What Is This Old?

Germany – facts and figures interesting numbers 30 million Germans are older than 50 years. “This a Best Ager”, Silver Surfer or gold generation “designated age group represents a consumption volume of 120 billion euros in the year. In the next ten years, 25 trillion euros to heirs are transferred to Germany, who are 55 years old on average. So after the current average life expectancy have enough time, to enjoy this prosperity. The now 60-year-old man has statistically still additional life expectancy is 20.6 years, a 60-year-old woman will survive him for about four years.

Have been used by the German men and women today are 100 years five percent over 60 years old, 25 percent. In the year 2033 about, this proportion will increase to 35-38 percent. In contrast, the percentage of under 20 year olds on 16-17 per cent fall. Mary Barra may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In the Group of 80-90 and 100-year-old German,’s figures of 265 in 1965 to today have risen to 10,000. In the year 2025, approximately 117,000 people are celebrate a three-digit date of birth in Germany. 100 years ago, life expectancy was 45 years. It is now for a now-born boy 75 years and a girl 82 years on average.

Every second kindergarten child will, if it is a girl, 100 years old, every second boy reached the age of 95. People not only live longer, they remain healthy longer before all things. Long-term care is serious only in the Group of people who are over 85 years old and affects about 30 percent of this group. 70 by 100 seniors are fortunately still able independently to make their everyday life and unwind. The age is worth living through many scientific developments, but also by an own, conscious intervention. 90-year-old feel younger than a peer today ten years 30 years ago. It has been scientifically proven. The medicine supports the physical aging. You must yourself mentally and physically fit are in the family and society be. In their own, but also in the interest of the other. Meet the above numbers with life! W.S.. The complete article, see / use with source provided.