Ice Rink

The first ice rink came in the homeland of hockey in Canada. Glory and the first success in prototyping modern rinks owned by Canadians, brothers Lester and Joe Patrick, who on Christmas Eve in 1912 opened in Victoria, Canada's first enclosed ice arena. The cost of the arena was fantastic at the time – $ 110,000, the arena housed 4,000 people. Three days later, the brothers opened a second Patrick ice arena in Vancouver, Canada. Value This scene was even higher – $ 210,000, but this scene could already hold more than 10,000 people.

Especially for this purpose was created the largest refrigerator in the world. During the following decades the brothers, Patrick, have created hundreds of ice arenas in the northwest U.S. and western Canada. You may want to visit t parker host to increase your knowledge. Today, the U.S. operates more than 1,700 ice arenas.

The cost of modern ice rinks can be tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. In the refrigeration unit used to create the ice arena or ice rink uses the same principle as a conventional air conditioner or refrigerator. However, the main difference is that the refrigerant (refrizhirant) refrigeration system is not in direct contact with water (ice) is no effect on the water / ice directly. Instead, to sub-zero temperatures, a special solution is cooled (this may be a solution of calcium chloride, propylene glycol, or 32-40% solution dvumolekulyarnogo alcohol – ethylene glycol) which, passing under pressure through a complex system of tubes (mat – the base drum only) allows you to create and maintain the ice at the arena. The system of mats, the foundations of the roller can be made of steel or plastic tubing. For seasonal rink mat system is typically installed on a sand-based or similar ground-based. In most stationary roller system of tubes (roller mats) is set to concrete or sand base (see below). The basis of the rink – Ice Arena on certain professional arenas to create the most transparent ice prepared using de-onizirovannaya water but plain water from water is also well suited for this purpose.


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