The DIN EN ISO 9001 QM – Diet

Why so many people are thick and want to be slim yet? Why is it so infinitely difficult to lose weight and to keep his weight? Consciousness is the answer to all questions. Lacking just because obese people. Would we even consciously perceive us, we could hear the signals of our body and react accordingly, rather than to ignore it and continue to eat! We make ourselves and the life difficult for unnecessarily. If all the essentials would concentrate on the feeling of hunger and satiety, then there would be soon no fat people more! Not even somewhere you know the principle? Maybe from your company? How much does your QM – manual weigh? Bursts it seams? Propose the cumbersome formulated processes on the stomach? Could it be not much slimmer, if the requirements of the standards on the essentials would be reduced? We believe! And it’s easier than you think! You should focus exclusively on the processes that take place in your company and nothing for the auditor to invent. So formulate your processes, as is the use of language in your company, just so, your staff will implement the optimizations of their internal working processes active. In the personlichen-apply the same principles as in working life: keep it simple, concentrate on the essentials. Take small steps! expect miracles! We like to convince of the success:

But Mr Daniel Shahin

This is no scope at all for the CARPEDIEM. Here we devote ourselves exclusively the subject of wealth accumulation. For even more analysis, hear from Charles Schwab. In addition, the CARPEDIEM represents anything else as the philosophy of the free consultant. Second, there is just the consumer protection if one shows up, that we condemn others and at the same time offer a solution to the accumulation of assets. Thus we not only criticize, but offer a solution way.

This is certainly more valuable than just criticizing. Thirdly we are hated like no other by institutions, because we speak unpleasant topics in each issue and provide large-scale layoffs conventional contracts. THE free consultant: financial test has attacked their product and placed on the warning list. How Daniel Shahin responds to this criticism? Daniel Shahin: If you force me to talk, then the background of financial test: the Foundation Warentest annually receives millions in subsidies from taxpayers. In return promotes financial test for decades for security-oriented products, the help not the consumers, but the institutions and also father State.

THE free Advisor: But Mr Daniel Shahin, is not to lump-sum? Daniel Shahin: just don’t. Read more here: everest capital. Going to first of all one must consult the consumer after his goal. If the goal of building wealth, he required a rate of return that allows a target achievement. This is excluded from the beginning with all banks, building societies and life insurance products. Therefore, we are not talking about the best Riester pension, but say no Riester pension is the best choice! A comparison of scrap can save you. I, Daniel Shahin, say quite clearly: generally stay away from scrap metal. THE free Advisor: Mr. Daniel attacked but financial test not too technical and substantive points, Shahin? Daniel Shahin: it is a product of risk and therefore not to recommend. All those who want to sell conventional products and keep beautiful small consumers use this bogus argument.

Supplement Multitran

“No wonder that my unsystematic dictionary” by Pavel Palazhchenko which developed in the age of Web 2.0 to a forum of the lexicographical Association of LINGVO (…) and offers excellent opportunities for a professional and interdisciplinary exchange of all interested Russian translators and interpreters. These Seelosii are limited to the English and Russian Spracxhen. “For Russian german and german Russian translator and interpreter givt it to our knowledge no comparable Forum, except Multitran ( c /..), which serves as the focal point for many seeking advice translators and interpreters and unsystematic” Supplement is resulted in the online dictionary. So it’s time to systematize these experiences to a new comunication with reference sources, glossaries, terminology databases and translation memories is created. Prepare for this reason translators and interpreters of Tomarenko technical translations + DTP before a series of online publications as tools and information for translations into Russian and German.

Some tricky cases, problem situations with difficult will be to a small Russian German Glossary in the field of Finance (link) in our blog”(series of tricky commented translations and practical experiences Translations”link). The translation Office relies on the support of colleagues. All interested parties are invited to join. The contact information as well as the first post of the series of tricky translations”(as translated it into Russian the concepts of efficiency and effectiveness) is provided on the website as well as in the blog (blog). To translate a dictionary or to create the first steps, why not, are likely.

Important Judgments

As detectives in the evidence relating to the maintenance can provide valuable help! Divorce! It is the most important judgments in the name of the UnterhaltsBislang that in the event of divorce up to 3/7 of the net income of the debtor to the creditor spouse (usually the wife) must be paid. However, the dependent spouse can also completely lose its maintenance claim. Two lawyers have now in a book with the title “Tatort maintenance loss” (Alexandra Verlag, Weilheim, 19.90, ISBN No. 3-9810741-0-6) published a total of 101 judgments which had the loss of maintenance for the actually dependent spouse entail, for example: the dependent partner in the marriage has been shown with another partner had sex the dependent partner the debtor partner a foreign child has cheered under the dependent partner indicates the debtor partner because a wrong offense, it once suggests, regularly beaten, etc. The dependent Partner is false information about his income, i.e. income wholly or partly conceals the dependent partner in a “red light”bar important works is, however, that the debtor partner Court that must prove it in doubt for example by presenting a detective activity report.

The mere allegation alone is not sufficient. Court, then always the individual case is checked and if necessary, the detectives as witnesses heard. That is why it is important to pay attention when choosing the detectives not only on price but also on the quality of the consideration: who learns like to court, that the report of powered-on Detective Agency the paper not value is, on which it was printed? Therefore do not call on any but our help when it comes to the court documentation of their partner’s misconduct. Ultimately, it’s finally about your money! For more information: partnerprobleme.html (this news is not legal advice within the meaning of the legal advice, but is only used to their information. Let yourself advise by a lawyer of their choice, and inform!)