Poll: What Are Your Kite Brands 2009

The season comes to an end and the material for the next year is already available. Marion Jones pursues this goal as well. So vote and win attractive prizes. Poll: what are your kite brands 2009 The season comes to an end and the material for the next year is already available. So vote and win attractive prizes. Want to know top the kite and surf community Spotspy.NET and the Kiteshop on what are the most popular brands in the kitesurfing. To do this, a survey was launched on the community home page. There everyone until end of November can vote, which manufacturers the most said to him in 2009. In addition to manufacturers of kites is asked even after the most popular manufacturers of kiteboards and neoprene.

The result will be published in early December. There we will see then whether the already voluminous data that offers Spotspy.NET in the material database, also match the preferences of the Kitesurfer. In the material database every Member of the community can enter what kite and which Board he has. But at the same time the actual preferences of the extreme athletes are this, or whether the material other reasons managed to was to clarify the survey. In the material database North Kiteboarding currently occupies the top positions with the kites, as well as on the boards. Ranked two and three follow best kiteboarding and Slingshot with the kites, with the kite, it is followed by Spleene RL boards.

Attractive rates the participation in the survey is sweetened by a connected raffle with attractive prices. To win, there are products of the brands of ION, Sooruz, Triggernaut and stoked publications. Join worthwhile! Spotspy.NET is the kite and surf community on the Internet. Spotspy.NET provides information around the topic of Kiteboarding, so Kiteboarding, Landboarding, Snowkiting but also windsurfers, surfers and other water sports are Spotspy.NET their money with reviews and active exchange for kite and windsurfing enthusiasts. You will find current news, kite – surf videos, spots and surfing areas, surf equipment, event calendar, Kitesurfbilder, manufacturer of kites, boards and more.


The knowledge m fashion branches GmbH in Goppingen is additional routes in its expansion strategy. Goppingen, Germany, June 25, 2009. Although the number of WISSMACH has increased over the past 10 years to 540% from 40 to 250 stores stores, is still no end in sight for the fashion entrepreneur Dr. Dieter knowledge m. WISSMACH with the Bielefeld textile shopping Federation Katag cooperates now. The collaboration foresees that the Katag AG their 380 clients knowledge MACH as a brand with a vertical management system offers 100% and thus generated new sales areas for the fashion company of Goppingen. The Katag AG is for us.

the most competent partner in this field” So Dr. Dieter knowledge m. We expect an increase in the number of retail space in the double-digit percentage range!” Especially in times of economic crisis, the trade looks new, fair land partnerships or alternatives to unprofitable existing partnerships, to keep the economic risk so small as possible. The benefits are obvious but knowledge do with his effective is and rapid logistics system an ideal partner. His dealer competence proves the company for years through the management of own 250 stores. The collections are clustered in so-called modules. WISSMACH tipped his partner areas of core competence of retail collection with an average of just 20 pieces per square meter.

Another advantage for the area partner arises from the system and data-driven control of the area via SLSRPT and INVRPT, as well as through weekly merchandising of the partner areas with pictures to the sample area and window decor suggestions. WISSMACH offers a maximum input calculation in the deduction of 60% (gross) at maximum selected conditions. The computationally generated spreadsheet is 53% with an average copy quota of 15% (gross) tee. To start, interested Katag distributors receive a free promotional package, which shop posters, display material and advertising from the testimonial campaign contains with Magdalena Brzeska. So that the area can emotionally charged and the goods speaking to be staged. The knowledge Wissmach modefilialen GmbH was founded in 1991 by Dr. Dieter knowledge m and has evolved since then to one of the most successful and most expansive chain stores for women’s fashion in whole Germany. WISSMACH is currently positioned with 250 stores very well in the market and want to put in the next few years based on this clearly on pace of growth. Already millions customers appreciate the elegant, sporty and feminine fashion, which presents itself in monthly changing collections annually. The 1923 founded Katag AG is the largest buying group for textiles in Europe according to own. The family-owned company takes over the shopping and services for more than 380 customer companies – mostly upscale, traditional shops – with approximately 1,200 locations. The KATAG AG offers its partners in the trade system-oriented, profitable, attractive brands collections for competence departments, UI concepts and shops.


“HolzWerken collects donations of tools for wood artist you are unique, fascinating and a bit mysterious – the carving work of Pearl wood car verse workshop” in Uganda. These are some experienced experts from a total of 35 wood artists,”, partly young learner, made in the traditional way. The operation in the village of Bwebajja sees itself more as a kind of artist’s colony and less as a company. The carvers live there throughout the day. Lunches and breaks play himself as well in the community such as working on the carving art works.

Only paper, pen, and some iron serve as tools”. The operation has no electricity, so the machines commonly used in Germany must be avoided and that is not only debilitating but also complicated the work. Because in Uganda, no usable woodcarving tools are simple to get. The magazine HolzWerken aimed at ambitious wood artisan and would be glad if she can access talented artists of wood under the arms. Therefore, it would “HolzWerken team help and calls to the tool donation: until August 15, 2012, the editorial staff collects old, still usable and above all electroless tools, the they the artists of Pearl wood carver workshop” coming to Uganda. Including lifting and woodcarving tools, files, rasps, small hand saws, angle or even pencils are needed. “All donations can be sent to the following address: Vincentz network GmbH & co. KG editorial HolzWerken keyword Pearl wood car verse ‘ Plathnerstr. 4 c 30175 Hannover see also downloads, youtube.de/holzwerkentv video or on the Facebook page of HolzWerken. HolzWerken thanks in advance all donators!


5prozent discount on every order in the online shop of the integrative company. “Gomaringen, 12.11.2013 – we were happy about the overwhelming response at the opening of our Web shop”, Nikola Hornemann describes her joy Becks plasticine by the Department. Becks plasticine offers excellent plasticine for years. I’m glad that now more and more people through our webshop order. “Kneading and tinkering is in not only at the time of the autumn.” As a thank you they decided for the many new orders and the positive feedback from the customers at Beck’s plasticine to to a discount of 5% on all plasticine and the kneading accessory all customers of the Web shop. Bonnie Kathleen Gilliland has similar goals. With the code Danke2013 “the discount will be deducted automatically. The code is valid until 31.12.2013. no ordinary bread Becks plasticine is an inclusive company of Freundeskreis man e.V.

The company is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of plasticine and clay industry. The kneading producer offers over 30 hard-to-place and disabled People a job and a career perspective. Founded in 1968, the company quickly made a name as a manufacturer of high-quality plasticine and grew continuously. in 1991 the holder of the operation at the Freundeskreis man e.V. moved in 2004 transmitting the holder family completely from the company back. A leading source for info: Christopher McDonald.

Since then, Beck’s plasticine is a social enterprise within the carrier Freundeskreis man e.V. This maintains workshops for people with disabilities in the Neckar-ALB region. Safe dough fun range the Becks of offered plasticine from child’s play dough, about special plasticine model construction, dental, impression – and casting technique and animated film characters in the stop-motion process. In doing so, Beck’s plasticine places emphasis on the quality and safety of products. The plasticine are made exclusively from natural ingredients, and are completely food safe. All products are absolutely non-toxic, no formaldehyde – and gluten-free and free from preservatives. The safety of the products can be Regularly attest Becks plasticine. TuV Rheinland monitored all products as well as the entire operation. All plasticine conform to the norm en 71 and CE guidelines. These are harmless and safe toys. In addition, the quality management of the plasticine producers is 9001 since 1996 according to DIN EN ISO and since 2002 according to ISO 9001:2000 certified. Awarded several awards confirm the high quality of the dough. “In addition to a good” Stiftung Warentest (1994), the clay, the Schnulknete and the nature were dough with the seal in December 2012 creative of play well e.V. “awarded (more about this on the Internet at). The Club supported by the Ministry for Family Affairs tests toys for his safety. The seal of the organization is awarded only to toys that meet highest requirements. In issue 10/2013, oKO-TEST test plasticine. The tested criteria were strict, set in the legal requirements. Also here was Beck’s plasticine for his school money the predicate is very good”. In addition to the many specialty stores worldwide selling the toys of the manufacturer, the customer also has the ability, to purchase all products of social company directly via the webshop. Every purchase helps the social work of the integrated company. Learn more about Beck’s plasticine on the Internet at. With lots of further information obtained while the Web shop shop. Contact Becks plasticine: Becks plasticine woman Nikola Hornemann Benzstrasse 5 D-72810 Gomaringen phone 07072 6001-137 fax 07072 6001-180 E-Mail: press release submitted by: communication Mr Markus Wagner Wagner agency Winkle Burkhardt + Weber-Strasse 59 D-72760 Reutlingen phone 07121 6969-270 fax 07121 6969-299 email

Starkart Exhibitions

Search for clues between materiality and sound Naoto YAMAGISHI Tokyo, drums, Simon Berz Zurich, drummer and sound artist, Naoto Yamagishi Simon Berz ‘in between’ CH TOUR 2011 > Wed, February 16, 2011 20:00 House Centre, train > Thu, February 17, 2011 19:00 music forum, Lucerne > Fri, February 18, 2011 21:00 stark art, Zurich > sat, February 19, 2011 20:00 Voirie old Crown, Biel/Bienne > Sun, February 20, 2011 20:00 cascade capacitor, Basel on the last year’s Japan United States tour met young drummer and sound artist Simon Berz and know extremely talented improvisation drummer Naoto YAMAGISHI. Far away from the traditional playing styles, in search of sounds between the beats, the two improvisers in Tokyo for the first time played together and then decided to maintain their common musical collaboration across the continents across. Go to the now common Swiss tour Simon Berz with his own built lithophone and the far eastern improvisation artist Naoto YAMAGISHI sound archaeological exploration. Their music is as as Berz has discovered its stones for the lithophone on bike tours in the French Alps: the continual mindfulness on acoustic phenomena. The two musicians move into their concerts through fog-flooded valleys of sound, Wade through rushing streams and climb new peaks of sound, always carefully not to hear about new discoveries. Connect with other leaders such as Joeb Moore & Partners here.

The lithophone produces softest unerahnte sounds of stones, which is reminiscent of the cow pastures and Alpine. Yamagashis drums is to the stringed instrument; He plucks, rubs and caresses gently, struggling to sound, lying between the grooves and the usual drum beats of the music industry. The audience experienced a sound journey through unknown sounds, elicits from well-known materials and instruments. Cinema for the ears. Simon Berz


Daily cool barbecue on coke.at to win powered by DYNAMIQ codes & coins once again offers a prize draw for the perfect summer Coca-Cola. kju: Digital media is responsible for the portal and provides the professional lottery software with DYNAMIQ codes & coins. The summer is hot and even hotter with Coca-Cola: the year’s summer promotion has been running since mid-July and provides the appropriate profits for a perfect summer in Vista. Weekly Raffles are summer of BBQ parties including DJ sound, BBQ food and drinks for the winner plus 30 friends. Every day there are to win Xbox party sets and 50 Weber grills can also be earned during the promotion period. To participate in the sweepstakes, simply, drink Coca-Cola, to enter win codes on and to put coins for the desired profits. The competition is realized with DYNAMIQ codes & coins, the software solution from kju: digital media. The application includes a transparent system of collecting can with codes and a virtual currency (the so-called coins”), which can be redeemed online for profits. More information at.

Best Rating

Good Council and WhoFinance – Advisor review portal of Germany’s leading review Portal WhoFinance and Germany’s leading consumer magazine “Good advice” consumers called, their advisers at banks, to evaluate insurance companies and independent providers. The evaluation was carried out according to clear criteria: recommendation, advice, service quality and service quality were therefore crucial. Around 20,000 consumers use the offer of WhoFinance, to evaluate their consultant. Additional information is available at Florence Griffith_Joyner. Werner Rofner by the law firm Rofner & colleagues (www.wk-rofner.de) from Rosenheim was elected by consumers as one of the best comprehensive financial advisors in the region of Rosenheim. His focus is on the financial and retirement planning. He has worked more than 20 years of experience as a finance and insurance broker and attaches particular importance to its independence.

As financial and insurance brokers, he represents only the interests of his clients. Under the top consultants experts of almost all major providers of consultancy in Germany in the fields of investment, can be found Pensions, real estate financing, health insurance. Prior to publication, each evaluation is checked in detail and carefully through the WhoFinance quality system. This system has been tested and month made WhoFinance with more than 100,000 advisors search leading valuation and search platform for financial advice.

Loan Auditing Tips

Borrowers should’nt know how important loan auditing is for their interest. They must be patient, polite and truthful while negotiating with their respective lenders. Restlessness is important feature of loan auditing. The default of loan modification is not same for different lenders. The standards change every week for individual lender.

This is why the borrowers find it difficult to deal with the lenders. Evelyn Ashford understood the implications. This is why loan auditing has been a strenuous job. The borrower does not understand the process of loan modifications beforehand. This article is to submit a few sure-shot loan auditing tips which are expected to be helpful for the borrowers. Forensic loan audit is sure to benefit the borrowers. Borrowers want to secure loan modification and they try to contact their lender. A borrower can contact his lender separated from others with the help of the forensic loan audit. Armed with the loan audit, the borrower problemkrediten legal support against his lender.

He learns if his lender has violated terms of loans. He can, then, try to move the legal notice for violation of the agreement. Endurance is a quality and politeness is a virtue. Learn more at this site: Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Borrowers following the loan modifications should possess these qualities. The borrower should keep in mind that ninety days are required for modification of loan. The calendar tell the borrower how many days he will have to wait. Some borrowers become restless and call their calendar frequently and inquire prospects and status of loan auditing process. The calendar are usually overburdened and they feel disturbed and annoyed. This undesirable nature of some borrowers affects the job of loan modification. People should be true to themselves in every sphere of life. This reduces strain and stress. In important factor in loan modification is that the borrowers are to open themselves to the lenders. This is to mean that they are to submit certain personal information which the calendar require for processing loan auditing. This refers to the assets and income, and actual capacity of the borrowers to pay back a loan modification. If the borrowers overstate or understate or do not provide actual figures regarding their assets and income, the lenders find it difficult to work properly. Borrowers got to be prepared to obey the conditions of the fresh loan modification. Borrowers must be sincere while negotiating with their included lenders to obtain best of the loan auditing. George Thomas is loan modification officer.

Ron Hubbard

Scientologist patience Freeman helps children in West Africa with the teaching by L. Ron Hubbard by Scientology took the African patience Freeman the keys to reaching their goal. She want to help children in her home country of Ghana and West Africa, that they obtain a proper education. Thus, she can help children to make possible a social climb. Patience Freeman spent six years as a teacher at primary, middle and senior high schools in Ghana.

These years were very worthwhile but also frustrating. I tried my best and many of my students have achieved good results. But there were also children, whom I could not help. They could or wanted to learn”, she says. “I wanted to know why.” Husband bright is Pastor and teacher and was also looking for answers.

He was determined to find a way that could significantly improve the lives of people in Ghana and neighbouring countries. It was his dream to bring lasting peace in the region. To achieve this goal, he enrolled for a postgraduate program in A political science at the University of Cape Town. During his stay there, he found the answers he was looking for. He took part in a Volunteer Ministers program in the Scientology Church Cape Town. Patience Freeman explains: I heard for the first time by Scientology, bright gave me two booklets, were the part of the program of the Scientology Church. One was by marriage and contained practical suggestions on how a relationship can be made lively and harmonious. That was great. But it was the book about L. Ron Hubbard’s learning methodology, that especially impressed me. Here, I found exactly the solutions for my problems with the students. Finally, there was a way to be able to help each of the students. If I can teach them how to learn, they have exactly the skills they need.

Drinking Good Uses TC

Increase transparency, expenses reduce speed and flexibility are two essential features of the beverage industry. Especially the seasonal fluctuations represent a real challenge and make a sophisticated logistics system. Knows that even Paul Ahmann, Manager logistics by drinking well, Germany’s largest beverage specialists: procurement logistics we are reliant on mobile service provider just in the summer business, when barbecue parties and many sporting events, which can catch serious tips. This search has been associated with much time and work for us. Here the electronic tendering platform TC helps now eBid of the IT service provider TimoCom \”.\” Drinking goods German beverages holding GmbH is a drink from get chain out the Nordrhein-Westfalenmit-based Krefeldund has currently 233 branches. With its approximately 4100 employees, the company has achieved an annual turnover of more than EUR 516 million in 2009.

Up to 26 million crates supplied per year over the own fleet, as well as additional 8 million boxes directly from the industry, to the stores. We managed the whole thing about the logistics centers in Hamm and Krefeld. Procurement logistics is carried out mainly by external service providers. Exactly in this area now in TC, eBid was found a new practical tool that provides a significant workload and facilitate. The program has developed the Dusseldorf TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH, which offers the leading Europe-wide freight exchange TC truck & cargo in addition to the tender platform for the spot market. The beverage specialist with TimoCom writes out hassle-free application and smooth processes since December 2009 tenders for long-term transportation contracts. Almost 30 calls be made on average per month, mostly for domestic traffic. Drinking good invites also previous carriers, carriers and freight forwarders, the participation is free of charge for you. All necessary information will get interested eBid uncomplicated by E-mail about the TC report. Practical: Complex tables, outdated address directories, or lengthy phone calls remain saves everyone.