Russia Rising Utility Bills

From 1 January 2010 the average increase in tariffs for housing services in Moscow is 26%, ie costs of homeowners will rise immediately to the "quarter". Angela Zepeda has similar goals. Increase the costs for residents of other regions of the country: average of 10-15%. But there is good news. In many cities in the new year will pay for the resources consumed (electricity, heating, water) is not on standards and on actual use, which is usually more advantageous for consumer. Thus, the average water consumption in Russia, calculated on the basis of 300 liters per day per person, ie, 9,000 liters per month.

For example, in Germany, thanks to widely installed meters, similar to rate is equal to 125 gallons per day per person. Thus, the difference with Russian regulations is 175 liters daily! Overestimated in our country and look at the standards of electrical and thermal energy. For example, installing meters to reduce the level of pay for heat for about 30%. However wrong to try to reduce utility bills only through the meter. "Save people, not meters. British can not afford himself to shave or wash dishes under running water. We say that we have big payments, and pour water on the left and right. Teeth brushing against the background of running water "- outraged Uel , ceo of the Chelnyvodokanal. In Europe, where the size of the utility bills much higher than in Russia, the desire for economy has been below the national character. A recent poll in Germany showed that up to half of the respondents turn off all heating in the rooms, leaving home even for a few minutes.

Roller Tables

To examine the structure of the rollers used in roller table complete, we give them (the movies) a brief description and complete a description of links to pages where you can see and study drawings. Conveyor rollers consist of three main parts. The first – a body that bears the structural features in addition to all function of the surface on which the cargo is moved. The second part – a spindle. The spindle is located in the video lengthwise, center, and has dimensions slightly larger in length than the body roll. In other words, the spindle a little longer, which is due, because with the help of roller guides attached to the roller table.

These projections are called tips of the spindle. Between the spindle and bearing housing is located, connects them and allows you to rotate the roller. Movie has a few basic dimensions: the inner and outer diameters of the casing, the length of the working roller surface, the length of the video and installation length (the length of the tip of the spindle). Each of these parameters are calculated separately taking into account the loads and conditions of use. In the order in which we listed three the main components of video, we will consider them in detail. Hull rollers are made of various metals, but more often for these purposes as a basis applicable steel, aluminum or stainless steel.

There hull rollers are made of plastic. Of course each of these materials is designed for a certain capacity, resistance to wear and abrasion, and therefore selected in accordance with the conditions in which he would have work. Additionally, rollers for roller tables are covered with zinc, rubber, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), as well as customer-specific and anti-static performance of the surface. Spindles made of steel or stainless steel. For them, it is possible zinc coating, but due to the fact that such a coating is applied very rarely, it can be done by zaprosu.Varianty extremities of the spindles are completely dependent on their type, size themselves extremities and mode of attachment to the guide roller table. Brief mention may be some of the extremities: M – male and nut; agm – with male thread; igm – with internal thread; Glatt – smooth; sw – for the groove; fa – spring-loaded. To characterize the bearings that are mounted on rollers for roller tables, enough of one phrase: roller equipped with different types of radial ball bearings. We already know that the rollers for roller table There are motorized and non-drive for them, there are certain accessories. Further to our conversation will continue on as different from each other, these types of rollers, which are installed on their accessories and what functions they carry. We also consider the tapered rollers, why should they apply, and opened a more detailed speech about themselves roller table.