The Pressure

If already a history exists foresaw of that being jalousie it more still takes to the act of receiving of stiffener a thing worsening. Angela Zepeda recognizes the significance of this. Many intense couples finish if separating or having fight for this reason. When the couple therapists say that the colloquy between the partners has a great paper in the reconciliations, them are not missed. As much in a situation (to react with affection or apathy) goes to raise the frequency of the answers of cimes. As much one how much to another one for negative reinforcing, since an intention of the partner is not to draw out the fight and nor to reward the behavior of cimes. The only intention at these moments is to run away from aversiva situation. Follow others, such as everest capital, and add to your knowledge base.

But this procedure finishes quickly alliviating the partner, but it increases the probability to happen again. It gradually increases the pressure inside of the relationship, being able to arrive one hour where the fight is inevitable. But and if to turn fight, what to make? The reply it is complicated. If to take care of will be increasing the frequency of the questions, prohibitions, fight, cries, etc. If not to take care of, runs the risk to have that to face one fight bigger or still same the end of the relationship.Before everything, we need to think about which is the function of the jalousie behavior. What this for backwards of all the fight, shouts and choros. The topography of the reply is particularly useless to understand what it is transferred. We must have in mind that the jalousie one learned to be jalousie.

Personal Development

It's over, continues … – You must always know when you finish a stage of life. If you insist on staying in it, beyond time, you lose the joy and sense of rest. – Closing circles, or closing doors or closing chapters, whatever you call it: the important thing is to close them. – The important thing is to let go moments in life that are closing. Did you finish your work? Do you ended the relationship? Do not you live over in that house? Should you go away? Is the friendship over? – You spend too much time on this, asking and trying to understand the whys of this or that fact. – All, without exception: you, me, your children, your siblings, etc.

we are committed to be closing chapters. To turn the page. At the end stages or moments of life and to move forward. – We can not be in this longing for the past. Not even wondering why. – What happened, happened.

And you have to let go, you have to de-latch. – We can be children eternal, or late teens or employees of non-existent or have links with those who do not want to be linked to us. – The facts go and let them go! – That's why sometimes is so important to destroy souvenirs, gift present, moving house. Breaking papers, throwing papers, selling books or giving things away. – The external changes can symbolize overcoming internal processes: let go, drop, discard. – In life no one played with marked cards and we must learn to lose and win.


The year of 2008 was presenteado with a new law that it intends to diminish the accidents and deaths in the Brazilian transit. The call Dry Law, that punishes, with Arrest, apprehension of Veiculo, loss of the Driver’s license, and the highest fine, seems that it made effect. According to private agencies of the government and, the number of accidents and deaths really diminuiram, therefore without drunk drivers, the occurrences registered for the Body of Firemen and the SAMU (Service of Attendance I medicate of Urgency), had been minors who the same period of 2007. Independent of being right or wrong, the used to prevent tipsy drivers solely, established boarding, in Punishment on the part of the government and Negative Reinforcing, on the part of the population, created something that was not waited, interesting a collateral effect that the people not yet have perhaps given account. Drivers who before had a minimum of censorship when went for the noitadas ones of car, and controlled in certain way, the dosages of drinks, had started to total ignore the sense of amount of alcohol. The effective thought passed of: Necessary to stop to drink one hours before; or exactly not to drink, why I go to direct stops: I go of same taxi, go to drink everything more and a little.

The collateral effect is that the people had never drunk as much alcohol as now. Therefore many leave the cars in house and drink the maximum that can without if mattering with the direction of the vehicles. We diminish the accidents for tipsy people, but we can be creating one another problem, or so more serious of what the problematic one that the Dry Law if considered Reduzir. Research carried through with barmans and owners of bars and establishments, evidenced that the drink consumption, increased in, at least, 300%.