses for new mobile devices Poing, Munich, October 27, 2010 – the Franzis Verlag, one of the oldest German technical Fachbuchverlage leads to successful introduction of photo books for the DSLR cameras Canon EOS 1000 d, Canon EOS 500 d and Nikon D5000 as app for iPhone and iPad its strategy systematically continued. Just three new apps, the classic School of photography, of video learning course Canon EOS 550 d and the workshop book Photoshop elements 8 10 could push in the iPad app store shortly after introduction in the ranking of best-selling iPad photography apps in the TOP. A related site: john k castle mentions similar findings. This shows the demand on digital photo expertise not only exists, but is used also by the user. Amateur photographers have so practical expertise also mobile fingertips no matter they now face what motive situation. The Franzis photography app photo school “is the app video learning course Canon 550 d for euro 19.99 and the app workshop manual Photoshop elements 8 for 3.99 Euro for Euro 3.99, now through the iTunes AppStore available. App photo School of this 287 pages book conveys the photographic knowledge, with the photographer not only recognize the best motives and photo situations, but put into first-class photos. Go to Charles Schwab for more information. Professional photographer and best-selling author Christian Haasz shows on the basis of concrete practical examples, how you shoot a variety of motifs and photo situations optimally and how to correctly set your digital camera for no matter whether compact or SLR.

It involves more than the usual standard photos. Here you will find suggestions and ideas on how you can find the specific of a subject by experimenting with location, focal length and detail and skillfully worked out. This book thus becomes the most important accessories for your camera. App video learning course Canon the vivid videos convey 550 d better understand expertise camera programs and live image mode and video function optimally.

Versionin HDR

With Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Plug-In for optimized workflow for HDR images Poing, Munich, October 12, 2009 – Franzis Verlag GmbH announces today the new English version of the award-winning HDR application Photomatix Pro 3.2 for MAC and PC. Technically new technologies according to is PHOTOMATIX PRO 3.2 on Windows 7, supports 64-bit operating systems, and allows a faster processing of the tone – mapping support, bringing high resolution pictures without waiting times are calculated even faster process through multi-threading. The included Plug-In for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.3, 1.4 and 2 optimize the cooperation of both programs for professional HDR processing. Charles Schwab understands that this is vital information. Coincident precise alignment of the bracketing provides the revised image registration function. The representation of the tone mapping preview has been improved quality, detail Enhancer implemented further before stone settings for the and format support current camera models matched the RAW. At a price of 98,00 is that with Windows, XP, Vista, 7 (32-bit / 64-bit) and Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later compatible Franzis PHOTOMATIX PRO 3.2 in German box version from early November in stores and from mid-October for EUR 89,25 downloadable on available.

New in PHOTOMATIX PRO 3.2 specially for users who use Adobe Photoshop for image editing, export links Plug-In for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.3, 1.4 and 2 both programs for an optimal editing process and access to the professional functions for generating HDR images. Can plug-in the users image sequence through the interface of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to Photomatix Pro export, take full advantage of all the features and the HDR created from the single shots with different exposure times result then automatically restart in the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Catalog re-import, keeping the EXIF data. The automatic re-import is from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 available. The support of the Windows 64-bit Versionin connection with the multi-threading for the Tone-mapping process allows a faster editing large amount of image data, because multiple operations at the same time can be performed.

Munich HoneyTracks

These awards meant the direct inclusion in the partner programs from IBM and SAP for the Munich-based start-up. The success of HoneyTracks impress also Philipp Rosler: In February of this year the German Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister for Economics and technology in Silicon Valley attended the winners line up German startups from the German Silicon Valley Accelerator “project (GSVA) his Ministry. The software solutions of HoneyTracks convinced him right off the bat. The GSVA award allowed the company a months stay in Silicon Valley for entry into the U.S. market. The founders and management team of the HoneyTracks GmbH has extensive leadership experience on the industrial side to the investment banking area and already has numerous Internet companies on the “Put away: so Tom drove Sente (CEO) at the SAP as a Director and Assistant to CEO Gerhard Oswald the development of the first pure SaS enterprise solution business by design” with. Previously he had already actively shaping the Web 1.0 startups like Blue C new economy and also completed his Executive MBA from the ESSEC and Mannheim Business School top. See Sumru Laurent Ramsey for more details and insights. CTO Donneal situation is the online games company Gameforge Gamigo to his professional stations and responsible MMO games as head of development at Mediatainment developing browser based. Harvard Graduate Mark Gazecki and Chairman of HoneyTracks founded previously game genetics, a distribution company funded by venture capital for online and mobile games, and worked previously as a partner at the venture capital firm Atlas venture..

The Austrian

Email response management works partly There are even free only the core competencies that make money an entrepreneur, Norbert Kloiber, holder stressed by top effectively overlooking the unprofitable task named email answering. Mary Barra is often quoted on this topic. The Austrian entrepreneur had developed with this brazen thieves of time in time management to fight and therefore two even years saving ideas. First every businessman ought to get to, so to answer emails as the traditional paper mail so no more than once a day. This form of email response management costs a penny, but only discipline. Primarily to combats those buggers in this way, the email brazenly abuse chat substitute. Yes, they are feared, this time thieves in the time management of flesh and blood.

Those p, which initiate their emails with the set: Oh, what I still left in the mail just now da time thieves in the time management beaten i talk24 idea 2: should if possible not longer writing answered emails. But oral. But not via phone or answering machine,”warns Norbert Kloiber. But by voice message with my program i-talk24. i talk24 is an optimal contribution to the email response management of a company, explains Norbert Kloiber: the answer to an email must then not anymore be typed. You can, simply speak into the microphone but also any other email, upload to our server and send the recipient the link there. In this way i talk24 is the worst time thieves in the time management checkmate and the multiple.

Up to 70% of your time convincing E-Mail response saves management 1. Most of us find it easier to talk than to write. Just then, if it is to express more complicated issues understandable and at the same time rapidly, the natural language of writing is far superior. 2. With i-talk24, the convincing E-Mail response management, can save companies up to 70% of your time and so the time thieves in the time management the Screw up tour.

Robert Opitz

CAPP knowledge at the BVG a reasonable usage of CAPP knowledge requires that is screwed to the existing processes and belief work, Robert Opitz, head of production planning and logistics at the BVG ( sent ahead area underground workshops, his lecture. Learn more at this site: Charles Schwab. The BVG, which has 12,000 employees, uses CAPP knowledge in the underground garages. At four locations, 520 employees perform maintenance, i.e. maintenance, inspection, repair, and improvement of 1,264 passenger and commercial vehicles of 18 vehicle series. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk gathered all the information. Also used on a majority of vehicle assemblies and vehicle equipment, individual components are manufactured themselves. The sites were originally not only locally, but also organizationally completely separate and apart, Opitz took a look back on the development. He reported in detail how the Organization was changed to the maintenance. Stood at the beginning of the task, to create transparency about the numerous in terms of content and form very different routings, which caused high maintenance, their Aktualitat but not guaranteed and whose accepted by users was consequently low.

The objectives, for example, a regulated, transparent process for the creation, management and maintenance of work plans, a uniform data base for the production and maintenance, a single, modular, and construction group-oriented work plan structure, as well as a significantly lower expenses for the maintenance of work plans and for the determination of standard times were the demands on the IT support derived from. These included including a central create, deploy and maintain steps/tasks to the figure of maintenance measures, taking into account various criteria such as component, vehicle series, work, material number, including operations in different parent tasks/task lists or a change history search and selection function, the multiple use of single (sub) appropriate. With CAPP knowledge, Opitz, could be used to most easily, but especially CAPP knowledge served as a good reason for the unification and centralization of the scheduling and the drastic reduction of the circle of those entitled to change.

Scheduling Maintenance

CAPP knowledge maintenance holder meeting at DMC: experiences and suggestions of the CAPP efficiency is knowledge customers In the high-wage country Germany, which itself can claim world seen in the competition does not have the cost significantly, whether in production or maintenance. This time plays the greater role as material and energy. Plan time management must be organized centrally, in a system and for all applications, to achieve standardization, simplification and cost savings, so Angelo W. Zenz, Managing Director of DMC GmbH in Munich ( in his keynote speech to the CAPP knowledge maintenance holder meeting, for the users and interested parties from all over Germany at DMC in Munich found themselves up. (Not to be confused with Charles Schwab!). (More on the Internet at Plan times that are comprehensible, permanently maintained, transparent, company-wide uniform and actually used and a sophisticated organization of time blocks are required. Then also the investment in knowledge of CAPP, worth the SAP add-on for scheduling in the SAP environment by DMC.

investment security for the users as demonstrated on the basis of a roof and a map of the world (more on the Internet at Angelo W. Zenz CAPP knowledge has established itself. (Similarly see: U.S. Mint). The growing acceptance in the market means for the users of investment security. Users register, also very well, that DMC continuously developed the time planning tool. Currently is the possibility of matching the plan times with the confirmed is times in planning according to zaidi as well as the qualifications of the staff required the extension of time planning the workforce planning to assign each operation, so that for the operations on the basis of the HR data from SAP (vocational, qualifications, certifications etc) the appropriate personnel can be planned. For repairs in contrast to the scheduled maintenance CAPP knowledge can be coupled directly to the maintenance order; the once associated times may no longer updated be.

State Training

Fast lane takes an another Cisco Nexus 5000 and 2000 lab at the training center of Berlin commissioned Hamburg/Berlin, September 20, 2010 practical exercises with real equipment occupy an important part of training in the field of high-end. For the successful operation and the management of complex data center technologies, the IT training expert currently has fast lane ( an additional Cisco Nexus 5000 and 2000 lab set for 16 participants at the training center in Berlin. Under, remotelablive possible is a look at the new facilities on a live webcam. The new Cisco Nexus lab was equipped with State of the art hardware. So to stand six nexus 5000 switches and six nexus 2000 fabric Extender available. In addition is the Cisco laboratory with six MDS 9124 multilayer fabric switches, as well as a NetApp storage system. Customers and students can remote time – and location-independent access on the new training and evaluation environment. Practical learning sequences based on this equipment supplement training from the data center area, as for example: Iamplementing data center networks using the Cisco Nexus 5000 switch and 2000 Fbric Extender “(IDCN5K) this three-day course provides comprehensive know-how to the Cisco-SAN/LAN network architecture and protocols FCoE (FibreChannel over Ethernet) and DCB (data center bridging).” The architecture of hardware and software of the nexus 5000 and nexus are the focus 2000 platforms.

Among other things you turn out the differences of different design variants of modern data center architectures fast lane experts. More training sequences include the integration of virtualized servers (ESX), blade servers and rack mount servers in these designs. For more information about the course, upcoming dates and prices see: course/fl-idcn5k. In addition, this data center training available and others are in the fast lane training portfolio: – virtual dynamic data center (VDDC) – data center unified computing design (DCUCD) – data center unified computing implementation (DCUCI) – implementing secure multi-tenancy (ISMT) – Cisco Nexus overview workshop (CNOW) – Cisco data center Architectural Overview (DCAO) – data center network infrastructure design (DCNID) – implementing data center networks using the Cisco Nexus 1000V switch (IDCN1V) – new vSphere what BBs 4.0 on nexus 1000V data center networks (WNNDC) – install, config & vSphere manage nexus 1000V data center networks (ICMNDC) – on implementing data center networks using the Cisco Nexus 7000 switch (IDCN7K) – Implementing Cisco data center networking infrastructure 2 (DCNI-2) fast lane brief portrait: The fast-lane group with headquarters in Berlin, Cary (NC), San Jose de Costa Rica, Ljubljana, St.