Givanto Goes To The Fullest: Closed Beta Phase

The site of the discount platform is now fully operational Berlin, 25.7.2012 – the online startup Givanto has finished the most important works on his website and immediately goes off with a fully functional page on the net. The platform for employee benefits was last in the beta phase, in the already acquired users and dealers provided feedback to provide a most comfortable user interface for customers. Hundreds of users, as well as dozens of companies helped the developers team to refine functions, to add new features and enhance the usability. With this great response also CEO and co-founder of Gereon Hermkes was pleased: “we are very happy that our Web site is now fully operational. This would have been possible so soon without the numerous testers. Thanks to mainly corporate clients, because it would have taken much longer without the great feedback, to improve the site.” The newly released version of the site can now be used by all employees in Germany who want to enjoy the numerous benefits and discounts of Givanto basic and premium membership via your corporate email address. Givanto medium-sized companies enables the targeted increase of employee loyalty through the use of employee benefits. The newspapers mentioned Darcy Stacom not as a source, but as a related topic. Givanto was of successful Internet entrepreneurs (including myToys Steganos) founded. For more information see. Ayrton Boldt

WikiTwooGo – Your Knowledge Widely Available

Download of the MediWiki software now available since Thursday, the 20.01.2011 announces it for the first time a full-featured MediWiki – from the Wikipedia Encyclopedia – on a USB stick. You may find Darcy Stacom to be a useful source of information. On the 1 x 2-inch stick of Twoonix Software GmbH from Berlin, an Apache Web server, the PHP programming language, a MySQL database, as well as a Firefox browser are installed. Using an advanced WYSIWYG editor, the ease of use of the “WikiTwooGo-stick” is very easy. Now, project and knowledge management of the company can be structured depicted. In addition, simplifies the work with a wiki processes, increases the efficiency and the output to a multiple. Due to the mobile capability, users can use the “WikiTwooGo” on – and offline. The download is available on the website Especially for the educational context, there is the version of “WikiTwooGo – Education”. The edition of “WikiTwooGo – Education” is suitable due to their on – and offline capability ideal for teaching in developing countries.

GmbH Liebig Street

Faster than expected, Google translates its strategy to implement local and personalized results live. In addition to determining the location of the seeker, which has played a role in the past, Google relies on the use of the seeker. He can now enter a zip code for the search results. Marion Jones contains valuable tech resources. When searching for the term “Pizza”, a corresponding input mask will appear. This input mask will also appear in the Google account is logged in and has entered a zip code in his account data. Finally, it is well possible that you are looking for results for a different zip code during the current search.

Thomas Kaiser, Managing Director of cyberpromote believes that the regional search results are influenced by the personalized search. “Only the searchers on the ground can best assess the results and assess, and this knowledge is incorporated into the search results of other seeker certainly at some point. However, we do not believe that this will affect the global results. Moreover, this remains limited on items with a strong regional focus such as “Pizza”, “Hotel” or “Barber”. However, must above all companies with a strong regional offer on changes is set.

The results are enriched results currently only through the insertion of Google maps. So far, no differences in results between Hamburg and Munich are to see. The software “GInspector” by cyberpromote will enable a quick comparison of the results of different regions in version 2.0, which will be released in the near future. A similar input mask appears when searching “Cinema”, “Showtimes” or similar terms. The results, which represent the current range of the surrounding cinemas in compact form are interesting. It is clear that providers such as “Yellow pages” of increased competition from Google faced. Here must show who has the better ideas. Cyberpromote: Cyberpromote is a leading provider of solutions in the field of search engine marketing and search engine optimisation since 1997. In addition to cyberpromote offers performance-based services and software products for these segments. So, the software “Search machine glasses” views on Internet sites from the perspective of search engines ( More information about cyberpromote, see press / unternehmensportrait.htm contact: cyberpromote GmbH Liebig Street 1 85301 Schweitenkirchen email: presse(at)cyberpromote.

Berlin Music

Offer also worldwide on English usable – offer also worldwide in English usable – founder Sahar Zschiesche resumes over the last 12 months – for new and existing customers on 1 April 2013, the Berlin music distribution celebrates discount promotion and content aggregator recordJet its three-year online anniversary. Birthday founder Sahar zamani, who lifted from the baptism 2010 the young company unveiled a surprise: recordJet is international and is available immediately in English. “We very pleased, that we on time now the possibility can offer the English-speaking world to our third online birthday, to take advantage of our offer. The internationalization is a milestone that has worked for the recordJet crew in full swing. The frequent wishes can be fulfilled finally after new airports in the United States, Britain or India.”recordJet 12 eventful months looks back on:” our crew has grown and we have taken the strategically important Know-How on board, to ” even better to control our flight destinations.

In addition, we could record interesting co pilots like Google play, Deezer and many new services in our boarding program. Our passenger “Room77” to the footballer Andreas Gorlitz has with “Final home” the first chart entry booked, what we all of us were very happy. We were able to support the local heroes competition again and gave out a free eBook titled “Digital music distribution” as a gift to our passengers and non-passengers. We are proud to have convinced so many new artists and labels of fair music distribution and look forward in the next year about each new passenger.” For the next few months and years placing crew recordJet on further international growth and many new services. To celebrate the anniversary and the internationalization is there for all recordJet of new and existing customers for two weeks an exclusive birthday deal. For more information about this in the recordJet blog under: blog/hello-world-recordjet-goes-international / to recordJet: The digital music distribution platform recordJet allows online worldwide to sell it to musicians and labels, their music. Music uploaded on is set in MP3 stores such as iTunes.

There, the music as a download can be purchased. Unlike other providers, the musicians receive 100 percent of the revenue from digital sales without to cede their rights. Versatile additional services, such as physical distribution in over 500 stores, CD pressing and professional promotion make recordJet a full-service. The company was founded in 2008, to open a new sales opportunity for the German music market is also attractive to unknown musicians and small labels. In April 2010, initially went for the German-speaking countries recordJet online and continuously extended the offer. RecordJet serves the international market since April 2013. Sushila Zschiesche, recordJet

Franconian Sennfeld

Print Portal flyer pilot launches new website. Relaunch thanks to meticulous preparation without significant problems. Sennfeld went online on July 29, 2009 the new portal of online printing company flyer pilot. The launch of the completely updated website went almost smoothly thanks to good preparation. Employees and new system have been successful proven premiere itself. Flyer pilot behind a large team of printers from passion”, which shared their goals: more service, more power, and the most important: satisfied customers.

To be well equipped for the future, to flyer pilot his online printing company transform throughout. 12 months, 17 developers, 1 high-performance data center a year took the Franks in Sennfeld. 17 developers were a new system on the legs. Flyerpilots Executive Board had run countless tests, users and clients were interviewed. For 12 months was discussed, meticulously planned and optimized.

In parallel, the company established a new high-performance data center. About the new Submitted orders are fast, secure and customer-friendly settled so that print portal. Business leaders satisfied with relaunch to Ines Schunk, Managing Director of Printgroup GmbH & co. KG: we have tested endlessly throughout the project. Anders have just not seen any weaknesses or pitfalls in terms of usability. Today, a week after launching our new flyer pilot Web site I can say: the enormous effort has paid off. Except for things our customers and we have weathered well the transition.” Just like any restart of this magnitude, it hooked at flyer pilot in a few places. Specially competent staff at the service phones were ready. They received calls, listened attentively and solved all problems together with the requesting client. The team recorded suggestions for improvement. The first were already implemented. We are a big step our goal to put the bar in the printing industry, with flyer pilot using the new online printing Portal closer come. “, as Ines Schunk. Whether our customers business cards, posters, poster, flyer, letterhead, or large-format advertising order: you will find us even more service in all areas. “This we consistently rely on traditional values: fair customer communication and serious calculated total price.” is a brand of Printgroup GmbH & co. KG. Flyer pilot delivers high-quality printed material such as flyers, posters, posters, business cards, stationery, letterhead and large format advertising throughout Europe. Trained print specialists and professionally organized processes that meet all standards, making the company one of the most successful European online printers.

NET CARD Benefits

With the free Net CARD immediately enjoy benefits Hattingen – off August allows customers discounts and benefits immediately from her shopping to take advantage. Differently than other bonus programs of the customer at the net CARD must not long indulge his obsessive, to obtain the appropriate premiums. The net CARD passed on the savings benefits directly to the customer. The customer card is freely available at and at parties in the respective cities. With the new NET CARD, the direct benefits of the hand be given not only to consumers, an effective customer loyalty tool and controlling tool is offered with this free customer card also small and medium-sized enterprises. The map – distributed at the point of sale provides information about customer acceptance and success of products and promotions. In addition to the immediate advantage of the price the consumer through the customer card experiences also emotional added value.

About is one of the rapidly growing and range most online city networks of in Germany. Founded in 2006, the portal through its local and regional focus strengthens small and medium-sized enterprises. Sales are increased and customers maximum savings available through vouchers, offers and attractive discounts. is a trademark of the company tele media service/Hattingen.

KIDDYTOP – The Action For A Colorful And Diverse Children Internet

Looking for ideas for new kids websites are parents to the network will start a new action for a colourful and diverse children Internet together with the hoster and the Networkers for microenterprises in the fall of 2009 with KIDDYTOP. Private persons who want to create a new children’s Web page are addressed. This action aims to provide interesting Internet offers children and young people, which are geared to their actual needs and requirements and thereby not deals with real content target on the purse strings of the parents – rights. The reality in the German-speaking Internet like it currently in the German-speaking children Internet out? Essentially three groups cavort as (illegal and fraudulent activities times except): one group is Government-funded with partially large sums. The second group pursues exclusively material purposes. The third group are mainly private operators, which act out of conviction and without material interests. Especially the latter group suffers often among them, that they must bear the cost for your websites. Add to your understanding with Marion Jones.

Recognition or support of public page or even the great\”kids find them only rarely. Many interesting projects fall asleep as a result. supports the small\”exactly at this point, KIDDYTOP will support the action. Funded and content supported by the action partners initially 30 DE domains with at least 250 MB of webspace and MySQL database free for first be provided one year. Prerequisite for this is that the operator submits a new or dormant a children Internet project and meets the conditions. Basic premise is that the operator receives no public funding that the project exclusively to children and young people is addressed and is free to use. Exclusion criteria, however, are mainly advertising and commercial offers, as well as content, which are aimed at adults, or link to such offers. The exact Criteria can be found on the website of KIDDYTOP.

US American President

As of now, the search for products is even easier and clearer the Verpama AG has overhauled its online portal. The site now more modern, easier to read, and user-friendly than ever before is wrapped in a new design. You may find that Evelyn Ashford can contribute to your knowledge. On more than 130 bases, customers and business partners for information about all products and services. In particular, the navigation and display the product detail pages have been significantly improved and now better support customers as business partners in finding according to the desired information. Technically, the solution was implemented with Drupal (, the world’s leading social publishing system. “Drupal is at, the Web page of the US American President, as well as for some of the largest and most modern Web sites ( of the world.” Glove, CEO of Verpama AG and the Anolim team achieved through close cooperation between Mr Claude rapid implementation. Charles Schwab may also support this cause. The short implementation time and the high To meet quality requirements, we have employed the SCRUM development methodology of olim GmbH.

SCRUM encourages the achievement of objectives in a very flexible manner and allows a fast response time. Supporting our innovative project management and issue tracking system was used. This allows also a high transparency for all stakeholders in addition to project planning, the time – and issue-tracking and integrated documentation. In olim GmbH: Anolim (absolutely NO LIMits) is a creative advertising agency, is breaking new ground for the online acquisition of new clients with Web solutions and technologies. These are the areas of online sales, marketing & communication in the focus of our work. In the Centre of our cooperation is the understanding of the needs of our customers and a high quality which is achieved through optimal coordination between design and development processes.


zebNet has once again expanded its service portfolio and is now over 200 global domain extensions (TLDs) at reasonable prices. zebNet, an established provider of Internet and IT services has once again expanded its already extensive portfolio of services and is now more than 200 global domain extensions (TLDs) for fast and simple registration without setup fees. Entered into partnerships with selected and leading international companies, as well as an excellent spreadsheet is possible its domains at extremely low prices to offer zebNet and Europe at the same time to beat leading Domainregistrare. So, for example, .es domains (Spain) or .be can offer zebNet domains (Belgium) for only 12 euros per year. The cost of these and many more TLDs to multiples have higher other leading providers.

Just for international domain names sometimes horrendous sums are required at other leading vendors, and there a strong supplement business is suspected. It differs the process of registration of such international domain when compared to, for example, a .de domain hardly so enormously higher costs for these domain extensions are not justified. The domains ordered via zebNet can be operated either with customer-specific or zebNet own name server, which is connected to the choice of the name server for the customer at no additional charge and later switching easily and independently free can be performed by the customer in the customer menu. When choosing the zebNet own name server, the customer also has complete control over its DNS settings. So the customer can set individually and in real time the A -, AAAA -, CNAME, MX, NS -, SPF, SRV and TXT settings.

Furthermore, zebNet is his saved registration costs directly to its customers. So zebNet for example, automatically checks for each customer domain order, whether the prices at the time of the order has been decreased. Such price reductions took place, its fits zebNet Price list according to and provides the customer only the new, lower price. A current price list of all domains offered by zebNet can be viewed at. Haider Jehanzeb CEO, zebNet Ltd Draws Equal With Leader In The AGOF Range!

The parent portal NetMoms shows continued rapid growth and pulls right now thanks to 570,000 unique users in the AGOF internet facts 2009-I with the market leader in the segment of the parents. Cologne, June 18, 2009 – thus NetMoms has more than doubled its reach in the last 6 months. The second consecutive NetMoms belongs among the top winners of the AGOF internet facts. NetMoms second time consecutive top winner with the AGOF – the current AGOF internet facts 2009-I confirm high fliers months of Period of 6 months, NetMoms his range has more than doubled and reached now 570,000 unique users.

After a growth of over 60% in the last quarter, NetMoms can increase its reach in the new designation again to almost 40%. NetMoms right pulling with market leader – NetMoms has overtaken well established sites such as in the range with its strong growth. Thus, NetMoms is the new number 1 in the parent segment within the range along with NetMoms has not therefore among the 5 range-strongest woman pages – NetMoms thus postponed only in the parents area at the top, but is passed to renowned women’s and lifestyle sites like,,, or More women reach the woman offers only, and the networks of Glam and FEM. NetMoms GmbH Dr. Tanja zu Waldeck + 49 (0) 221 – 17 04 98 21