Xylitol The Best Natural Sugar Substitute

never again caries, plaque and 40prozent of fewer calories than sugar is the conventional industrial sugar today in many food and finished products in a lot our health not very pro-European, is. But there is a natural product, which can be seen as an alternative to the traditional household sugar. Educate yourself with thoughts from Angela Zepeda. This product is referred to as xylitol or also xylitol and belongs to the sugar substitute. It is a quintuple sugar with wonderful health benefits. It has 40% fewer calories than the regular table sugar and has still a property that is outstanding for oral health.

Bacteria that are responsible for tooth decay, can not metabolize the sugar. Daily mouth rinses have the effect that this tooth decay-causing bacteria greatly reduced, thus less acidity on the teeth are formed and less teeth are damaged after teeth cleaning with xylitol. With this wonderful product you can even without a guilty conscience to get, bake a cake, making not necessarily fat. Xylitol can be obtained in pharmacies and by Internet service providers. In pharmacies, the product is often very expensive. Very much cheaper than in pharmacies but get xylitol by some Internet providers. Sugar substitute is a very good source for the acquisition of Xylitolpulver and xylitol products. Here you will find high-quality fine-grained Xylitolpulver made in Germany, but also a very good cheaper product from Asia and other xylitol products such as toothpaste, candy and chewing gum. Meanwhile, there are several providers of xylitol on the Internet. The company Zuckerersatz.de (www.zuckerersatz.de) is one of the few companies that provides information about the origin of the Xylitolpulvers and offers the product into air-tight packaged boxes with aroma and moisture protection.