The Fees

It is also problematic transition that not only the pure Kontenrechnung is converted. It should be converted by the time-related fees economy on a cause-related cost accounting. The problem is demonstrated by the example of cemetery administrations: so far the fees paid for the new hiring of grave sites for a long (typically 25 years) allocation distributed directly in the budget of the ongoing conversation of the overall institution. There are no provisions for the maintenance of the rented grave sites. So, the institution that is instructed that the occupancy rate remains the same in the future. This is however by no means certain. Currently there are in many places strongly declining occupancy rates with the result that today’s new customers have to wear several times the cost, which are really caused by them.

The whole establishment lives almost by the hand to mouth. Would you put the missing provisions for the execution of the rights of old customers as deficit and put them in relation to the budget, so would have values that were seen in the private sector as over-indebtedness. Similar examples are often found in public administration. The finance (Economics) in essence is still based on the circuit model and thinks so in the national accounts in cash flows. This is reflected in the law about the statistics of public finances and of the staff in the public service”(FPStatG). In this respect, the cameralistic system and national accounts are compatible. This criterion is not enough by a commercial accounting. Source:, from, author Public service companies: public enterprises purchase economic enterprises: Sparkassen, Elektrizitats-Werke,…

cost-covering businesses: railway Telecom, ARD, costs matter targeting businesses: information supply, transport grant establishments: Theatre, museums, legal forms (gemeinwirtschaftlich) under public law: Director operations:, is integrated into the vehicle body. Reine (o without separate legal personality): part of the public administration, i.e.. They are neither organisation nor legally independent: garbage, city library.

The Casting For The Floating Voter-WG

“Press release of the power Democrats e.V. from 02 June 2009 the number of candidates is large, the goal clearly: A room” in the swing voters WG. It must be six seats awarded six undecided move on August 16, exactly six weeks before the election in the swing voters shared. The second phase of the casting has just begun: candidates show face! “Why you / right for the floating voter-WG?” “Pictures and statements of candidates will be published on the site: Nicole for example (…) all politicians and parties more sceptical.” Decides only when she stands in front of the ballot box, whom she chooses. Thomas would like to promote (…) a knowledge-based decision with his candidacy by precise questions formulated on the point,.” Until June 30, the candidates will have time to submit an entry in a format of their choice (text, drawing, movies, photography) to the task. Whether Nicole and Thomas are among the best, will be at the latest at the grand finale of the casting show in July in Berlin! In the weeks before the Bundestag election, the swing voters-WG meets party leaders and other guests. Then to demand, discussed and felt to the tooth, it is about content, programs and performances. Six inhabitants of WG comment on their way to the Entscheidung-for six weeks before the election online, in text and video clips. They will be accompanied by the creators of the electorate-WG, the power Democrats e.V.. The virtual WG is a public platform, with many opportunities for everyone involved. Everything revolves around the big question: what moves voters to change?

Katja Vasilewa

The Association against child poverty will be on Sunday with 63 children from socially deprived backgrounds to guest in the tropical islands be the Association against child poverty “is on November 23, 2008, guest at tropical islands” in September 2008 was in Berlin the Association against child poverty “founded. “The goal of the Association is to create a broad network on the basis of which projects are existing facilities and institutions in the field of child and youth welfare” close together. “It should contribute and set to a character against child poverty are, Germany for the issue of child poverty in their own country” to raise awareness. Children who live in poverty, many opportunities remain blocked. It not only educational and meaningful leisure activities, but especially also social contacts are missing them. Here, the Association would like to provide sponsorships.

Companies and institutions who have called want to, get partner associations to give them directly to help children. The Association against child poverty “wants with its partners various publicity activities in various areas, such as art, culture, sports, and music, etc., organize and make. To support the tropical islands”has decided the Association against child poverty” in his work. “” “” Were 63 Berlin children of the SOS Children’s village “, the game room, e. V.” and e. V., a TV star “from the tropical islands” invited to experience an exuberant day on November 23, 2008, for there. The children will be in Berlin by the tropical islands “-picked up bus.” One day everything you can in the tropical islands free”discover, be served the day and driven in the evening back to Berlin. “The Association against child poverty” in addition organised under the motto loud & strong against child poverty”on the wayang stage” a 45minutiges cultural program.

Start: 15: 00. “” There are”the ambassadors of the Association against child poverty, the pop girl group of HIGH HEELZ”, SADAKO-Ensemble”with Wolfgang Baron von Hildebrandt, the patron of the Association against child poverty”, and Katja Vasilewa, a voiced newcomer from Berlin. “In the period between 14: 00 and 16: 00, all visitors of the tropical islands are” called to the nationwide action of painting-hands “to take part. On the wayang “-stage, there is the possibility of a colored hand print, symbolic of one of over 2.5 million children living in poverty in Germany, must be printed on a banner.” To the world children’s day 2009, or to the election all nationwide collected handprints in the Government to be passed. Against 16: 00 is then an exciting day in the tropical islands”end with sparkling eyes of children.

Professional Hospice

Wife of the Lord Mayor committed Astrid Elbers has taken over the first patron of the children’s Hospice Rainbow country. The wife of Mayor of Dirk Elbers will promote the establishment of the public. Rainbow country children’s Hospice is a home for terminally ill children and their families. “It’s me a very special pleasure and at the same time a major concern, to sit up straight for this facility. I want to ensure my commitment that people find out more about the Rainbow country, and also numerous and possibly donate much of the House.

Only so can the Rainbow country permanently exist and do more good”, says Astrid Elbers. Lord Mayor Dirk Elbers is behind the decision of his wife: “this facility does an excellent job for years and deserves therefore every possible support. Dusseldorf not only make use of this facility. Because it is the only one of this kind far and wide. Many come from across North Rhine-Westphalia and whole Germany here. I’m proud of my wife that she committed in the form for that.” To allow the terminally ill children living and dying with dignity, has joined a group of dedicated, on 1 June 1998 established in a Forderverein children Hospice Dusseldorf e.V. which is bearer of the institution ten years ago.

The Association is non-profit and pursues exclusively and directly non-profit and charitable purposes. Astrid Elbers thanked the Executive Board members of the Hochschulvereinigung, Norbert Husson and Gunther Philipps,: “that the wife of the Lord Mayor takes over the patronage is an award and a kind of accolade for our work and shows the importance of the House. We are very pleased to Astrid Elbers wants to help us. It would be nice if we could take a more donations and do even better educational work.” The children’s Hospice Rainbow country is a home for children, which only one due to an incurable disease or a severe disability restricted Life expectancy have. The conception of the House envisages that the affected children find relief from everyday heavy with her parents and siblings there for a few days or weeks. The institution helps affected families remaining time together with their child as fulfilled and positive to make them. A a children’s Hospice for the affected children is to become a second home, in which she would always like to come back to a pleasant family atmosphere to short stays. They are best provided by specially trained and qualified staff and supervised. On the other hand is a children’s Hospice of discharge of the whole family and the addition of home care. Because the domestic and care of terminally ill and/or severely children is a task, often over many years, and this day in and day out to leads a special burden, not only the parents, but also brothers and sisters. Further the valuable work of the Rainbow country focuses on the Professional family and grief counseling and a restless sibling care. “We can give the life no longer days, but the more days life” is the motto of the children Hospice in Rainbow land. Astrid Elbers, asked the Dusseldorferinnen and Dusseldorf, to financially support the Rainbow country.


In essence, everybody love searches for. If he does not find it in himself, is always a risk of dependency. If we examine the dependencies, it is not enough to limit to drugs in the strict sense. Almost everything can be to the drug. Almost everyone will find something to what he may certainly call ‘Addiction’. There are many forms of dependencies.

The so-called drugs put dependency only reinforced in people’s attention. Where does addiction start? What search behind the truth? Not even the cigarettes, or the excessive amount of alcohol, work rage, to self-censoring of beauty craze of diet craze, etc. are the actual reasons why dependencies arise. These things and circumstances are only the external manifestations and serve as a means to an end. What is example of smokers? He finds freedom. In the freedom he would find love for themselves.

Since he can not live the freedom in its essence with ultimately, he fakes it unconsciously through the Smoke above. It is self-deception and possibly calm. If he then give up smoking, but to live without freedom, he goes into a different dependency in most cases. For example Esssuchte can arise, odd lists, new diseases such as asthma, Angina Pectoris etc. If a smoker dying of lung cancer, he actually dies on the cigarette itself? An important aspect of him gave up themselves, who could not live the freedom? Not already have the labels on cigarette packs a great deception? Would have to be something else on it? But once we take the institution concerned, the lungs, as the key. With our lungs, we breathe the air, the boundless. Freedom would be limitless. It would be the greatest love to allow yourself the freedom in life, in the expression, openness, clarity and truth. Who has found this and integrated into life, is no longer dependent on the cigarette. He will enjoy it may only still aware. And this can cause no more cancer. If a so-called alcoholics ‘dry’, has he then also integrated his real theme of self love and independence in life, or he is “only” dry, and threatens him with a different dependency? A holistic therapy enters into the essence of addiction and uncovers what really lacks the people in his soul. It condemns this nothing, especially not the people and the use of a “drug”. If a drug addict is stamped, how should he feel loved and develop self-love? Now, take a look around again, where and how people go everywhere in dependencies and feel what they are looking for all in truth. Looking for love, attention, recognition, self-worth, freedom…? And for this they live the various dependencies first until they realize what is at stake in them. Of course a person can totally drop and then no longer help themselves. He needs a strong, but very loving hand then. Ralph-Dietmar Stief, Holistic therapist