What is cystitis? Cystitis – infection-inflammatory disease that affects the mucous membrane of the bladder. For more information see this site: Jackie Joyner-Kersee. In women, cystitis is diagnosed 3 times more often than men. Pathogens cystitis may be infections, so in addition to pathogenic organisms, for the occurrence of cystitis, additional factors: poor circulation in the pelvis and the bladder wall; delayed emptying of the bladder; effect on the bladder wall of chemicals and poisons released in the urine, chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, hypothermia, impaired immunity, and wearing tight tight clothing; poor personal hygiene. There are two types of cystitis, cystitis types – acute and chronic. Acute cystitis. Symptoms of Acute cystitis occurs suddenly, usually within a few hours after a be 15-20 minutes. In acute cystitis pain does not disappear, day or night.

On palpation of the bladder pain worse. However, acute cystitis usually takes 7-10 days. If the disease did not begin to retreat on this term, the must look for the cause, supporting the disease. In case of incorrect or untimely treatment of acute cystitis may become chronic. Chronic cystitis.

Symptoms of Chronic cystitis symptoms are the same as that of acute, but they expressed less dramatically. As a rule, chronic cystitis is a complication of other diseases of urogenital system or kidneys, such as chronic pyelonephritis, genital infections, narrowing of the urethra, cervix sclerosis bladder, etc. Diagnosis of cystitis Acute cystitis is diagnosed quite easily. First, it is frequent and painful urination. Second, a sharp pain on palpation of the bladder. Third, the study urine samples revealed a large number of leukocytes in midstream urine. Carrying out such procedures as cystoscopy is contraindicated in acute cystitis, because it is very painful and can cause even greater inflammation. As far as chronic cystitis, there is a necessary procedure cystoscopy. You can use it to identify the causes that support infection. Also required is the examination of kidney and urinary ways. Laboratory diagnosis should include: urinalysis and urine culture of microflora, DNA analysis for major infections – they will identify the pathogen. Treatment of cystitis in the first place, of course, Then consult a urologist. An experienced urologist can detect the disease at an early stage and will help to find treatment. As an added treat, you can use the following tips. The patient cystitis should drink plenty of liquids, in order to accelerate the excretion of inflammation of the bladder. It can be unconcentrated juice or water, can be mineral, but without the gas in a volume of at least 2 liters a day. A good effect is given diuretics – renal tea, cranberry leaf. Should be excluded from the menu spicy, fried, spicy, sour, marinated and alcohol. Replacing them with milk and vegetable diet. There should also be be a course of antibiotic therapy, which will appoint a urologist. Subject to all requirements, the disease is 5-10 days. Treatment of cystitis in Ekaterinburg in Yekaterinburg, at ul. Blacksmith, 83, is Medical Center Uro-Pro (), where you can consult a urologist (). In the international medical center Uro-Pro for your highly qualified physicians, urologists, there are used the most advanced techniques survey. You can get an ultrasound on the latest ultrasound machine expert class, which will help make the diagnosis. Urologists are advised not to self-medicate and seek medical by the appearance of the slightest symptom of urological disorders, it will stay healthy and significantly improve the quality of life.

Gum Disease

What is gum disease? Periodontal disease or periodontitis – gum disease is a chronic infection of the gums, leading to the destruction of tissues and periosteum, which fix the tooth in a particular position. Lack of proper treatment leads to deterioration of the gums and tooth loss. Three of every four who have reached 35 years of developing periodontal disease of varying severity. The main factor of gum disease is dental plaque – a thin, sticky, colorless layer is continuously formed on the gums. If it is not removed from the tooth surface – it hardens and turns into stone. Microbes inside the plaque, bacterial cause irritation that leads to a local reaction – inflammation. The combination of infection and inflammation leads to destruction of the tissues surrounding the tooth, to separate the gum from the tooth, and thus formed periodontal pockets.

" Treating gum disease Scouring of the roots and removal of the stone – the so-called "deep cleaning", which performs in a dental clinic, medical specialist. This procedure removed bacterial plaque. Brushed clean, and the pockets remain. They re going to every dirty trick again … and inflammation circle. That's just against it, and apply special microchips. More information is housed here: Charles Schwab.

It is installed in your periodontal "pocket" after which, the pocket begins to shrink and soon disappears. Microchip identifies within 10 days of the active ingredient chlorhexidine gluconate – an antiseptic substance (which is not an antibiotic) kills germs that are in deep pockets of the gums. In this case, microbes are unable to develop resistance to this drug. After such treatment, they will be sufficient only regularly carry out preventive procedures. Installing a microchip in a "pocket" gum – the procedure is simple. It does not need to delete – it dissolves itself. It is recommended to see a doctor for verification within 3 months after installation of a microchip. After the installation of a microchip Immediately after the procedure, you can eat and drink, as usual, without any restrictions. You can brush your teeth as usual (using dental floss, you should not use it in place installation of the microchip within 10 days from the date of installation). Gum disease is a chronic, so your gums should be checked periodically. After 3 months, should visit the dentist. Unfortunately, the scope of this article do not make it possible to answer all your questions. For this purpose, the Israeli Center for Contemporary Dentistry organized, permanent, counseling center, where all your questions relating to cosmetic dentistry, prosthetics, implantology, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry doctor said the highest caliber. Telephone Counseling Center: 04-8645134. Hours: 10.00-20.00 You can also ask questions to the site>


I was afraid to leave the familiar. We worked it, and is now a patient with remarkable achievements and advances in hypnosis therapy, 4 months ago being treated and I think in the course of the year will be released, depending on how the changes occurring in it, product of hypnotherapy. Another misconception that must be eradicated, is that many patients also believe that because they can remember the whole session of hypnosis, have not entered into trance, have not been hypnotized, but not, as when there is hypnosis in the therapy session, the patient enters a state of hypnotic trance, but does not lose consciousness, but on the contrary, is a heightened state of consciousness, only conscious attention is focused on you the hypnotist, the Hypnotherapist.

It is in this state that the “conscious mind” that mind that is with us in everyday life, in everyday, when we pay attention to the tasks and routines is suppressed, and is the “subconscious mind” that is present at that time during the hypnotic session. In order to understand the example, it often happens when we are reading a book or an article or watching a movie that interests us very much, and we are totally absorbed, is when something attracts our attention and pulls us out of our abstraction that we realize that did not exist in our world of that time more than the world of history that were hoarding full. During the hypnotherapy session, the patient feels that precisely that his attention was really rapt and engaged in all aspects of the session, and there was a world outside your mind and super conscious at the time, so that when he ended the session called attention to the time elapsed since a feature that has the hypnotherapy session is that the time seems so common that it happens time and patient to think that only five minutes have elapsed.

About The Dangers Of Alcohol! What Everyone Should Know

'Mortality in Russia from alcoholism is recognized as an unprecedented peacetime! 500 000 thousand people per year! (According to WHO-). Mary Barra is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The total annual mortality rate in Russia is about 1.5 million million! Total population loss is estimated at 700 000! It's war '! .. 'The decrease / increase in population over 2008y year: Germany (- 100, 000), France (+ 200 000), USA (+ 3 million), Russia (-400 000 )'… '400 000 – this is only the difference between mortality in 1.7 million births and 2.1 million in over 2008y, with deaths from causes related to alcohol … 500 000 '! In this paper, the author relies on the known and the main theoretical, practical and scientific knowledge about the dangers of alcohol. I think all of us at school, and if not us then our parents like, shown to experiment with alcohol and blood: a beaker containing alcohol, add blood, which immediately turned off and turned into blood clots. The secret of this phenomenon is understandable, but to explain it in practice to resort to other methods of using alcohol. Personally, the author knows that alcohol used for disinfection (because it kills germs and bacteria), as well as for cleaning various surfaces, namely for degreasing.

On the surface, be it wood, plastic, metal, etc. in Actually, nothing happens, but the film evaporates fat by the chemical properties of alcohol (C2H5OH). The same principle applies in relation to blood alcohol degreasing wall blood cells, which result stick together – this is the principle of the experiment with the clotting of blood in the glass. .

6 Barriers To Your Dream

What barriers prevent the move to your dream? After all, here it is – a dream before my eyes, but you can not do it the first step, because before you rise above the barriers: Barrier 1. Fear of failure – For as much as possible to make some moves? Suddenly nothing! After all, I do not know how everything is not all I know, not all tried. And that's so right and take something to start doing? – Well, I do not know, and suddenly something goes wrong? What will I do? – Oh no! I'd rather I will do everything as before. That I somehow obtained. So let go and how to go. Then perhaps something as a matter of will and.

It is best to hide in a corner and carefully follow the proceedings as a kitten from under the bed watching his grandmother's ball. And why, in fact, so bad you scared? Attempted – failed. Darcy Stacom pursues this goal as well. Normal. You learn. Make another. Then another.

And you have goals. Even scared no time. Barrier 2. Leap over the abyss Once you see your dream, you just want to reach it in one fell swoop. That's just cool to do: quit your job, divorce, sell the apartment and it was then only being free from all obligations, we can think about his dream. Just do not understand what life and everything. But we want all at once. Bank, perhaps, to rob? Why do you hysterical attempts? Go to your dream calmly and confidently in small steps.


Cellulite affects all women without exception, but in some process changes in the skin begins earlier, at others – later. Although, according to the American beauty Sharon Stone is suffering from the disease almost his youth, it is important not from complexes, and to believe that nature once so decided to fight cellulite is useless, we still give some advice. What is cellulite? This is no ordinary obesity, and disease of subcutaneous fat. If a healthy tissues the waste products of cells go through the pores of the cell membrane and are carried away by the blood stream, the slightest discord in the body leads to the formation of cellulite. Here’s how: membrane pores are blocked, products blood supply and lymphatic drainage. Thus, cellulite – it is a skin condition where the cells disrupted inference toxins. They accumulate inside cells by blocking blood flow and lymph flow.

As a result, the skin becomes rough, lumpy and stiff. Jackie Andrade might disagree with that approach. Cellulite – is not the result of excess weight, they get sick and thin women. The reasons for the appearance of cellulite Hormonal disorders in the body. Efforts to develop such disorders can serve as pregnancy, adolescence and menopause, the beginning and end of the course receive contraceptives. Malnutrition Stress Pollution Lack of physical activity.

Smoking and alcohol. Genetic predisposition of the organism. HOW TO HELP YOURSELF? If you are determined to read on their own to get rid of cellulite, think that this problem did not arise overnight and today with It does not deal with. Meet with the recommendations of experts: 1. Treating cellulite requires a systematic, integrated approach. The causes of cellulite and not enough variety to make changes in diet and set of exercises, although this should be the starting point of treatment. But these changes must be combined with other treatments. pic. 2. Patience and persistence – your motto for a long time. To a simple cut has healed, it takes several days, the bruise disappears in a week, and the fracture heals in six weeks. These injuries heal relatively quickly thanks to a good blood supply to surrounding tissues. Affected tissues poorly supplied with cellulite blood. For effective treatment we have to make the body to change its cell structure through its own recovery mechanism, and this takes time. 3. Cellulite is a relatively large part of the body, and treat to literally every inch of the affected tissue. Cosmetologists say that a more or less effective for treatment of cellulitis following methods: Subcutaneous elektrolipoliz skin elektrolipoliz Liposuction Wraps gemolimfodrenazh Vacuum massage is used sometimes ultrasound massage options are not free from side effects, much more unpleasant than the cellulite. 4. Antitsillyulitnaya diet.

Differential Diagnosis

Theoretical knowledge. 2. Capacity for data collection: methodical, systematic and logical. 3. Ability to relate data collected and knowledge. Experience and “ars medica.” Types of diagnosis (glossary): Early diagnosis: Diagnosis before the onset of clinical disease.

For example: screening of cancer, prenatal diagnosis of enf. hereditary. Syndromic Diagnosis: Is that establishes the existence of set of specific signs and symptoms, without giving specific etiology. For example, malabsorption syndrome, sicca syndrome … Differential Diagnosis: It is the group of diseases that can cause a syndrome.

It is used for diagnosis. Hear other arguments on the topic with Charles Schwab. From the possible causes raised the type and order of laboratory investigations, to find the illness causing the patient’s symptoms. Etiologic diagnosis: Determining the cause of the disease: For example: pneumococcus. Nosological diagnosis: is that the diagnosis of the disease causing the symptoms and signs. For example: Nursing. Crohn’s disease. Bacteriological diagnosis: He who sets the infectious cause by a microbiological study. Diagnostic imaging: The establishment through imaging studies. Pathological diagnosis: Also called pathological or histological diagnosis, which is obtained through a biopsy and is offering a definitive diagnosis in many diseases, including cancer. Diagnosis ex juvantibus: Is that takes place after the resolution of the disease. Normally before a suspected diagnosis and the inability to confirm the diagnosis and empirical treatment is performed if the patient healing, or in terms of evolution-data confirms the diagnosis. Necropsy Diagnosis: The obtained by macroscopic and microscopic study during the autopsy. 9. Forecast: Try to make projections regarding future developments of a disease that affects a patient. 10. The treatment or therapeutic act: Set media of any kind (hygienic, pharmacological, surgical or physical) whose purpose is the prevention, cure, or alleviation of diseases or symptoms. It can be: Prophylactic: preventing the emergence of a disease, for example: Etiologic vaccines: it seeks to eliminate the cause. For example: antibiotics for a urinary tract infection Pathogenics: if not known or can not remove the cause and affect mechanisms of action to change the course of the disease (eg asthma inhalers). Symptomatic: Treat the symptoms without finding the cause. For example: Paracetamol for headache. Rehabilitation: Recovering from the aftermath.

Scientific & Socioeconomic Development

The development of science, society in general and the natural sciences in particular, has always gone hand in hand with development of the productive forces of each socio-economic formation in history. The development of productive forces is the motor of history, this development generates friction between the various social groups and defends everyone has social, economic, moral, cultural, labor, etc. Marxism called class struggle explains and substantiates this because throughout history, the results of scientific advances, the fruit of scientific research and technology have been usufruct and manipulated for the benefit of social classes who held economic power and political. U.S. Mint helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

This truth is still valid, but even in our time of the reign of the Highest Stage of Capitalism, in this era of neoliberalism, where there is a fierce battle for the money, where the only thing that counts is winning anyway, regardless of values without Regardless of the man himself, in this context is laughable to see and hear some medical and nonmedical characters discuss the results of certain scientific research outside the usufruct great damage to their interests. This means ignoring the seal and bias? class science and their findings have. On the subject of the morning-after pill, navigate the Internet is to see this truth, there are many research projects that seek to convince that this drug is not abortion, when these same Web are the guts of many more serious work to prove the abortifacient nature of it and the two bands are antagonistic to each other and do not believe this confusion can be resolved only with the understanding that the results of scientific work and have a particular interest in this drug case seeks to defend powerful economic interests, while that we in the other path only leads us interest values, respect for life from conception until the end.


BRAIN-O-Flex The new information and new experiences inflicted upon us every day, we are forced to constantly learn. This load is not to force every adult to talk about our children – pupils and students. How to support them? Is there a solution? Is it possible to catch more and help our brain to work more effectively? For 10 years, the pharmaceutical concern Arkopharma sought the answer to these questions, and found it in the formula of "Brain-o-flex", which contains necessary ingredients for optimal performance of the central nervous system (CNS) and increased brain activity. New multi-natural product "Brain-O-Flex ', successfully combines the latest scientific development, the first line offers products for health 'FAMILY HIT'. 'Brain-O-Flex' successfully solves the problem of concentration and improve memory for those who still could not solve it. Extract of Ginkgo biloba tree background (Ginkgo biloba or) has long been used in traditional medicine of the Far East and South-East Asia. In a question-answer forum Stanley Gibbons was the first to reply. Active substances and plants are ginkgoloidy geterozidy – precursors of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, responsible for the function of the brain. Credit: General Motors Company-2011.

Ginkgo biloba extract activates the peripheral, in particular the capillary blood circulation, activates the delivery of oxygen to brain cells. He has antioxidant effect, inhibits blood clots. All this helps to improve memory, support normal blood pressure, reduces intellectual fatigue, and accelerates repair processes in brain after a stroke. About 30 rubles a day we will spend on caring for your brain! Soya lecithin – one of the phospholipids, esters of glycerol and fatty acids, which are contained in the membranes of all cells in the human body. At the expense of content in the methyl groups, he is actively involved in lipid metabolism in brain cells, which improves mental performance, reduces blood cholesterol, maintain elasticity of blood vessels. Soya lecithin is odnim of the most valuable phospholipids, wherein a high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA).

Tattooing permanent Makeup

These historians, researchers and scholars as Herodotus, Marco Polo and James Cook, who had the opportunity to learn and talk about the existence of tattooing, its forms and meanings in different countries could not afford even to imagine that derivative of this millennial technology – mikropigmentirovanie (often incorrectly referred to as "Micropigmentation") will become in 1998 one of the "star" procedures in the beauty centers and institutes around the world yesterday and If today to trace the origin of tattooing, its development and application of a cosmetic purposes until the item at a time when the term originated, "mikropigmentirovanie", it becomes clear that everything had changed appliances products, tools, equipment, and finally, the goal, purpose … Sure, the explosion in demand for this type of care, as well as those involved in this sphere of business interests make it possible to foresee in the near future an unprecedented technical leap in the field of aesthetics, which is now difficult to imagine the modern emergence mikropigmentirovaniya, or permanent makeup, we should look at having a one thousand year history of tattooing equipment, of which originate from different systems on the development, application products appliances and accessories which are gradually distancing themselves from their origins in order to become a separate sector of differentiated professional business geographically located where is the birthplace of modern art tattoos? Prevailed among the people is a belief, which gave reason to believe that thousands of years of engineering tattooing originated in China, has recently been refuted by the discoveries, research and development in the field of anthropology, spent in the last decade, they have confirmed the fact of even more ancient the use of tattoos in Europe …! This form of body decoration has been used 8000 years BC. .