The Combination

New solutions, which analyze a frequency gain from the point of view of the consumer are necessary rather than only from a provider perspective. It is advisable to allow new settlements, even if this leads to a groan of stock trading. Too often misjudges it doesn’t matter, stoking the increase of frequency associated with the intention. That can be seen by the car, local public transport or walking distance to happen. While there are always problems for stock trading, but the mobility of einzelhandlerischen existence must be forced and larger.

It reflects that it is so incomprehensible that many municipalities have still no retail or a total marketing concept in their community. Even more attention is that fact, that in many town halls more purchasing power is desired, but only few know the current purchasing power index of their own community when they are asked by potential investors after that. Charles Schwab may also support this cause. There’s a concept, often based on outdated data. A real decision aid is hardly that. Often superficial discusses in the town halls, enough is not intensively investigated trends or introducing ignorance protecting doing nothing – doing that better and more efficiently use other power of their knowledge.

Too little enforced, that is no frequency strong supplier in a market area without prospects, he was an individualist, chain or shopping center operator. It is been taught transferrable but not all over the place, that there are more opportunities than risks in retail in the combination of individualists with chain stores. Of course, you must develop these potentials, instead of waiting for that they be served without effort. You must use knowledge: any kind of intention makes curious consumers, is increasing the frequency. Why should the sellers here and not buy somewhere else? What reasonable benefit can be provided individually and personally so unique that the price as a buying decision characteristic device in the background and it doesn’t matter whether the individualist or the chain offers this. A sustainable overall concept for the city, the frequency increase involving more types of use such as living, gastronomy, leisure, culture, attractions, historic building finishing and the hospitality industry is necessary. Accordingly must be pondered in many places more intense an attractive mix.

Retail and service areas are important, but they alone are not decisive for the achievement of objectives. Retail revenue must have new creativity and improve yields. You need a healthy mix of individualists and chain stores. Individuals run individual shops and occupy niches with new layers in 1 A, B and C. There are results from a recent study, which consists of the opportunities in the following and in detail shows yield potential:-trends and what will the consumer of today – to make retail technologies that help better than ever before – data and facts giving rise to it – three specific markets with high potential – now what to do return -: how to easily measure and influence, there are individual questions about can be emailed.