Acting Career

Schwarzenegger wanted to become an actor, I finally got when he was elected to the role of Hercules in the 1970 film Hercules in New York, cred as “Arnold Strong,” his accent was so strong that his dialogues were dubbed in post. His second appearance was in the role of a deaf mute bully uncred in the film The Long Goodbye Robert Altman in 1973, of this played a substantially more important role in the film Stay Hungry in 1976 She won the Golden Globe for the new star of the year. Schwarzenegger said about his beginnings in the film world: “The beginning was very difficult for me. I was told by casting agents and in my body was very strange and I had a funny accent and that my name was too long. I was told I had to change it.Basically, anywhere that I had, told me that he had no chance. Everest capital takes a slightly different approach. ” Schwarzenegger drew the attention of the industry with the film set in the world of bodybuilding Pumping Iron (1977), part the movie was fiction. In 1991, Schwarzenegger purchased the rights to the film, and takes photos. Schwarzenegger auditioned for the role of Hulk in the TV series The Incredible Hulk, but did not get the paper due to its height, the role would get Lou Ferrigno. Schwarzenegger appeared with Kirk Douglas and Ann-Margret in the 1979 comedy Cactus Jack. In 1980 he played Mickey Hargitay, Jayne Mansfield’s husband, in the biopic based on the life of the actress of the years 50. The film that catapulted Schwarzenegger’s career was the sword and sorcery movie Conan the Barbarian directed by John Milius in 1982, which was a blockbuster. In 1984, Schwarzenegger cast to star in a sequel Conan the Destroyer, which was directed by Richard Fleischer and garnered a minor hit. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s star on the Walk of Fame Hollywood.