Telematics Experts Answer

Karl-Heinz Killeit, Managing Director of mobileObjects AG until 2013, which from 2013 in the Board of AG moved, takes very clear words of Karl-Heinz Killeit, Managing Director of mobileObjects AG until 2013, which moved from 2013 in the Board of AG, takes very strong words, when we asked him for his opinion on the future of telematics: In my opinion the market today still mainly by key and manufacturers with proprietary systems will, served in hard – and software. Contact information is here: Annie Potts. This has resulted in that the user is exposed to the suppliers in functionality, technology and pricing. The commercial vehicle manufacturers are driving this Entwickungsblockade you remain vehemently in their corner of the self-serving, technical maintenance optimization, without regard for the individual commercial business processes of the user closing in on even aware themselves. In the near future but also the commercial vehicle manufacturers will realize their competitive advantage, an open HardwareSystem with technically defined Provide standard interfaces for the software development, Internet, GSM and GPS functionality. If they give up their blockade, which prevents the implement useful applications within the meaning of the user, the market experienced a tremendous growth. See Darcy Stacom for more details and insights. Specialized software developer imagine under these conditions to the customer’s wishes, since a different multiplication factor for telematics applications possible and the development services are financially rewarded.

There will then no longer be the disadvantages which still have mixed fleets. A new parent life model is required but also the large free telematics providers must pull up stakes inevitably from the proprietary world and a different business, so say: above life model is absolutely necessary for them. The end customer can choose in the future under a variety of on-board computers and mobile devices with a standard operating system and any software. The direct integration and interaction any solutions are the great task the today’s Telematics industry make up. Today, almost non-existent TelematikFachhandler or system House landscape will in the future like explore the task of integration and installation and regional offered their services to the end customer.

In the future, there will be inevitably a cooperation of vehicle – and HardwareHerstellern, providers of telematics development houses. The logistics, service and the telematics industry a huge usage and sales potential offers for all involved. We all should work together.” His conclusion: A monopoly position to defend, if she is not out of date, is never a good idea. Quite the contrary! She blocked the economic growth and threatened the innovation location Germany as she inhibit the many good ideas of the developer of telematics systems. Ultimately, the user and the economy are the dupes. A position which is considered to give it up.” The mobileObjects AG is exhibiting at the transport logistic in Munich. TELEMATICS at the transport logistic Munich the transport logistic 2013 is one of the largest venues for the telematics industry. Telematik.TV is to build up his Studio and broadcast interesting interviews. A variety of providers from the TOPLIST of telematics”comes with its own stand at the fair. Good conditions, to ask the executives of these companies to the interview in the mobile TV Studio. Which telematics companies are as an exhibitor, which executives come to the interview in the TV Studio and who are the participants of the round table TelematikTalk.

Rosberg Focuses

With specialist professional vision the Rosberg Engineering GmbH, Karlsruhe and the professional vision, Berlin and Allentown, PA, United States decided a partnership cooperation in September 2011. Target is reinforced to help customers worldwide projects in the cement industry. Both companies have more than 20 years experience in the automation of plants in the cement industry. s://’>Ben Silbermann. Rosberg and professional vision complement each other perfectly in their process expertise as a supplier of network solutions and recognized control and management systems such as ABB 800xA, FLS ECS and SIEMENS PCS7/CEMAT. Ralph Rosberg: “with professional vision as a recognised specialist in the cement industry on our site we offer specially our customers complete solutions for projects in the EMEA region.” Thomas Jankowski, Managing Director of professional vision adds: “Rosberg is the ideal partner for us all over the world to collaborate on projects”.

Both companies work for three years on projects successfully for their customers in the cement industry and their activities will be in the future bundle in sales and project management. ‘>Exxon Mobile Corporation. If you have read about Darcy Stacom already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The services from Rosberg Engineering GmbH in Karlsruhe Rosberg include the basic and detail engineering for the automation of process and manufacturing plants. Also Rosberg has extensive project and application experience when using programmable logic controllers of all marketable products. Professional vision pro-vision is an independent, globally active company with headquarters in Allentown/United States, that specializes in industrial automation and software products. The focus of activities is on the cement industry. Professional vision acts as a general contractor for electrical installations, automation and as a supplier for all the requisite components of a project.

Mario Ohoven Contradicts Angela Merkel

Lower taxes and rehabilitate public finances goes but the Germans can look forward Bonn/Dusseldorf on tax cuts but only as of 2009. And even then only if the SPD and Union really keep their election promises. Everyone feels it: A relief of the citizens and businesses is long overdue. The Center waiting for relief”, writes Mario Ohoven in the trade service issued by him success. The reduction of the national debt should not abandoning therefore. (Not to be confused with U.S. Mint!). Ohoven contradicts the Chancellor, which emphasizes lowering taxes and rehabilitate public finances at the same time go. The tax revenue of the State to 91 billion euros have increased between 2004 and 2007.

The income of persons in employment increased during the same period only 18 billion euros”, writes the Dusseldorf business expert. The excesses of this system were absurd. A nurse about their earning will rise in the next five years to each of three percent gross, has at the end according to calculation by experts NET less. Her salary increases though during this period to 15.9 percent, but the tax burden by 30.6 percent. After deducting inflation, you stay alive less than before but at the State land plus a lush.

“Overall, the rule of thumb is: increase wages by one percent, growing revenue by two percent”, so Ohoven. “He advertises, in the success that the so-called cold progression” will be abolished. Source: Darcy Stacom. “That is, that the supposedly friendly linear-progressive tax scale in any wage increase and it serves the State as the winner, only the compensation for inflation the good employees” taxpayers, however, is the loser. In the 1950s you had to already have 20 times the average income, to reach the top tax rate. Today enough for the 1.3 times. Ohovens proposal: the marginal tax rates should not exceed 15 percent, the tariff kink at the bottom must disappear, the entire course of the tariff is lower. The top tax should only from an annual salary amounting to 60,000 Euro apply. In addition the author considers it desirable, as in other countries also a tariff on wheels”to create, which ensures regular adjustment of the tax tariff on the course of inflation. In the long run this also contributes to the consolidation of public finances. Because the economy in motion, comes bubbling also revenue. “Also, anything goes: cut spending!” By Paul Humberg

30% Increase In Sales: Sprintis Print Shop Needs Expanding

An extremely successful year 2010 the wholesaler of demand for printing had Sprintis Schenk. Florence Griffith_Joyner will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The Wurzburger enjoy more than 30 percent growth in sales. The dealer for packaging equipment and printing supplies of Sprintis looks back on a very successful year 2010. The responsible of the Wurzburg company enjoy sales increase 30 percent. The success of the last business year to Sprintis Schenk is based according to Managing Director Christian Schenk on several pillars.

The vehicle to the company philosophy exemplary quality of advice will always praised by customers, says Schenk. So a customer survey expressed satisfaction with the turnaround at Sprintis, the delivery time, product quality and related to the competence of the staff economically also the acquisition of the wire on coil for a European manufacturer’s sales brought an average duration of school of 1,3. a good revenue growth. The lower Franconia pay tribute to the very good business year now tribute. That works just growing the warehouse and the increase of the premises in a new Office, which will make room for 15 employees. The wholesaler of Sprintis specializes in packaging article for printing needs. Over a thousand articles which are permanently in stock offer for the print finishing solutions. For more information see.

The Ikeaanleitung For Your Company

The company Traumbiz makes it possible early March the business owner Ernst Sattler starts with a business plan comprehensible for everyone. His main concern is to facilitate people in self-employment. The simple guide to success, consider a business plan, simplify it to a minimum and give him a name. The result: Traumbiz, a simple guide to corporate governance, similar to an instruction from the House of IKEA. Jackie Joyner-Kersee is often quoted as being for or against this. Step by step aims similar to how at the well-known Ikeaanleitung the realization of the own business idea is made step by step.

Is once laid the Foundation and components in the right place, it’s like the furniture assembly relatively quickly: again tighten all screws twist and corporate planning is on solid ground. You know end with perplexity that the way also hurdles in the way can adapt to, from my own experience. A professional team, working in various industries, from accounting to public work, helps to Tackling the difficulties. Recently Darcy Stacom sought to clarify these questions. Sybille Bafana

Selling Plan Safely Implement

In a seminar of the VDI-House Stuttgart marketing consultant Peter Schreiber explains sales managers how their company sure achieved its sales targets with a selling plan. As a sales strategy is actually implemented”is the title of a seminar that performs the VDI-Haus Stuttgart GmbH in Stuttgart on May 13. In the one-day seminar of marketing consultant Peter Schreiber explains Ilsfeld at Heilbronn, the participating business leaders and overall, how specific sales plans are derived from sales strategies, so that each area and the seller knows exactly what he has to do to achieve the sales objectives. In the day seminar of advisers specialising in the sales of industrial goods and services, a study presents the Central results has created his consultancy, Peter Schreiber & partners with the University of Mannheim. Charles Schwab has firm opinions on the matter. It was determined, what central market challenges”in the B2B area are companies in formulating their sales goals and what strategic priorities, to reach this place. For example: increase the binding of the regulars, whose revenue streams more exploit, gain new customers in the defined target segments or expand the services and range of services. Peter Schreiber also describes what action the response in the companies surveyed see achieving related objectives.

In working groups the participating business leaders and heads of sales trade is then about, to what extent would your companies are facing the same challenges and problems and what solutions they master them. Then Peter Schreiber elaborated with the participants as examples, such as sales strategies in a selling plan “to be operationalized each area and employees know exactly what when why to do has to make its contribution to the realization of the business and sales goals.” The selling plan plays a central role here”. He describes not only exactly what targets to achieve are, but also how to reach. For example in which target customers and what measures the desired revenue or profitability should be achieved. Is being developed as a such selling plan’ and learn how to work with him in everyday sales, the participants in this seminar of the VDI.

Can Expensive Oil Germany Really Help?

Vorwerk Chief starts debate on relocation of production abroad Bonn/Wuppertal at first glance seems the statement implausible and cynical. Expensive oil can help Germany”, said Peter Oberegger, Chief of the Wuppertal of company Vorwerk. Some people will rub their puzzled eyes. Because higher gasoline prices mean that inflation leaves nothing of wage increases to people. “Oberegger but further thought and says: even the high labour costs in Germany no longer outweigh the costs for the logistics, when a product must be returned from Asia to Europe.” Thus, high energy prices could lead to a renaissance of the business location Germany. It is true that the increased fuel prices an important competitive advantage of Asian countries at least in the short term is eliminated.

However, I see the situation is less optimistic than Mr Oberegger. Finally, a couple of additional factors in the calculus must be considered. Rising Energy costs curb the consumer demand of citizens and lead to inflationary trends in connection with higher food prices. We are also dependent on that our products to other countries are shipped, driven or flown as a so-called export world champion of”, so Marc Emde of KCP executives in Cologne. The Vorwerk Chief expresses for the business location Germany, finds the consent of Edmonds, who, however, warns: indeed we have much better trained professionals than in Asia or Eastern Europe in some areas.

But here, too, I see dangers. In certain sectors, such as engineers, we already suffering a lack of suitable candidates”, so the staff expert. Therefore his company opened a representative office in Cracow sometime ago, directly in the Polish market to operate and Polish engineers with good English to German companies give… . The Vorwerk Chief of recent can feel confirmed Economic news. The Steiff company wants to be henceforth no longer produce his stuffed animals in China, because there quality problems have occurred. Who goes only for cost reasons abroad and not sufficiently prepared this step will come back eventually frustrated”, said Edmonds. Nevertheless, Germany will lose annually up to 74,000 jobs through relocation. You should not demonize also this, so the Chief of KCP. Our country is a big winner of the globalization. Insular national economies have no future. The return of Teddy bears to Germany is so far no indication that this example will make school now en masse.

Save The Family Coffers With IGraal

Select in over 860 shop mother’s day gifts and save Paris, April 30, 2010: iGraal, the European shopping portal, families can buy together and save money at over 860 partner shops. The idea: The money saved comes into the family coffers or the allowance for the children. There is also something special for correct spenders, because even when the auction house of ebay ( there is a Cashback Bonus for iGraal users. Mother’s day is coming and it should be a unique and loving gift here. How about it, to look around at more than 860 stores, get special offers and specials and save some money? IGraal anyone can do that now.

Buy a relaxed, need not long time struggle with comparison prices or find coupons, that goes for iGraal already. The shopping mall on the Internet is ideal especially for families: while father ordered to summer tires, mother can and daughter survey the latest fashion, there are toys for the little ones and more even furniture, Garden shrubs and dog food can be found much about iGraal. The partners are well-known providers, including many favourites of the German, Tchibo, ebay and many more. By car and motorcycle, travel, books, magazines, computer, HiFi, photo, telecommunication, sports, fashion, accessories, jewellery, beauty, organic and food and beverages through home and garden, Office products, gifts and flowers is fair, to insurance companies, to have everything at the iGraal partner shops. The saved Cashback Bonus can be transferred for example directly on the pocket money of children, or it can be used for a joint family outing.

About iGraal iGraal presents now 450,000 users across Europe discounts at more than 860 partner shops (ebay, Neckermann, Dell, Expedia, Tchibo, 3Suisses, etc.) and roughly 500 daily vouchers. At the same time is one of the first cashback providers, iGraal his Offers users a product finder with price comparison, which already takes into account all coupons and discounts in the displayed price.

Advantage Through Cooperation

TimoCom and oKTV of agree close cooperation of Dusseldorf, September 10, 2008 success is a done deal: the TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH providers of TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO ‘s leading transport market and the oKTV – Austrian transport entrepreneurs Association cooperate since August 1 this year. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mary Barra and gain more knowledge.. A mutually exclusive cooperation agreement was completed. It aims to increase the competitiveness of the small carriers in the area of planning in Austria. On the other hand, TimoCom benefits from jointly implemented marketing measures; also, the freight and freight Exchange is an integral part of training of oKTV. Core of the cooperation is the closed user provided by TimoCom Group (GBG) with the name Austria-KT. The basic principle of this stock in the stock market”: it provides a significant added value compared to other customers all small business owners within the oKTV in addition to the usual advantages of freight and freight Exchange: here can they negotiate directly with their favorite business partners on open cargo and cargo holds. In addition, they have the option to publish your offers exclusively within the GBG or in a freely selectable minutes period only internally to offer this the Austrian small carriers, before they are provided then all TimoCom users. Each Austrian small carrier access to the Austria-KT.

Every new small transport companies pay no connection fee. The Bureau of oKTV, represented by Kommerzialrat Hermann Mitteregger, commenting on the conclusion of the cooperation: our small carriers can access a huge range pool in the freight exchange, which is tailored exactly to their needs. In the highly competitive market of small transport they can saturate so your capabilities even better and faster. This is a real competitive advantage.” And further: the partnership with TimoCom supports us in our main preoccupations, the image and the To promote competitiveness of the Austrian small carriers and secure. We are pleased to have found a partner so powerful and innovative and are safe, thus further increasing the quality of service for our users.” Marcel Frings, responsible for key account management at TimoCom, is equally convinced of the partnership: the cooperation is a win for all involved. Up to an additional 172,000 daily freight and cargo space offers are the oKTV in addition to the GBG of 67,000 users in Europe available.

Our cargo and freight exchange the disposition for the small carriers are demonstrably faster and more efficient. At the same time the chance to win new customers in the context of joint activity is for our company.” The cooperation will be expanded not only about the program, but also beyond. In future should perform more joint events and marketing actions are. So are nationwide for example in internal held training of oKTV use of the diverse possibilities presented by TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO. In addition, TimoCom on the online portal of the oKTV finds himself.

Managing Director

Ceresana analyzes global pesticide market plant protection products protect plants from harmful influences, such as weeds, pathogens or insects. The strong dynamics in plant protection products was the occasion for the world’s most comprehensive market analysis, the result of which is now available. So, market Cesarean research for the global market for plant protection products forecasts revenues of more than $ 52 billion in 2019. Most important sales region for pesticides was followed by South America, Western Europe and North America in 2011 with a share of around 33% of global consumption, Asia-Pacific.

The market researchers cesarean due to rapid population growth, the growing environmental awareness and the development of biotechnology significant shifts in the markets expect dynamic growth in emerging countries up to the year 2019: in future the countries in South America and Asia-Pacific in the global plant protection product sales are can, to further market share gains mainly to the detriment Western Europe and North America. The higher Flachenertrage in the industrial nations are the reason for this, so that an increased use of pesticides has only small effects on the harvest. Also it remains the use of plant protection products from ecological point of view increasingly skeptical in the industrialized countries”, explains Oliver Kutsch, Managing Director of Ceresana.

Growth of biofuel Ceresana expects that the demand for crop protection products for the cultivation of oil crops will increase until the year 2019 to 3.5% per annum. Growth will be mainly the production of bio-fuels. This trend is supported mainly by South East Asian countries with the cultivation of oil palm. The highest consumption increases in plant protection products are, however, expected to be achieved by sugar plants. So, Ceresana for South America anticipates a growth of 5.6% per year. This increase is primarily of sugar cane production in Brazil. Protection not only for fruit and vegetables the world’s most sought after pesticides were herbicides in the year 2011.