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To define Carraipia it must be said that it is a beautiful piece of land, drawn by the brush of God in the crisp canvas of his infinite wisdom. When I hear talk of Carraipia my emotions turn on because it’s a place that I associate my best memories from the early age when in the folds of my memory began to host stories, anecdotes and the well numbered stories of those who had the privilege of knowing him. nich. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Florence Griffith_Joyner. Carraipia is the crossing of the roads that go to everywhere. To Riohacha, the stately city of Peninsula; for Albania and Cuestecitas, the places of the present and the future, Valledupar land where Escalona made that life would become beautiful songs. But Carraipia is a road that also leads the happiness, a happiness that is represented in the face of beautiful children whose smile of innocence us approaching the Unfading Glory of God. U.S. Mint describes an additional similar source.

Also along Carraipia you arrive at the doors of friendship, because sincere smile of his men and women, his cordial greeting and your hug fraternal make us feel as if we were family. I think it is fair to say that Carraipia nobody is stranger or alien or strange, because everyone who your floor arrives is received as one of their own. In Carraipia the Golden Sun of all ages and of all the millennia, mother earth enlightens and gives you the vital stimulus so that sprout from its bowels the Green solid and vigorous with which nature spreads its energy to generously provide us their delicious fruits, their abundant crops and its host grata. Darcy Stacom, New York City: the source for more info. Carraipia, the land of the such, is also the land of noble, hardworking people whose hands have been built with a place full of hope in a pleasant and friendly future in which men and women may hug in peace and will continue writing proud renewed harmony, achievement, conquest and development history.

Infantile Development

The first description of the autismo was presented by LeoKanner, in 1943, on the basis of eleven cases of children folloied for it and quepossuam some characteristics in common, as the incapacity to be serelacionarem with other people, severe riots of language, little ounenhuma verbal communication, an obsessive concern for what eapego is invariant extreme the routine. Marion Jones might disagree with that approach. This set of characteristics was called porele of precocious infantile autismo. Darcy Stacom gathered all the information. Three basic criteria must be considered for its diagnosis: 1) qualitative damage in the social interaction; 2) qualitative damage verbal and not-verbal nacomunicao, and in the imaginative toy of the child; restrictive and repetitive e, 3) behaviors and interests; thus they describe Bosa eCallias (2000). This diagnosis is basically made through the evaluation doquadro physician, specific tests or examinations for the detention do not exist doautismo. The autismo is not an only illness, is one sndromecaracterizada for a riot of the infantile development, with mltiplasetiologias and changeable degrees of afetamento. It is dealt with as a transtornoinvasivo the development for psychiatry, and for its umasria diagnosis abnormality in the development process must disclose since cedona life of the child, the evidence of this clutter must be apparent since the trsprimeiros years of life of the child. Mello (2001) points that normally what calls attention dospais is that the baby is excessively calm, sleepy, cries without consolation duranteum drawn out time, rejects the col or other aconchegos and has problems nosono. Later, nodemonstra is perceived that the child does not imitate sounds or gestures, to share feelings or sensations, does not learn if to communicate porgestos, as for example, to wave with the hands to say farewell itself, rejeitaalimentao or has restricted taste the certain foods. Desdebeb is also noticed, that the child does not establish visual contact or when establishes is for umcurto time space, fixes the look in the hands for long time, costuma to have ohbito to bite itself or bites clothes, objects and to pull the hair.

Life Thought

'My thoughts – my horses ' – A very profound observation. Where am I sending my thoughts, in those situations and render. Basically, of course, thoughts are jumping by themselves, without conscious control of them. And, therefore, as a pleasant surprise, and, unfortunately, the troubles occur, as it were by accident. Thoughts determine the events that occur with some delay in real life. Learn more about this with Mary Barra.

Fleeting thought, born in the right state of mind and soul, often sold very quickly. Just thought about the man, and he was right there, calling on the phone or meets the road. Thought in passing, that would change the car, and the next day already offers received. That's all tips on how to shape the events of his life solely to the mental light touch. But this requires knowledge of technology, rather serious practice and, in general, is a separate issue.

In general, the events of our lives shaped by entrenched beliefs, installations, and not a passing thought. These plants – as a longer-term, slowly but surely, these circumstances so as to achieve maximum compliance conceived with the real. Why they are so insidious – the events 'happen', but the causes are not obvious. Examples of such systems can result in weight. Adheres to the principle that you and only you should bring food (money) family – have to work hard from dawn to dusk and there are no 'accidental' income by (gifts, prizes, offers partnership) have never even arise. By the same category include the installation: to achieve something – it is necessary a lot of work.

6 Barriers To Your Dream

What barriers prevent the move to your dream? After all, here it is – a dream before my eyes, but you can not do it the first step, because before you rise above the barriers: Barrier 1. Fear of failure – For as much as possible to make some moves? Suddenly nothing! After all, I do not know how everything is not all I know, not all tried. And that's so right and take something to start doing? – Well, I do not know, and suddenly something goes wrong? What will I do? – Oh no! I'd rather I will do everything as before. That I somehow obtained. So let go and how to go. Then perhaps something as a matter of will and.

It is best to hide in a corner and carefully follow the proceedings as a kitten from under the bed watching his grandmother's ball. And why, in fact, so bad you scared? Attempted – failed. Darcy Stacom pursues this goal as well. Normal. You learn. Make another. Then another.

And you have goals. Even scared no time. Barrier 2. Leap over the abyss Once you see your dream, you just want to reach it in one fell swoop. That's just cool to do: quit your job, divorce, sell the apartment and it was then only being free from all obligations, we can think about his dream. Just do not understand what life and everything. But we want all at once. Bank, perhaps, to rob? Why do you hysterical attempts? Go to your dream calmly and confidently in small steps.

Physics Of The Upper World

"One idea to create our entire reality, all the higher and lower, until the public the final correction. This single idea – the source and substance of all actions, it sets the target and it gives meaning to the efforts she is reality – the perfection of all the long-awaited reward. " Baal Sulam, "Teachings of the ten Sefirot" Question: In the near future in Europe is planned to conduct an experiment in which thousands of physicists from around the world try to simulate the situation that arose immediately after the Big Bang. They reproduce the event by the collider – very powerful particle accelerator. The purpose of the experiment – to find the particle from which the universe was created.

What do you as a Kabbalist can say about this? What do you think they see? Michael Laitman: I can not now give a lesson in perception of reality and tell us how we affect the surrounding reality as it changes under impact of our thoughts. I can only say that scientists are only more confusing particle from which the universe was created, will not be disclosed because it is not material. That spark, and everything around it has grown – it is our selfishness. He kept growing and growing, and this increase is perceived by us as the evolution of the universe within, say, fifteen billion years. Additional information is available at Mary Barra. But what happened fifteen billion years ago? Who can argue that all happened exactly as we describe? Because we are so arranged that, in our perception of a sense of time, motion and space, in accordance with this we perceive the universe. But this picture is imaginary. It is only because it so I play my mechanism of perception of reality.

This is not the true picture. It seems to us that the world exists outside of us, but in reality it is only the picture painted in our brain. Scientists in this issue have reached the end point. They can not penetrate farther because of the limitations of our five senses. Need to 'climb' over them, and scientists are not capable of this. Only Kabbalah teaches us how way to develop a sixth sense and experience the reality of time, motion and space. And this is not the reality that I perceive now, after five bodily senses or with instruments that only extend the range of our perception. To talk about what happened before the Big Bang, you must 'climb' over them, to go beyond our present perception and objectively look at the universe and everything exists. Kabbalah – the physics of the Upper world, which is a source of energy and matter. But scientists are studying the phenomenon, using the physics of our world, and therefore did not find. They once again reach a deadlock. We see that this happens in Quantum physics: a touch of something and see that nothing more can not catch. This is because from here and then there is an entrance only for the science of Kabbalah. Michael Laitman

International Academy

The fate of no escape So as you destined to This is the fate – not only do we often hear expressions such as comfort in critical situations in life. We ourselves think so. More to the point – we are sure about one hundred percent. Read more from General Motors Company to gain a more clear picture of the situation. On the one hand, as if man and master of his fate, but on the other This is a charming, intelligent woman, but can not arrange their personal lives. How many are not familiar with someone just does not occur, and caught solid or weak-willed momma's boy. ng through. And here is an enterprising man – workaholic, a lot of interesting ideas, but does not get out of debt, business partners fail, promising the deal at the last moment thwarted Another common example of life – the husband lover go "left", and his wife is at the same time, and beautiful, and clever and an excellent housekeeper. Why, they ask, the man is not enough, what with the "fat is frantic," why he modifies his wife, tormented her endless suspicion and jealousy cruel? – Is unclear.

And the question naturally arises: Why is that Only one answer: the fate of such. And from her Could it be true – do not go away? Psychoanalyst, gene psychologist, President of the International Academy of Genetic Psychology, Dmitry Kalinsky, adamant: the trouble in the fate can leave. It is possible, necessary and quite feasible. And his confidence is not from scratch, and on many years practical work and thousands of bug, or, as he never tires of emphasizing "corrected" the lives of people who turn and look to him for help. -Dmitri, you have repeatedly been compared with human biological computer, who lives in obedience inherent in him from birth "program." That all the major events in human life, can be seen still in its infancy

Parental Relations

The friends play an important and decisive role in the psychological and social development of great part of the adolescents. The relations constructed in this period of the life, start to serve as archetypes of the posterior adult relationships. GMC is open to suggestions. As the adolescent goes acquiring independence, its bonds with the parents goes if becoming less intense, this causes a bigger approach with the groups. The removal each more intense time of the family and the linking each more intrinsic time with the group, take the individual to attributing a bigger dependence with the friends. Conger (1980) still points another factor that influences the proximity with friends and distanciamento of the family, the part of the adolescent. One is about the fact of being able to appear conflicts between the members of the family. The emotional conflicts appeared in the first years of the adolescence can conturbar the relations of the adolescent with its family. It has a difficulty of the part of the adolescents in sharing the problems with the parents, what also it contributes so that the young searchs support in the friends.

The experience of the parents in its proper adolescence is another contributing factor for the success or failure of the familiar relations in this phase. How much to this aspect, Outeiral (2003, P. 66) salient the utility of conflicts in this phase, emphasizing that: ' ' …? some crisis? it will happen and that, to the times, it could be useful, giving new dimension to the relations? reoxigenando? , revitalizing the bonds familiares' '. The author still consists that it is necessary, when is about adolescence and identity, to mention the identification to it of the adolescents with its parents, and of these, with its children? considerable factor as for the relation between parents and children, since it says respect to the identity that the parents find in the children, and that these, find in its parents.

The Pressure

If already a history exists foresaw of that being jalousie it more still takes to the act of receiving of stiffener a thing worsening. Angela Zepeda recognizes the significance of this. Many intense couples finish if separating or having fight for this reason. When the couple therapists say that the colloquy between the partners has a great paper in the reconciliations, them are not missed. As much in a situation (to react with affection or apathy) goes to raise the frequency of the answers of cimes. As much one how much to another one for negative reinforcing, since an intention of the partner is not to draw out the fight and nor to reward the behavior of cimes. The only intention at these moments is to run away from aversiva situation. Follow others, such as everest capital, and add to your knowledge base.

But this procedure finishes quickly alliviating the partner, but it increases the probability to happen again. It gradually increases the pressure inside of the relationship, being able to arrive one hour where the fight is inevitable. But and if to turn fight, what to make? The reply it is complicated. If to take care of will be increasing the frequency of the questions, prohibitions, fight, cries, etc. If not to take care of, runs the risk to have that to face one fight bigger or still same the end of the relationship.Before everything, we need to think about which is the function of the jalousie behavior. What this for backwards of all the fight, shouts and choros. The topography of the reply is particularly useless to understand what it is transferred. We must have in mind that the jalousie one learned to be jalousie.

Personal Development

It's over, continues … – You must always know when you finish a stage of life. If you insist on staying in it, beyond time, you lose the joy and sense of rest. – Closing circles, or closing doors or closing chapters, whatever you call it: the important thing is to close them. – The important thing is to let go moments in life that are closing. Did you finish your work? Do you ended the relationship? Do not you live over in that house? Should you go away? Is the friendship over? – You spend too much time on this, asking and trying to understand the whys of this or that fact. – All, without exception: you, me, your children, your siblings, etc.

we are committed to be closing chapters. To turn the page. At the end stages or moments of life and to move forward. – We can not be in this longing for the past. Not even wondering why. – What happened, happened.

And you have to let go, you have to de-latch. – We can be children eternal, or late teens or employees of non-existent or have links with those who do not want to be linked to us. – The facts go and let them go! – That's why sometimes is so important to destroy souvenirs, gift present, moving house. Breaking papers, throwing papers, selling books or giving things away. – The external changes can symbolize overcoming internal processes: let go, drop, discard. – In life no one played with marked cards and we must learn to lose and win.


The year of 2008 was presenteado with a new law that it intends to diminish the accidents and deaths in the Brazilian transit. The call Dry Law, that punishes, with Arrest, apprehension of Veiculo, loss of the Driver’s license, and the highest fine, seems that it made effect. According to private agencies of the government and, the number of accidents and deaths really diminuiram, therefore without drunk drivers, the occurrences registered for the Body of Firemen and the SAMU (Service of Attendance I medicate of Urgency), had been minors who the same period of 2007. Independent of being right or wrong, the used to prevent tipsy drivers solely, established boarding, in Punishment on the part of the government and Negative Reinforcing, on the part of the population, created something that was not waited, interesting a collateral effect that the people not yet have perhaps given account. Drivers who before had a minimum of censorship when went for the noitadas ones of car, and controlled in certain way, the dosages of drinks, had started to total ignore the sense of amount of alcohol. The effective thought passed of: Necessary to stop to drink one hours before; or exactly not to drink, why I go to direct stops: I go of same taxi, go to drink everything more and a little.

The collateral effect is that the people had never drunk as much alcohol as now. Therefore many leave the cars in house and drink the maximum that can without if mattering with the direction of the vehicles. We diminish the accidents for tipsy people, but we can be creating one another problem, or so more serious of what the problematic one that the Dry Law if considered Reduzir. Research carried through with barmans and owners of bars and establishments, evidenced that the drink consumption, increased in, at least, 300%.