Noriega People

Some time ago while conducting statistical surveys for a national firm I noticed that there was an indefinite number of people who had a behavior from the truth, and although at first sight is perhaps imperceptible, the truth is that there is real, exists. Being invisible is socially accepted as normal, but when we dig and delve with the reality facing him face to face. This is a problem experienced only by human beings, the rest of the animal world is immune to this situation. By now you may be wondering what is this case, although the theme given for a book on this occasion I will treat briefly. As I do not like direct conceptualizations for the reason that after one makes a concept has to immediately start to argue to try to explain it and if the concept itself is hard to take sometimes but not always the people are equally confused, for that reason I prefer doing things in reverse, ie begin to address the matter issue and at the end after people are familiar with the matter and if necessary, introduce the concept.

Let us begin then with an approach to what I have seen fit to call a the crazy behavior syndrome. Some time ago I made a survey to a group of people aged 20 to 40 years, without discrimination of sex and I came across the following results: 1 .- I would like to have a new home. 98% answered YES. 2 .- I would like to have a car of the year. 99% answered YES.

3 .- We would like to make money. 100% answered YES. 4 .- I'd like to make money without having to work. 87% answered YES. 5 .- If someone offered a way guaranteed that you will make money with minimal effort and lots of free time to spend with his family. You can. 90% answered YES. Maybe you do not respond the same way?. The real truth is that behind these responses lies a potential problem, which is just the easy and immediate two element properly channeled by unscrupulous individuals could substantially affect the lives of sufferers. Do not get me wrong, I'm not saying that 90% suffered from the syndrome, but if you qualify at a particular time in your life you may be suffering. I say this because I've seen up close many times, the main and most serious consequence of this syndrome is that people are at the mercy of scammers. The scammers are unscrupulous and able to touch the heartstrings of their needs and is there at the point when their needs and aspirations come together when you see this sinister character to take your money. To avoid this disease you have to be clear that everything in life is achieved in a legitimate way is based on knowledge, effort, tenacity and perseverance. When we offer villas and castles without these elements are present please run without looking back.! Jose Noriega.