Duby believes that the ideology, is not a passive consequence of the society, but a project to act on it, where it integrates the relation of the imaginary one of the individuals with its real existence. Bordieu and Certau had approached a history antropolgica, where Bordieu possesss the education ideal as social reproduction. Certau was a specialist of the history of the religion, however it contributed in others three fields: analyzing the politics of the language, the study of collective on the daily life and the writing of social history concentrating itself on the process that describes the construction of the other, frequently the inverse one of the image that if has exactly of itself. Roger Chartier works with the history of books, where if it worries about the change in the boarding of history with the rewrite, with the transformations suffered for the particular texts when adapted to the necessities of the public or escalamento of successive public. Michel Focault has its study directed cultural history of the imaginary society and on the collective one, where the cultural history of the society or the society in same itself is a collective representation.

The Enclosure

Some must be questioning me the reasons to write this article. The instinct of the teaching is stronger. Nor always I received parrots from the life and many times, I committed errors that I do not have pride of speaking, but at the moment that I perceived that the light of the love transforms my world and of that they are my return, I was intrigued in spreading this truth to other people. I learned that in the gesture most humble it is born to the true faces of the life and that a simple word possesss the creative force of new reality. After all the love infects. When I write I always think about which piece of the love I am involved and in this condition I ask to it: You are certain that he is ready to receive the LOVE? One of the learnings of the life, the LOVE always is its side, but generally we give to coasts it and we block the source of> prosperity in all the directions of the life.

A window imagines, when opening it sees a pretty light that invades the enclosure provoked for the solar rays, feels the wind cooling that acaricia its face and thanks that light, the air that breathes and the coolness of the wind. The nature is magnificent and resoluta, admires treats who it well and returns what we offer it, therefore always is thankful this energy of the symbol of a new day and that this is the start of a new inspiration of living. The sincere heart with the open mind provides to chances in places and occasions until then perceived, its desires does not reveal in the gift when you visualize what she desires and she feels gratitude, that is a powerful tool of the success. It turns the tray its thoughts, criticizes each negative thought and transmute in positive, learns to only say good words, polices what it speaks and it thinks, as well as When the disciple will be ready the master will appear? act of its birth you had the chance to come to this world and to give its contribution.

Francis Bacon

" The knowledge is poder" Francis Bacon said and nowadays I understand with clarity that phrase. If 8 years ago it had known what I know nowadays, 8 years ago had achieveed the success that I have nowadays. To obtain employment is not in fact one easy task, mainly when one looks for the use that wishes to have and not the use that " there is tener" because it is not possible to be aspired better to something. Any person can say that she has a use, but the question at issue is yes in truth has the use that one wishes to have. All the people we dreamed about an ideal work. All the people we want to have the dreamed work. Which is yours I do not know it. The unique thing that I know is that all the people can accede to the work of their dreams if in truth know what they must make to obtain it.

To be successful in the use search is something more than a luck question. In fact it is a situation that is determined by the knowledge with respect to which truly they look for the employers. Don’t mention it serves to have esudio, the preparation and all the others, if it is not for sure known how to face a possible opportunity of work. The use or the work that you want to have yes exists and yes he is something that you can obtain and reach if you have the tools necessary to obtain it. The barriers exist only in mind of each person and once we are able to collapse them, we become owners of our own destiny. It demolishes your barriers because if to not beams, they will finish derribndote it thinks about it a little.

But good, never it is behind schedule after reaching the deepest dreams. Always there is time to obtain what it is wanted to have. I hope that if you read this history and are in a situation similar to mine, you do not let pass the opportunity to change your labor life in abrir and closing of eyes. Original author and source of the article.