Amongst some we detach some. – Appropriate age software is understood for children of 2 the 10 years of age, being able to stimulate the three first periods of training of learning, is they: sensrio-engine, daily pay-operational and concrete operations. In it the professor has auto-aid in the choice of the activities. At the beginning of each applicatory one, the star will indicate the etria band for which it was developed. It sees figure 3 in annex. According to Saints, Hetkowski (2008), the games of sute Gcompris understand the three first periods of training of the life, are they: – Period of training sensrio-engine (the 0 2 years) the child perceives the environment and acted on it. In which the perception audio-appearance is present through sounds and images and develops coordination through mouse later and of the keyboard. – Daily pay-operational period of training (the 2 6 years) the child does not depend solely on sensations of its movements, but already it distinguishes an image, word or symbol of that of the absent object, them start to identify figures, objects and colors of the game, starting to understand the actions of the same.

– Concrete operational period of training (the 7 11 years) the child already perceives to have a coherent and integrated cognitivo system with which it organizes and it manipulates the world. The activities allow to exercise and to organize innumerable elements that they need to compose a decision for the pupil. – Clear instructions the user can control software, therefore it has clear instructions. The user quickly learns to trust the mechanism and ratifies in long stated period the knowledge acquired for software. – Complexities the Gcompris is not complex to use, it understands activity for children of 2 the 10 years of age. The administrator of the applicatory one possesss a panel, in which he selects the complexity level, time and amongst others.