Money and Credit

It will be that in the carnival all are equal? The social differences and the abyss that separate and the B, will be that electric trios finish to the sound them? Certainly that not! The carnival that did not discern color, financial condition, today does not pass of a parade of blocks of the supplied ones that they are had fun showing for the prohibit ones that there in the avenue the money and the credit cards make the diversion if to become better for some folies. Already it was the time where the carnival was popular party and that all played and if they amused in one same block. Today the carnavalesca company created the famous election, where she does not have more equality, the integration of all in an objective of being does not have more happy. Who has purchase its ‘ ‘ abadas’ ‘ leaves if showing block-type each time more pompous, separating to the wage-earning people with its ropes and lambs that they hinder until if possible, to attend this spectacle of the discrimination. It remains to this excluded classroom the remaining portions of a party that were made to cheer the supplied ones and in consequence to silence the spirits of that they always eat the regurgitated leftovers of the perfidious and prejudiced elite. Whiskey and cachaa never go to join, as wage-earning and cards without limits, therefore, a rope brutally separates to diversion and exhibition.

The people if amuses showing a esfuziante joy, even so fugaz, but he plays and to laugh rendering crazy in the avenue and many times forgets until everything is finished in the Wednesday. The elite, this shows its money wanting to swallow ones to the others and forgets to play, its party finishes in doses of whiskey that stop the happiness. The ropes separate classrooms, but the joy and the diversion are not in banking accounts.