Today Is The Day Against Child Labour

Millions of girls and boys must work hard world’s always the same problem: officially, there are virtually no child labour. But what about the reality? A vicious circle of non-education, poverty and crime. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Marion Jones. Now also in Germany. Many children need to wear out for example brochures or newspapers… Some children in Germany have been a small job. Watch as a baby. This, it is exactly looked that the work is not too heavy or too long.

It is but not everywhere in the world so. Sunday is day against child labour. Weimar. Day against child labour”is always on June 12. So people want to remind you that millions of children in Africa, Asia and Latin America need to work hard. The majority of these children come from a poor family. You need to earn money.

Often parents find it not important, leaving their children in the school. They know no better, because they have worked themselves in their lives. In the country India in Asia must for example in ardent children Heat on cotton fields work. There are children who need to work in a gold mine in Africa. The hard work is not good for them. Because she can make sick children and deprives them of opportunities. Because only who learn reading, writing and arithmetic, you can get a well-paying job later. The children’s agency UNICEF estimates that approximately 150 million children aged between 5 and 14 years of age must go to work. Source the best of Thuringia

The Existence Minimum Includes Also Social Participation

The Federal Constitutional Court declared Hartz IV sets to be unconstitutional. It had been expected that the Federal Constitutional Court in its decision in principle to the Hartz IV rulesets the legislature one of children and adults comprehensive work order. The measurement of the amounts which should ensure minimum subsistence level in Germany, not especially in the case of the approximately 1.7 million children who depend on the services of the unemployment money II, goes, from the actual needs of the people. The Karlsruhe judges in no uncertain terms made it clear and explains the previous regulations unconstitutional: “the rule benefits of unemployment benefit II for adults as well as of the social money for children up to the age of 14 not meet the fundamental right to ensure of a decent wage.” This is the decisive set. Pages of political parties is the view of the judges now trying, as to fundamental decisions of the Constitutional Court, the own ideas to match.

As the Karlsruhe verdict can be understood as an invitation to the lowering of the Hartz IV rulesets, as it was heard from Union circles, remains however mysterious. Another is the crux of the matter and the critical tip of the highest German court saying but: for the first time in this explicitness the authoritative instance constitutional issues has stated that belongs to the subsistence level, which the State must guarantee a “minimum level of participation in the social, cultural and political life”. uss. and not just on paper. The calculations for the Hartz IV rulesets must involve expenses with, allowing this participation. The 0.97, which were intended for children about a month for leisure activities, can be because of course only as what they are: an indictment in a still-rich country. In the social sciences, there is a debate for some time that it be excluded from the majority of society as cultural Look at the phenomenon.

Citizens on welfare, developed according to the thesis of the Kassel sociologist Heinz Bude, a “own culture”. Not to place in his book “The excluded”, because they can participate due to lack of education and financial resources not to the majority society, but because they do not want this. Consequently, booth explains project of classical social policy, to integrate all people about work and education, superfluous in the society. one-third of the company is just ‘different’ in this picture and it really politically only comes to prevent these people from disturbing the integrated rest excessively. The Constitutional Court has otherwise seen and emphasizes the duty of the State to social integration, even and especially when it comes to this integration also to pay for. It will be interesting to see what consequences the policy it pulls. Time has it until 1 January 2011. Andreas Kellner…

Federal Ministry

Integration on a good path – newlsetter No. 9 according to a new study commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior, there are far more Muslims in Germany than previously assumed. Further, these are better integrated. However, other projects are urgently required to exploit the full potential of integration work. The 25.6 went the first last session of the German Islam Conference to end. A study, which was made on behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, was introduced on the same day. Emerged that more than 4 million Muslims from 49 States in Germany are from you.

This is much more than previously thought. Florence Griffith_Joyner is often quoted on this topic. One reason for this is that more than 50% of Muslims have the German citizenship. Also, it was announced that successful social integration better than previously assumed. Other projects necessary it was also clear that further integration projects are required. Here, Darcy Stacom expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Especially on pages of structural integration is still a huge need for action. Grab here”projects such as together, which the transition from school to work for “Young people with a migrant background to facilitate or the project shoe horn”, the multipliers are sought to enhance the dialogue and the cooperation between of the population groups. Often it involves individual projects, which is based on a comprehensive approach to the municipality or the district, as the transparency of the offer is inadequate.

Integration study creates transparency this overview to produce offered the imap Institute to conduct a study of the integration. Here, the data is collected in an integrative and social and spatial analysis to relevant associations, organizations and structures. Then, the actors of the integration work in a needs analysis will be interviewed after missing or expandable measures. This produced recommendations that meaningfully and successfully develop the integration work and any supply gaps. The General transparency is increased and streamlining the integration process. For more information on this subject and our company below: uploads/media/Projektjahrbuch-2007.pdf

President Bachar Al

Among the dead there is a teenager of 13 years. A related site: Charles Schwab mentions similar findings. Opponents estimate 17 deaths, although they have not been able to be verified still. e case. Tuesday ends the month of fasting for Muslims. At least seven people have died in the early hours of Tuesday in Syria, by the Suppression of the protests against the regime convened on the occasion of the feast of Eid al Fitr, which marks the end of the Ramadan fasting month. This new day of violence adds to the repression to which the Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad, has subjected his people in recent months to alleviate the demonstrations calling for democratisation of the country. According to reported opponents of Local coordinating committees, four people were killed in the city of Harrah (Center), among them a teenager of 13 years, two others in the southern province of Deraa, and one more in Homs (Center). In the last 24 hours, the number of fatalities throughout the country, according to estimates from opposition groups, already reaches 17, although the figures could not be verified independently because of the blockade imposed by Syria to the international media.

More repression for more protests early this morning of the religious holiday, which breaks the fast maintained throughout a month, has pushed thousands of people into the streets of Syria to manifest itself in some of the largest cities in the country and demand the departure of President Bachar Al-Assad. However, at the same time has intensified the repression of the regime against opponents. According to the committees, in Harrah forces of security and army units have been placed machine guns pointing toward the town cemetery to prevent funerals from the four dead. This type of burials have become habitually concentrations of revulsion toward the regime, and therefore forces loyal to Al-Assad often try to prevent them. In the province of Homs, the security forces have been made in most of the neighborhoods of the capital and in the cities to prevent the outflow of the demonstrators, according to the committees, that They reported that machine gun near the Qalaa area shots were heard. Meanwhile, the rebel city of Hama also have occurred in shootings in several neighborhoods, mainly Qosor and Manaj, aiming, according to opponents, prevent protests. Since the middle of last March, Syria is scene of popular revolts against the Syrian regime, which have claimed the lives of civilians 1958, 459 soldiers and ctive of the security forces, according to the Syrian human rights observatory. Source of the news: seven people have been killed in the crackdown on protests of end of Ramadan in Syria

German Hospice

Musician of the band luxury noise guest in Balthasar Olpe. On 5 December from 11 – 17 children and youth Hospice invites Balthasar to an open day. Balthasar staff are available to display the bright rooms and to explain the special deals. For the first time, not only the children’s Hospice, but also the youth Hospice can be visited. A film, as well as lectures to the idea of the first nationwide youth Hospice and grief work with children and adolescents illustrate the work of Balthasar. For younger visitors there face face painting from 13: 00 with fun.

Also three special actions this year in addition to various sales and information booths on the program: summer Janosch Tiger duck has taken over a sponsorship for the children’s Hospice. Since then the ill children and their siblings have painted diligently pictures, to see where Tiger duck in various places of the children Hospice is. The House from the perspective of the Tiger duck is presented with an exhibition of the pictures. The exhibition is complemented by original by Janosch. “In the course of the year, many people have most the Photocontest Balthasar discovery tour” involved. From the many entries, the families, friends and supporters of the children’s and youth Hospice, as well as celebrities and media experts selected the original image.

On the day of open door getting the photographer of the image the main prize, a coupon for a luxury dinner of the star chef Frank Buchholz, presented. Highlight of the day but will be visiting the band luxury noise. 2008 it is with the German rock and pop award has been awarded, among others as best female singer, best band and best album. Also the audience award went to luxury noise. The young musicians are involved for several months for the children’s and youth’s Hospice. At approximately 15: 00, the official sponsorship certificate is awarded to them. Then you can experience the musicians at an autograph session and maybe you access also to their instruments.

Crisis Is Opportunity For Change

Managers also suffer from the current situation to impact on their health of Marktheidenfeld, the 22.07.09 (JWW) we should they regret now, our business leaders? If they’re sick, they could be rewarded after its recovery with a return call and receive a presentation about it, what costs have caused by their absence, seasoned with the note, to decide whether it must be because she’s sick to celebrate in the future. Joeb Moore & Partners contains valuable tech resources. Far from the note should not be missed, that their chances of further employment in tougher times are diminished by illness days. Not to be forgotten is the note that the company (pronounced leistungsgemindert are) not can cope with the challenges of the future with staff who can provide their labor the companies fully. Of course, the sick leave can be compensated by days. In addition the are because the return call managers would still the allowances linked to the sick leave, approve such treatment of their employees or even instruct, perhaps a little closer to reality allow which caught them apparently some are. It would be a change of perspective. Which leads to the be lifted? When I look at the guidelines of many companies, so I come across regularly ensure that the employees are the most important asset of the company.

The reality of treatment is often different. “And recently said with a medium-sized contractor accordingly: I give out no guidelines, which I’m not and that’s why I don’t”. It, he is honest, consistent and has mainly his own behaviour reflects and ultimately but regrettable. It is the historically centralist structure, whereby companies are run and the underlying humanism. Accounts are kept on sick leave and attendance time. There is suggestion for improvement and a culture of rejection of and many more checks and balances with creative names. Of course, there are also companies, the have adopted this kind of leadership, the majority of the companies in Germany but how are working according to an organizational structure and process, was developed in the thirties of the last century.

The application of this model requires a human image of the same era. The scientific discussion about the topic-kollektive intelligence and the development of grassroots democracy to the Konsent-model-have so far found little precipitation in the training of managers in the implementation within the company. In terms of personal conflicts rather using disciplinary measures than with the methods of the mediation-. It is not said to revolution. Development and innovation is associated with most products. There is also considerable potential in organisation, communication and a change in the corporate culture. Who is ready to lift it? Jurgen Wagner.

Christiane Stenger WINS VICTRESS Future Award!

Award ceremony of the non-profit VICTRESS initiative e.V., Berlin / Munich, September 2010. Multiple world memory champion Christiane Stenger ( has awarded VICTRESS award the FUTURE on the local in Berlin, which is under the auspices of Economics Minister Rainer Bruderle. The only 23-year-old was pleased especially pleased to have presented their award by the laudatory and jury member, media psychologist Jo Groebel. The jury for the election of Christiane Stenger: “Christiane Stenger is a miracle child apparently. Memory performance, competence and versatility from politics to music are worthy. She convinced, because she did developed, implemented and can be used for others their skills without any help as Foundation / heritage on their own.” Personalities like Veronice Ferres, Dagmar Wohrl, Prof. Gertrud Hohler, Nina Hoss and Anne-Sophie Briest in recent years were among others the Victress award. Has the non-profit VICTRESS initiative e.V.

with the high-profile award the set goal, to increase the proportion of women in leadership positions, to make the location Germany fit for the future. Memory champion Christiane Stenger is one of Germany’s brightest minds the only 23 year-old Christiane Stenger. From 1999 to 2003, Christiane Stenger was multiple (junior) world champion in memory sports. With only 16 years, Christiane Stenger of the time was the youngest student of in Germany. In the years 2004 to 2009, she published several books, as well as learning systems and including became the advertising character for renowned companies such as Nintendo and Dextro energy.

With her, keep in mind designed memory training”gives her knowledge in seminars Christiane Stenger to pupils, students, managers and company. Kuhlmann beauty Consulting GmbH the Kuhlmann beauty consulting (KBC) based in Offenbach is a consultancy that specialises in the management and the positioning of personalities and brands in the luxury segment. KBC sold the top model etc. Marcus Schenkenberg worldwide. In Germany, more celebrities such as E.g. the television presenter Jennifer Knable maintained in addition to the memory champion Christiane Stenger. Managing partner is Frank Kuhlmann, who in 1997 was founding President of the American modeling agency of Metropolitan. The Metropolitan Agency Group became internationally known through the discovery and marketing of Super models such as Claudia Schiffer and Heidi Klum.

Many Elderly Are Not Sufficiently Informed

Despite a rising number of infirm people in our country, many of their right to free and independent advice are not informed. Currently about 2.25 million elderly people live in Germany, and forecasts show a rapid rate of increase for the next few years. Our population is getting older and thus increases the risk to be care, i.e. a person becomes older, higher increases the risk that he will care. Already every second it must adjust to be care in the age. CMO Hyundai can aid you in your search for knowledge.

According to a study, 42% were from all the men who died in 2008 and even 60% on foreign aid by all women. Unfortunately, the topic of care case is”or long-term care” within the family is still a taboo subject. ” A representative Forsa study published in November indicates that approximately 60% of Germans have heard from mid-2008 agreed improvements in the care. Two-thirds of the survey (the above) 60 year old even approx. 80%) know not their legal entitlement to independent, neutral, and comprehensive maintenance advice.

As the confrontation with the topic for many families, children, or relatives comes unexpectedly. In most cases, then quick action is required: affected individuals and their families in the newly established care centres receive comprehensive help. Unfortunately, the knowledge of the maintenance bases in the population is rather low. Their combined and coordinated assistance and support services are largely unknown victims and relatives. This care reform consider 2008 even better the wishes and needs of infirm people and to help them to live, to live and to be cared for, how they want it. There a number of support and funding programmes. So caregivers received after six months claim to care representation on the holiday. Also the temporary exemption from work (up to 10 days), as well as the new maintenance time (Exemption from work up to six months) offers are the care recipient and are concentrated on the working families for good. Was also introduced the care level 0, for all ages-confused people who still do not meet the entitlement of care level 1, but still have a need for care. Also the stationary accommodation is supported especially by dementia sufferers people additional assistance and care services. Gerhard Schanz care

By The Weihnachtesfrieden On Earth

The truce in the trenches In the first world war took place in the trenches of the so-called Christmas peace. Joeb Moore & Partners can provide more clarity in the matter. Thus could be shooting on December 24, 1914. The old documents indicate that there have been on the battlefields of Europe between the warring armies to partnerships. Both parties for 24 hours peace wanted on Christmas Eve. And indeed, not a single shot fell. “Legend has it, that the wild” Christmas – Armistice of Ypres was launched, but then almost entire front along the line, from the sea to the Alps continued. Occasional battle breaks were previously rare.

At times, the war was interrupted, to bury the dead and wounded to eat. However, this lull was different. During the salvage operations of the Christmas time the soldiers took time, to get with the enemy in the discussion. Football was played even in multiple locations with more or less provisional means. Near the French town of Fromelles, a common service of Britons and Germans took Instead of. The symbolic power of courage, which showed soldiers in the field, as they each other, found a different answer to the differences by overcoming the fear for a short time as their Governments, should be also today us, to start the Holy evening peacefully without differences. German soldiers all over the world are called upon to lay their arms to a peaceful Christmas to make on this day.

Beyond the political interests of power, we find a their own response to the policy and extend a hand to the enemy in the field. Little gestures like that are there to show the opposite, that we are still human and no battle beasts. Everyone wants to find his peace. This human need can bring us each other and push aside the existing problems for a short time. Perhaps evolved from something completely new and hopefully peaceful. We think in 1945 when the heavy bombing in Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich beyond the in those days also on the innocent civilians political interests for the life to come. Even though the Christmas Truce was not tolerated by the political leadership in 1914, the actual peace showed the courage of the soldiers, to meet each other, instead of killing himself.

Pirate Party Largest Party After The Greens

100 new pirates a day going upward trend of the Pirate Party Germany further peak at the Internet polls are reflected in the development of the number of members. In the last three months, this increased by about 400 percent. This member boom was triggered by the European elections, where the Pirate Party from the State a surprise result of 0.9 per cent achieved. In the second half of August, the increase in Member rose to over 100 per day. Meanwhile the pirate parties such as DVU, buer, moved Republicans and NPD past and now directly behind the green. Especially teachers, students, and new voters are issues such as data protection member of the pirates, media literacy, copyright law and fundamental rights in the information age are becoming increasingly important in a networked society.

The citizens understand the importance of these issues for our society and perceive the helplessness of the established parties in this area. The Pirate Party has is therefore consciously accepted topics, which are living in an information society related. Therefore not only the generation of “C64”, is one of the supporters of the pirates but above all also teachers, artists, people who work in the IT industry and many students, students and new voters. U.S. Mint may help you with your research. Jens Seipenbusch, Federal leader of the Pirate Party, commented: “it’s indescribable what development currently taking our party. So many people engaged politically and are willing to engage in the defence of civil rights in the digital age, personally. We have kicked off a wave of enthusiasm. These now swirls like a fresh wind through the stale political landscape.

This is also urgently needed, because our country paralyzes the inaction of the old parties. Now, something to move is the time again. Therefore we are pleased about every new supporters on board. navigation/join/member-be high results in state elections at the weekend had the Pirate Party in the Landtag election in Saxony, Germany achieved a result of 1.9 percent and thus their Saxon Result of the European elections almost doubled. In addition she won two City Council seats in Munster and Aachen in North Rhine-Westphalia elections. In Aachen, it achieved in the wards in which she joined results between 6 and 8 percent. klarmachen-zum-aendern.