According to RETORE, 2009, in this activity, about 70% of the production costs they are represented by the feeding, generally composed for hay of alfalfa, maize and bran of soy, what it results in high cost of the end item. This fact demonstrates the importance to direct scientific efforts for the study of alternative sources to the use of traditional ingredients, thus reducing the production costs, however, without affecting the efficiency of conversion in commercial product. According to Cheeke (1989), the rabbits can be created with diets consisting of fodder plants and agro-industrial co-products, which are more digestible for this species of what for swines and birds, due to its intestinal capacity, that allows them to use to advantage with bigger efficiency the nutrients, transforming them into meat of noble quality. In accordance with AXE, the majority of the studies objectifying to evaluate the nutricionais recommendations and its effect on the productive income of rabbits, demonstrates a great variability in the alimentary efficiency, which must in great part to the differences in the quality of raw materials used for the balancing of the trinmio protein, energy and dietary fiber. Thus the inclusion of voluminous taking care of the dietary fiber necessity, presents difficult standardization and possesss effect. In such a way, the rabbit presents capacity of if to feed with considerable amount of fibrosos products, however, is a little efficient animal in the use of the fiber as power plant, being inferior, in this aspect, to the ruminants and the equines and, also, swines.

These differences can be attributed more to the content in lignocelulsicos complexes, that to the proper fiber text of the diet. (GARCI’A, 1997). The importance of the fiber in the nutrition of the rabbits is not limited, only, to its value as nutritional supplement, but also it becomes related with the regulation of the transit of the digesta and with the maintenance of the integrity of the intestinal mucosa (Of BLAS et al., 1999).

Barbie Culture

Barbie Culture: The World color of rose Created for Ruth ' ' falecida' ' its first husband Eliot in 1959. Ruth when seeing its Barbarous son playing with paper dolls that changed of clothes. Get more background information with materials from U.S. Mint. She came to the idea to create a doll with the adult, different feio of the dolls of the time. As Ruth the doll with adult feio is for giving to inspiration when the child to grow and to become an adult, symbol of beauty and refined youth. The first doll dressed clothes well simple: a white and black striped bathing suit, a used suit at the time. In 60 years it was to the first full doll to be maquiada and of accessories. The Barbie name that was placed in the doll, therefore was the nickname of its son.

But articles attribute to the creation of Barbie the Ruth Handler, the owner of the Mattel, however it attributes 99% of the Ryan credit (2 husband of the same one), since Ryan ' ' He was stubborn for long legs, fine waist and satiated seios and demanded this in the women with who if relacionava' ' , she was married 5 times. From there, the origin of the blue eyes, blond hair and the forms of the body of Barbie. In 1967, the first Afro-American doll appears of the Barbie Series. However, the doll was made using the molds of the head of Barbie white and it did not have the face characteristics of the black people. But only in 1968 that the first Afro-American doll appears. The Mattel produced a doll white and a black, the critics had commented that for the Afro-American community it is a pejorativo term, that means that the people are black for are and white on the inside. The doll had little success and the Mattel collected becoming it article for collectors.

Oliveira Blacksmith

He is this that we can verify in says of Sheila Kelly de Oliveira Blacksmith ‘ ‘ the communitarian life pra me represents an oasis whose waters overflow for that if they approach to us. The communitarian life has been one salvation of God in my life, therefore they take me to the brothers to leave itself and to win my egoism. I found in each brother a treasure, a joy takes that me to love and to continue. It is not easy many times, therefore in a family its challenges of relationships also exist, etc. But the years if pass and each day I can win these desafios’ ‘. With regard to the leisure experiences, they affirm the interlocutors who are well beneficial, serving to fortify the communitarian life and the fraternais bows.

In this direction, Alves tells to Figueredo Joo ‘ ‘ for us of Shalom vocation, something that it marks very our life is the convivncia between brothers. To be together, learning with the other for we are different. Mary Barra pursues this goal as well. Then in the community one day exists that generally is in the week, where all the brothers being together, has a healthy leisure. A leisure marked for joy, fraternity moment, if cheering with the presence of irmo’ ‘. Through simplicity and creativity diverse experiences had been mentioned of leisure that happens in the interior and is of the community, between them, games, dynamic, tricks, strolls to attend selected films, to talk with ‘ ‘ irmos’ ‘ , to go to the cinema etc.

In this perspective, Gomes (2008) affirms: Thus, the leisure includes the enjoyment of diverse manifestations of the culture, such as the game, the trick, the party, the stroll, the trip, the sport and the diverse forms of arts (painting, sculpture, literature, dance, theater, music, cinema), between innumerable others possibilidades.CONSIDERAES FINAISPara the members of the Community of Shalom Life the identification between them if constructs a priori for the calling the holy ghost that if of the one by means of a charisma one that it holds an ideal to be lived and as consequence of this the family, where each member if becomes interprets the same of dom. However, although they believe that the motivation for to participate of the life in community if gives through the call of God, can observe in its speeches that the fraternity generated for the daily conviviality (conjunct in common, leisure, division of tasks, apostolate, allotment of life) it determines the identitrios bonds and it inside supports the members of the community, since, for them the other is reflected of the proper Deus.Esperamos that this study can contribute to foment other quarrels around this thematic one, exciting new research that it can produce on knowledge the construction of the identitrios bonds in communities religiosas.

Didactic Tool Metodolgica

Being based on the National Curricular Parameters? PCNs, the minimum resume for disciplines Physical Education contemplates the gymnastics, fights, dances and sport. Conquanto, is perceived that the Physical Education since decades behind has as objective to make possible functional pleasure, with basic base in the movement. Details can be found by clicking Angela Zepeda or emailing the administrator. Having it to make possible to the pupil the multiplicity of its possibilities of the movement, extending its available world. Breaking of this premise this work she has the objective to verify the fight of karat as element of the content fights in the lessons physical education of basic education II in public net of Itabuna? Bahia and to apply the fight of karat in a public School..

Universal Studios

The Snoopy is the main personage of the park and as I have one beagle in house it is clearly that I am much fan of this place. Universal Studios – Los Angeles measures is it of the films and clearly that the Universal Studios cannot be of it are. My favourite toy is the Studio Tour where we make a stroll for sets of filming. It finishes the night in the CityWalk. Six Flags Magic Mountain is one of the best Russian mountain parks of the world. Next to it call Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is the aquatic park.

The studios of Sony and the Warner make tours where visitors can see the places of filmings where she is common to find an artist that way walking. Los Angeles also is an excellent starting point for the accomplishment of cruises. The main destinations are the coast pacify Mexican and Baja California, Hawaii and Canada and Alaska. The main strolls you can you carry through them in an only day. Of morning he uses to advantage to visit the sidewalk of the fame, Chinese theater, theater kodak. Shortness the lunch and the afternoon in Berverly Hills. It walks for the Rodeo Drive, takes off a photo in front of the hotel Beverly Wilshire where a Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts was filmed.

Long Beach and Queen Mary – the famous ship queen mary is come alongside here. Today it is a hotel. Exactly being housed in it he is not possible to make guided visits. Of the other side of the Queensway Bay Bridge of is the Aquarium the Pacific. Famous Pier 1909 is the main point of Mnica Saint. There a park of diversions exists as those that we see in old films. Since walking we can there arrive at the Third Street Promenade where we find 4 quarteres of store and excellent restaurants. Well next to the pier inn is the Holiday Monica Saint. It tm an excellent price for who desires to be with comfort but without luxury in Monica Saint. Following for the south we arrive in Malibu where many celebrities live. Venice Beach is another beach destination very badalado. It is in the Ocean Front Walk a badalado calado where everything happens. New Port Beach mixes the luxury with the Californian praiano flavor. The beaches of California have an only style. They are very different of what we find in other parts of the world. The luxury walks of given hands simplicity. The sea is not these things there but the atmosphere of the cities is contagiante and of the will never to leave from there. A place where people millionaire walk of slipper with a plate of surfe in the hand if mixing the all type of people stopping to eat in any small door in the esquinas. For photos, videos and more information have access:

Nelson Rodrigues

Although the success in the fields 2 games, 2 victories the twisted one chiou and it was filed. The second attempt to launch one shirt 3 for the Flamengo was in 2001, all red. One fiasco: 1 victory, 1 ties up to and 4 defeats. In 2010, it was the time of the blue shirt and turns yellow, with results not very entertainers. In 2011, the black shirt came back, but its game of reestria, in 19.10.2011, was goleada of 4×0, in the Engenho, for the Universidad Catholic, of Chile. It seems that these experiences all only corroborate the vaticnio of the tricolor Nelson Rodrigues: ' ' For any one, the shirt valley in such a way how much a necktie.

The Flamengo does not stop. For the Flamengo, the shirt is tudo.' ' As we said, in 2010, the Flamengo adopted a blue shirt 3 and turns yellow. Here already the critical traditionalist would not have to fit: if the criterion will be the tradition, the shirt auri-indigo is successful, because, as it is known, blue and golden they had been the first colors of the club, still in the time where it only disputed regattas. As the blue one consists, would represent waters of the bay of the Guanabara, while the gold, the wealth of Brazil but has who says that they were the only ones that it had in great amount in the store (cf. Claude Walnut); curiously, the contrary argument also was used stops later changing of color (cf. Luis Miguel Pear tree). Ademais, according to Mrio Son, the shirts auri-anise also were imported. How much to the black color and the red, Luis Miguel Pear tree insinuates that it was aluso to the colors of the Jockey Club. In fact, the Jockey, established in 16.07.1868, had these colors, that kept until the fusing with the Derby Club, in 29.05.1932, giving origin to the Jockey Brazilian Club whose colors are blue and golden! That is, how much to the colors, the Jockey made the inverse way of the Flamengo.