Hamburg Grunspan Simone Bruns

An exceptional art experience in the iconic Hamburg Grunspan Simone Bruns makes headlines, thanks to their unconventional event concepts, it is already an integral part of the Hamburg arts and culture scene. “Insider eagerly waiting for their next trick: on April 19 are within the framework of the first photo-Soiree” issued this year works the artist Edith Held. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Poppy Liu. This time located on the legendary neighborhood Club St. Pauli verdigris. A related site: Darcy Stacom mentions similar findings. For her unique style photographs of the choice Berliner internationally known magazines such as Vogue and cosmopolitan already appeared in high gloss.

A cultural experience of a special kind awaits about 300 invited guests. In the midst of historical columns and elaborate light installation art of the Edith hero on two floors will be presented. “Dress code of the evening: glam rock”, due to the glamorous and rustic ambience of the location. Mood also provides the hip Djane Romana, which maintains the visitors until late in the evening with rock sounds. Among the regulars of the art events by Many prominent artists, art lovers and representatives from politics and economy include Simone Bruns. The realization of this photo-Soiree owes Bank Simone Bruns of the Hamburg-based private bank Sutor. Already for the fourth time, is also the Audi Centre Hamburg partners and offers a luxurious Audi A8 Limousine Shuttle. The event is significantly supported also by Vogue, the teaser magazine, the Internet portal E-prospect as well as the corporate PEGO and Jameson.

While the exclusive preview, DANIEL WIPER ensures and RAVENBORG pan y vino for culinary delights and Spanish wines. Car and art that fits together! That is why the photo exhibition of Edith Held from April 20 – will be to see 22529 Hamburg Centre Hamburg, Kollaustr. 41-63, until 12 June 2013 in the Audi. About Edith Held 1966 born in the Black Forest, know early what she wanted: to tell stories! After a classical education to the DepEd and the subsequent study of photography, Vienna, Paris and Berlin were their professional career as Photographer, images appeared in glossy magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitian, Elle, glamour.

Stefan SZCZESNY: Opening Of The Exhibition

Stefan Szczesny is back from Mustique, an exclusive private island which is part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Stefan Szczesny has published three books about Mustique. Stefan Szczesny exhibition – Caribbean dreams – 31 January to 11 o’clock until March 27, 2010 – KunstRaum Bernusstrasse 18, 60487 Frankfurt Colin Christopher Paget Tennant (3rd Baron Glenconner) has acquired the island in 1985 and given a plot of Princess Margaret (Countess of Snowdon) for your wedding. Over the years, approximately one hundred and eighty Villas where many celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Brian Adams, Tom Ford and Tommy Hilfiger retreat created in a unique natural paradise without tourism.

In this creative environment, Stefan Szczesny works in the winter for many years. His impressions Stefan Szczesny is in his latest exhibition Caribbean dreams come true”, which opens on January 31 at 11: 00 in the KunstRaum Bernusstrasse 18 in 60487 Frankfurt am Main, and on March 27, 2010 is over, to. The Gallery hours are Thursday from 13 until 20: 00, Friday from 13 pm to 7 pm and Saturday from 10 until 15: 00. Also, visits can be arranged after agreement. “Stefan Szczesny (* 1951) belongs to the awakening of the new savages”, the end of the seventies by a return to figurative painting tested new, contemporary possibilities of image making.

Conscious dealing with the artistic traditions of older eras of art and classical modernism Szczesny developed a visual language that occupies a special position within the artistic work of our days in their casual cheerfulness, lightness and decorative broadcasts for almost thirty years now over the years. The revaluation of sensuality, the desire for beauty and imagination is characteristic of his work. Whether as paintings, works on paper, prints, sculpture and plastic, ceramics, glass or painted photography Stefan Szczesny integrated all artistic media in the gesamtkunstwerk of his personal style. The exhibition shows selected works from the extensive oeuvre of the artist. We are looking forward to your visit to the exhibition by Stefan Szczesny. Selina Juch Atelier Szczesny

Baroque HELYS

HELYS is a French company, whose founding two doctors in the fields of molecular biology and biochemistry are created unique images with DNA for a very personal ambience of HELYS. It designs, creates, and sells unique images with the DNA of its customers. These images are available in different sizes and colors and can be executed on various image sources: canvas, aluminum and plexiglass plate. Hear other arguments on the topic with Charles Schwab. The offer for sale is only on the website. The wide range of colours of the 5 designs is suitable to create a very personal and original atmosphere: ESSENTIEL: various basic colors with slight gradations attraction: modern colours, predominantly bright and bright infinite: a color picker on a black background, it also affects of Baroque and modern times revelation: a colour sequence on a white background is reminiscent of something pure and tender authentic: a wide colour palette for a more traditional atmosphere handwritten sentence or a name one of the customers, it printed out is designed to be a self selected typeface the image more personal. The images are available in six sizes and formats: square (40 x 40 cm, 60 x 60 cm, 100 x 100 cm) and rectangular (60 x 40 cm, 80 x 60 cm, 120 x 80 cm). Check out CMO Hyundai for additional information.

HELYS is the only company that offers the images on aluminium and Plexiglas plates. By one (my DNA”) up to four sections (my family”) can an image be processed. “Offering pair” can the DNA profile of the two parties on one or two images represent. The making of the image is done in three stages: DNA extraction: (the customer will receive a collection kit with one or more swabs, which he repeatedly stroking the inside of the cheek. In a sterile tube removal in enclosed envelope will be returned). The DNA is extracted and various fragments are copied according to size in a gel and isolated. The strips become visible under UV irradiation, which then be inked.

The image is now on the selected slides printed high-tech. The price scale ranging from 249 (incl. VAT) for a canvas picture 40 x 40 cm with a single DNA profile to 1079 for a Plexiglas screen 120 x 80 cm with four profiles. HELYS creates images with the fingerprints of its customers also. The DNA smears and fingerprints are processed anonymously within the company.

Hello Heaven – Earth Here

(We) Children pray differently the sensitive attempt to encourage children in own words to talk with God, the special children’s prayer book Hildesheim, Germany, August 20, 2009 – Hello heaven is here Earth by Marietta Becker. Not the stretching down verses, which sense the children often do not understand, but the free narrative stands in the foreground. The loss of the life companion and shortly thereafter, a cancer of the author are a strong mental strain on their then 8 year old daughter Lisa. She don’t want to talk about their sadness, and increasingly withdraws into himself. Mary Barra is actively involved in the matter. The author encouraged them in the evening to keep a little talk with God and quickly realized that it did you well to be able to talk all that she and oppressed, in the certainty that there is someone, listen, understand, does not judge the soul and above all: nix says. Together, they developed a kind of prayer, which has nothing to do with the memorization of formulated above, corresponds to the spirit of Jesus, when he encouraged us, we should talk to God as a loving father the book “Children pray differently” consists of 2 parts: children’s book from a small picture book can be the child select situations from everyday life, has experienced it and it wants to tell about the love the love God (joy, grief, dispute, illness, injury, disobedience, bad grades, etc.). It is important to let, what it wants to decide the child itself. Book for parents there to do so then the larger book for parents, is a possible prayer for this situation recorded for the beginning as a guide. In the course of time, then however, the child should find its own way of speaking to God. Marietta Becker Hello heaven here Earth! (We) Children pray differently Verlag Monika Fuchs Hildesheim 2009 ISBN 978-3-940078-07-0 EUR D 19,90 / sFr 30,40

Red Dot Award

Also in this year, INDEED belongs to the winners of the red dot awards. The company receives prestigious award for innovation in the kitchen appliances, the BRITA yource capsule system for the preparation of soft drinks. Developed from the results of comprehensive research on design and application testing for consumers throughout Europe, the device offers a new experience of the beverage preparation. With filtered water and the various flavor capsules, an individually refreshing drink is prepared in the blink of an eye. Also yource was created after in-depth analysis of the particular space in the kitchen with BRITA a device, which is space-saving and once more in the Center moves water through its openness and transparency. Reason enough for the jury, the dot to INDEED red to forgive. The design and innovation consulting company has maintained with the overall concept from the beginning and was responsible for the elegant design of the device. The red dot design award’ is in professional circles as a International seal of design quality is highly valued.

With more than 14,000 entries from 70 Nations, he ranks among the largest design competitions worldwide. The submitted products are judged by renowned experts from all over the world according to several criteria, including innovation and functionality. INDEED: INDEED was founded at the end of 2010 by Karel J. Golta and specializes in the areas of brand innovation, industrial design, engineering and structural packaging. The head office is Hamburg, another Office is located in Munich. The company employed from the start to 16 employees, including designers, engineers, social and economic scientists. For innovations at the pulse of time and above all market and target groups, manage trend and user research professionals. Furthermore assumes indeed few companies that operate in these areas, the engineering itself as one and stands for technically feasible product developments which are accompanied to the market completely.

Spring Awakening With The BAGL SPRINGtime 2012

Look forward to the huge exhibition, parallel to the ‘ Gallery weekend Berlin still participation opportunities for artists and artist groups! If 50 galleries invite the audience to the Gallery weekend from April 27, April 29, 2012 with different kind of tours and exhibition openings, the BAGL SPRINGtime 2012 it with BBs parallel selection of contemporary art, should not be missed. Again, forty to fifty international artists will present their artworks exclusively at the BAGL SPRINGtime central in Berlin, very close to the Hackescher Markt, at the length of the chip road 2 from 27/04-01.05.2012. The in the meantime twice a year hero, Berlin artists going live (BAGL) is established as open artist platform and is very well received by artists and art-lovers. For single artists and artists groups, the BAGL is a good alternative to on exhibition in one of the numerous galleries in Berlin. The non-profit organized BAGL is based on cost-sharing between all participating artists, in which to attractive venue as well can be financed by pooling resources as effectively event promotion. In addition a culture all-round-program will be offered for all senses. For this purpose, the two volunteer organizers Jennifer Spruss and Anja Schneider got something going. Beside the international contemporary art there will be, in good old BAGL-style, daily changing events.

The willing young Norwegian indie band “The Morningtons” specially come to Berlin with new songs for the BAGL-audience. Art in the dark does not work do you think? At the long each visitor will be equipped with Lantern kind night light sticks, flashlights etc. and is able to discover forms and colours of the artworks in a totally new way. At this unusual dark exhibition the singer and songwriter “Laura Dee” and produced piano will spoil your ear. Not only for kids Joe M core stream from “con-musica”, restaged “Max & Moritz” as a new non-violent musical story.

You can chill or dance with Clemens from Kombinat “dance + sound Kombinat” in capital – to some fresh technology and house style sounds. In contrast to this “Bianca Doring”, a more classical ARIA wants to perform. All this is just a small button of the coming events. More exciting acts are in preparation. The entire line – up of visual and performing artists and all event dates will be announced soon. Current informations and impressions of past events are always published on the website: all participants will be additionally introduced in the accompanying exhibition catalogue. During the exhibition it is possible to get some further information about the artists, if they are not able to be present in person, with the so known audio-tour.

Black Photography

Sponsors expect 300 invited guests of to exclusive event on September 14th at the Hamburg art gallery Shiseido and Olsen. Hamburg, September 13, 2011. La Vie en Rose”is the motto of the preview of EYES ON PARIS” on September 14 in the House of photography of the DEICHTORHALLEN Hamburg. Around 300 hand-picked guests follow the invitation of the DEICHTORHALLEN Hamburg, the cosmetics group Shiseido and the Hamburg fashion brand Olsen to the exclusive preview of the exhibition initiated the event by Simone Bruns (arts & communication agency), Jutta English Cirener (Shiseido) and Dorothee Ingwersen (Olsen). “The dress code sparkling pink & Black” dominated color also the French culinary of the Rose wine up to pink Macarons. In a beauty lounge by Shiseido, the guests have the possibility to refresh their look by professional make-up artists.

The exhibition curated by Hans-Michael Koetzle and Ingo Taubhorn presents photographs and books from international collections. Interpreted by camera artists shows EYES ON PARIS in the 20th century”the many facets of Paris from 1890 to today and others with rare Vintagebildern by Eugene Atget, Brassai, Mario von Bucovich, Rene Burri, and Robert Doisneau. The sensation of the exhibition is the facsimile of Shinzo Fukuharas Paris et la Seine”by 1939 Fukuhara was not only an innovative photographer but also the son of the founder of Shiseido, which built the paternal pharmacy into a modern international cosmetics company. Jutta English Cirener, Public Relations Shiseido Germany, explains: Shinzo Fukuharas special image aesthetic has influenced the Visual language of the company. “We are very pleased that his photographic work now, for the first time in Germany in the context of fair EYES ON PARIS” will be appreciated. With our commitment to the House of photography of the DEICHTORHALLEN Hamburg Shiseido underscores the continuing reference of the company to the art.” Dorothee Ingwersen, Chief of the communications team of Olsen says: fashion and photography are for Olsen already always closely interwoven.

Active Holidays And Romantic Art Enjoyment In One

The painter way week of 01 to 08 August 2010 in the Saxon Switzerland take a fantastic rock scenery as a backdrop, stripe over his shoes, up grab a brush and canvas and let then gleefully inspired. Like the painter Caspar David Friedrich as Bernardo Bellotto made it 200 years ago probably – a trend that is popular to this day. “Under the motto active holidays and romantic art enjoyment in one” cordially invites therefore the Tourism Association Saxon Switzerland e.V.: painter way week “from 01 to 08 August 2010. The painter way week combines painting courses with guided hiking tours on the Malerweg in the Saxon Switzerland. Interested parties meet for”artists from the region who know the best places to paint and draw in the nature, Yvonne Bruckner, project manager enthuses holidays by the Tourism Association. What are the prospects preferred Caspar David Friedrich, Ernst Ferdinand Oehme and Carl Gustav Carus? Gave the painter himself what life? We answer these questions during the courses or the excursions with certified guides of the National Park at length”, as Bruckner. Package painter way week”is available for four or eight days in the Saxon Switzerland.

Guests themselves choose on which days they prefer brushes and paint, or the hiking boots. Also the choice of accommodation is flexible of rustic hiking pensions up to the five-star luxury hotel is everything. Time knowledge is not required. Yvonne Bruckner by the Tourist Office recommends however to bring a personal time standard time documents, depending on the desired E.g. watercolours or acrylic paint, brushes, and don’t forget good shoes for the 4-up 6 painter way tours. For Caspar David Friedrich, the art was once mediator between nature and man.

His creative power was in the observation of nature. Similarly, it is the artists of the region today. Can be – seen at work over the shoulder them on the occasion of the painter way day on August 8th – the highlight of the painter way week. Then present etc. Painters of the Art Association Saxon Switzerland e.V. passion image-rich in the Uttewalder reason, Schramm stones and many other locations along the route of the painter. Several times awarded it is one of the most beautiful and oldest hiking routes in Germany. With his name, the Malerweg pays homage to the artists who held the Saxon Switzerland, their grace and majestic broadcast on screens in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Because Scientology

With the outbreak of the second world war, he enlisted as a Lieutenant in the Navy of the United States and served as captain on several corvettes the U boat defence. in 1945 he was considered disabled permanently, after he had suffered combat eye injury and paralysis. By applying his knowledge of mind and spirit, he was not only able to help other members of the armed forces; He was able to recover eventually, even his own health. After five years of intensive work, L. Ron Hubbard of the world presented his discoveries in his book “Dianetics: A Guide to the human mind” before. A book, which immediately became a bestseller. As the first general guide about the human mind, which had been specially written for the “man on the street”, Dianetics heralded a new era of hope for the people and a new phase of life for the author.

Hubbard researched tirelessly continue. Until late 1951 he had made many more important discoveries and also systematized, which finally resulted in the birth of a new religion: the Scientology religion. Because Scientology the entirety of life addressed and explained there is no aspect of human existence, which was not raised in L. Ron Hubbard’s subsequent work. He lived in the United States as well as in England and developed solutions for social problems such as the decline in the level of education and the consequences of the world’s exploding drug use during his further research. Total amount to L. Ron Hubbard’s works in the fields of Dianetics and Scientology to over 40 million words in 5000 fonts, including dozens of books, and over 3000 tape lectures. Taken together these works make up the legacy of his life, which ended on January 24, 1986.

But the demise of L. Ron of Hubbard’s meant an end in any way. Over one hundred million of his books are in circulation and every day millions of people use his findings to the improvement of life. More information: press-service of the SK Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, TEL. 089-38607-145, FAX. 089-38607-109,