Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common male sexual dysfunctions that are known, the problem is the lack of control over the arrival of orgasm, that is, the man ejaculates early, usually before their partner reaches a satisfaction or even in serious cases, before penetration. It was believed that most men acquired dysfunction as a result of age because in old age reduces the testosterone level and thus the desire and sexual potency, but is now known that young people also suffer from very frequent , in particular by the acquisition of bad habits of masturbation and sexual culture without appropriate advice. The problem puts man in very uncomfortable and even become an embarrassment and frustration, since you can not consciously monitor the arrival of his ejaculation. Also over time, if the picture is complicated is very possible the emergence of problems of infertility, which would undertake further over its implementation and even as male. Premature ejaculation is rooted in both physical and psychological factors, where stress, depression, lack of confidence, a hormonal imbalance and weight management problems, have much to contribute to the appearance and / or complication of the dysfunction. You can also occur as a complication of chronic diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and problems with organs that are involved in the process of ejaculation. Facing this reality, from the pharmacological point of view, resources are very limited effectiveness, where his administration is way more than palliative, with very significant side effects including headaches and insomnia. They are also available for external use products such as creams and sprays made from anesthetics for use at the penis whose work is numb in order to delay the moment of ejaculation.

Here are some recommendations that will serve natural rate to slow complication of premature ejaculation box: First, eat a well balanced diet to provide adequate energy and vitality for your body to comply with all the best physical activities. Physical Exercise to strengthen your muscles and cardiovascular system, this will also benefit in maintaining a healthy weight or look and a better appearance. Make frequent workouts to strengthen your pelvic muscles or muscle PC, so there is more force in that area and better erections. Eat often saffron, its benefits will help to facilitate long-term control over their ejaculation. Practice systematic masturbation that leaves aside the anxious search of pleasure that leads to orgasm and focus on learning to identify and control the level of excitement for long periods of time, eventually it will serve to prolong sex. Control your breathing, concentration and practice postures in which feel more comfortable and less excited, this is useful for dispensing their anxiety in a sexual relationship. If you want to learn more about the techniques, go to:.