Working Group

From 1 July 2009 the Publisher academic Working Group launches the new Internet portal for financial services. Mannheim – Mannheim Verlag, since taxes, money and law established over 30 years in the fields of information and soft goods provider, thus expanding its expertise in the financial and Versicherungsdienstleister market. Nine special products for FinanzdienstLeister appear under the new brand name of broker cockpit. The academic working group has designed these offers products, has acquired in the course of acquisition of financial services by Rudolf Haufe Verlag. The new broker cockpit products focus on the digital world with online products and software solutions. Two acquired collections of lots of are also being continued. In addition, the portal offers continuously updated news: every day financial and insurance experts know the latest news in the areas of health, life and property insurance, as well as for old-age provision. A free weekly E-Mail Newsletter contains all the important Topics and trends together.

All products 30 days free testing all products from the range broker cockpit can be tested 30 days for free. Among the new products in the E-shop on the include page: Insurance and financial Office professional online (also on CD-ROM): the software is an indispensable Guidebook for all consultants in the fields holistic investment advice, financing, insurance and post-employment benefits. Practical comparison calculator by KVpro (health calculator for consultant) and Kaimaan (professional calculator for property, liability and accident insurance) are integrated. The AltersvorsorgePLANER (CD-ROM) contains a variety of consulting modules for private and occupational retirement provision. He helps professional legal certainty and for the customer to understand advice on pension issues. The product is continuously for more than five years in collaboration with the Institute of retirement and financial planning (

Practice Advisor Retirement online: the practice Advisor helps with advice and offers comprehensive background information and many useful tools to all kinds of implementation of occupational pensions. bAV advice (CD-ROM): The bAV consulting supports local financial experts advising legal certainty and in the successful sale of products to the company pension plan. The comprehensive consulting tools allow an individual pension planning for each customer. Agent log (CD-ROM): With the agent log, the financial and insurance expert meets all documentation requirements. The product is the only program on the market, which offers legally approved text blocks to all relevant lines of business. A guide for the systematic and tailor-made customer service helping every financial broker in consultations. The practical manual post-employment benefits (loose-leaf and CD-ROM) and the insurance Guide (loose-leaf) will continue and stay always up-to-date with regular updates, and updates. About the Academic Association is the academic consortium of independent information service provider relating to taxes, money and law for over 30 years. “Under the motto knowledge what to do” the Publisher offers guides and software on these topics. Daily tips and trivia will find people interested in the Internet portals,, and Working with the academic community is part of the international publishing company Wolters Kluwer. In Germany, Wolters Kluwer Germany is on the market for 20 years. Around 1,000 staff are employed at 23 locations.

Web Page Using Photoshop

Photoshop gives the Web pages your unique touch. Why Photoshop is hardly to imagine. Web pages as Photoshopkunstucke with Photoshop can edit graphics or create from scratch. Photoshop is the most powerful and most popular graphics program in the zweidemensionalen area. And also in the Web design, Photoshop is an integral part.

A piece of Photoshop inside any Web page. But why is that? To do this, it is important to know which type of graphical elaboration in a Web page is at all important. At the beginning of any design is a sogn. Scribble. A Scribble is a basic concept that sketchy shows the finished Web page structure should look like. This isn’t about the detailed elaboration of stylistic subtleties. Rather is the arrangement of the individual elements in the foreground. There are programs that provide standardized design elements to a scribble to click together.

But of course these programs represent the possibilities just a snippet, that are possible with a scribble in Photoshop. Photoshop is so It’s the concept of a Web page. Photoshop of course inside the finished Web page itself. All graphics that look like a Web page can be as she looks in the end, are created with Photoshop in General. And these are not only those images that immediately jump the viewer in the eye. Of course also gradients, buttons and structures in Photoshop have been created and optimized for the Web. Modern Web design is a Symbionse barrier-free CSS, functional HTML and graphically sophisticated Photoshop. No wonder, then, that a Web Designer must master not only dealing with the language, but also with Photoshop. Who want to create a Web page, should be based not only on the quality of the source text, but also on the quality of the layout. While the source code for search engines is interesting, appealing designed Web pages for visitors to use. And Web pages be made not for search engines, but for visitors. And that includes not only the barrier-free Programming with one, but also the appealing design with Photoshop.

Zombie Verwnadeln

For Photoshop beginners – face in zombie turn with these 10 easy-to-understand steps can 5.5 Suite using Photoshop from Adobe CS Design Premium, each face transform into a zombie. Step 1 the right source material In the context of the preparations for the upcoming transformation”in a realistic zombie look, it is important to choose a suitable photograph already presented much of the face to transforming the composition here. So portrait photos are most likely, to most effectively apply the following steps. Still, you need a suitable texture that should be combined with the photo in the later stages as an effect. Wall, tree rinden-, or stone textures, which are also already integrated into Photoshop in modified form are here. Step 2 image layer duplicate open your photo and lift by a double click on the background layer whose fixation on, so that they can be edited now. Then duplicate the layer with the Right-click on the blue marked level and select the level command in the context menu duplicate “out. “Step 3 change contrast select the newly created level and and edit them with the command setting screen”? Adjustment”? “” Saturation decrease “and set the blending mode to vivid light”.

“” “In the connection, select the burn”or Dodge”from the tool bar on the face the corresponding contrasts and thus a crucial basis for the later zombie look” to generate. The two tools should be applied sensitively depending on the personal assessment. It is advisable here, more to obscure than to brighten up the area of the eyes. Step 4 use of the texture create now a new level and load the texture to be used set the mode it to vivid light”. Now please select the command adjustments”? Auto contrast”. The remaining visible, hard boundaries between the two areas will be removed in the next step. If he likes you see this little tutorial you Adobe Desing premium CS5.5 suite on uni Mall contact for unbeatable 319,-stand 20.09.2011 step 5 course produce add a layer mask to the texture level by clicking on the mask’s thumbnail in the layers palette.