Kindergarten Photographer

funny anecdotes from Kindermunde, collected by the Oehrlein kindergarten photographer Ralf I work long as you daily to do photographer in the kindergarten – and Schulbereich.Wenn in the nursery with children, seen in many funny anecdotes. Only the naming. “It is not just a photographer, no, often it is renamed, Fotooperierer sounds very medically, sometimes gets mixed up with his equipment” Hello Mr camera “, already the”Schokograf”or”GuteWitzeMann”was funnier.It came during the active phase of the tennis player Steffi Graf several times to the following beautiful confusion: “look Mamma, because he is the Lord”Steffi Graf”.” “” Also the following slip of a boy of who looked to me changing the battery was great: “Oh, the photographer makes new bacteria in his camera”. Well, let’s just not the Health Department listen that! One day I photographed with a fall decoration. The children should sit on a straw bale, what all did almost all, just a little boy steadfastly refused. His mother me later reported, he told her, he wanted to not take a picture because he was wearing his new pants. With this he could not contact Yes on a dung heap.

But the most beautiful story happened near the city of Kaiserslautern. I was the Kaiserslauterner Roten asked devil of a father, bekennendem football fan if I could photograph his son in the FC Kaiserslautern’s shirt. The small year Steppke Jersey complete with boots and a ball appeared said, done, shortly afterwards under the arm. Proudly standing in front of the camera the little and was urged by his father: “And now the Betzeschlachtruf!”. “” The boy looked very excited and shouted: “FC Baaayern!” Everyone laughed except for the father who was as genuine Lautrer ever not laughing.Whether he has disinherited his child? Tomorrow, it goes back to kindergarten in the hopes to experience new beautiful stories. Should I have aroused your interest in my kindergarten photography, for examples see.