Insurance Cars

As we have said on more than one occasion, insurers are watching the economic crisis with a health that many businessmen had been killed. But, considering that the business of insurance companies is anti-ciclico, the forecasts for 2010 should invite a number of considerations. It is estimated that premiums of insurance for cars could experience significant decreases during the course of 2010; the estimated percentage would be around 4%. Be certain this estimate, the drop would be the same proportion that the that occurred during the previous year.However, those who expect this low to moderate thanks to an improvement in the loss ratio, there is to say that they do not have high hopes. Specifically, occurs when none of the experts on insurance companies, in general, and on insurance for cars venturing in this regard.An improvement in the global economic situation, among many other positive things, would also bring increased use of the automobile and, therefore, an increased risk for the insurance companies.

In this way, obtaining positive figures is more difficult in times of economic prosperity than in times in which forecasts are worse. It is almost certain that the car insurance industry will not grow your premiums over the course of 2010, although it is possible that companies raise their values.It must also take into account that the nearly three years of economic recsion has left an automotive fleet with fewer renewal rate, i.e. it has aging in a faster way than usual now that the decline in the sale of new cars has prevented their renewal, which can also affect the increase in accidents on the road. In addition, the sale of used cars your has followed a certain pattern constant, incidienco even more in the aging of the fleet. Insurance companies specialised in insurance for cars, is confident that the situation is not so serious for your business. According to statements by some directors of insurance companies, the output of the economic crisis is going to be gradual, slow, so we do not believe that it will affect in a very negative way in the insurance business. In MMT insurance, one of the main companies of insurance for cars, are trusted so and they prepare for this or any other event of economic type, either global or local.

Nelson Rodrigues

Although the success in the fields 2 games, 2 victories the twisted one chiou and it was filed. The second attempt to launch one shirt 3 for the Flamengo was in 2001, all red. One fiasco: 1 victory, 1 ties up to and 4 defeats. In 2010, it was the time of the blue shirt and turns yellow, with results not very entertainers. In 2011, the black shirt came back, but its game of reestria, in 19.10.2011, was goleada of 4×0, in the Engenho, for the Universidad Catholic, of Chile. It seems that these experiences all only corroborate the vaticnio of the tricolor Nelson Rodrigues: ' ' For any one, the shirt valley in such a way how much a necktie.

The Flamengo does not stop. For the Flamengo, the shirt is tudo.' ' As we said, in 2010, the Flamengo adopted a blue shirt 3 and turns yellow. Here already the critical traditionalist would not have to fit: if the criterion will be the tradition, the shirt auri-indigo is successful, because, as it is known, blue and golden they had been the first colors of the club, still in the time where it only disputed regattas. As the blue one consists, would represent waters of the bay of the Guanabara, while the gold, the wealth of Brazil but has who says that they were the only ones that it had in great amount in the store (cf. Claude Walnut); curiously, the contrary argument also was used stops later changing of color (cf. Luis Miguel Pear tree). Ademais, according to Mrio Son, the shirts auri-anise also were imported. How much to the black color and the red, Luis Miguel Pear tree insinuates that it was aluso to the colors of the Jockey Club. In fact, the Jockey, established in 16.07.1868, had these colors, that kept until the fusing with the Derby Club, in 29.05.1932, giving origin to the Jockey Brazilian Club whose colors are blue and golden! That is, how much to the colors, the Jockey made the inverse way of the Flamengo.