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Billomat extends its functionality to the beginning of the year and binds the letter shop PixelLetter a. Letters and faxes can be sent from now on Billomat. Printing, folding, enveloping, franking and sending of invoices and offers takes on PixelLetter. In addition, electronically created invoices with a qualified digital signature by E-Mail can be sent. Freelancer, entrepreneur, craftsmen, artists, consultants, journalists etc. can send invoices and offers comfortably from a PC with web-based solutions from Billomat. These features used to, the customer must log on only at PixelLetter (

Through these new features we are provide an enormous benefit our customers, since the often time-intensive work of printing, Kuvertierens up to the trip to the post office, says Simon Stucher, Managing Director of Billomat. Availability: The service from PixelLetter is now integrated in Billomat. The service of PixelLetter the user is calculated directly from PixelLetter. The prices for the use of Billomat start at zero euros. Users in a fee-based plan can change only in intensive use. About Billomat:, Which specializes in Herdorf, based company, Billomat Ltd., on Web applications. Customers can create your invoices and quotes online and manage. In addition, customer and product data can be managed comfortably. Company contact: Billomat Ltd. Holltertszug 26 D-57562 Herdorf phone: 0700-BILLOMAT (0700-24556628) fax: 0700-BILLOMAT (0700-24556628) Web: email: contact person: Thomas Weigel, Simon Stucher

The Phone Is Now Really Multifunction

BITKOM study proves: Germans use the multiple functions of their mobile phones food, November 12, 2007 the mobile phone has become not only technically the multifunction device, but the Germans use it also very diverse. This is the latest study of the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media (BITKOM). Every fourth German (26.4 percent) taking pictures with your mobile phone, every tenth listens to music (12.2 percent) and Furthermore, surfing on the Internet is becoming an important application. Every third German (36 per cent) interested to download driving directions and traffic reports directly on his cell phone. And up to the year 2010 is expected every fifth German will also practically such or similar mobile phone Internet services. But why wander in the future if there is already good for little money? Because consumers from now your mobile with a free navigation software can upgrade with o-NAVI. o-NAVI is easily downloaded via standard SMS on the mobile, activated with a Combined GPS receiver and off go the navigation. The o-NAVI software of Dasortliche is completely free including all routes tours.

The only cost for the small data packets with routing information, the mobile operator requires mostly pennies for that. o-NAVI is compatible with a variety of phones and house numbers exactly routes pedestrian, bicycle and car drivers in Europe. With the TMC function, the navigation software leads motorists to each storage and warns at excessive speed. With the integrated phonebook Dasortliche looking phone book his goal just on a name or a phone number and o-NAVI routes directly to the correct address. Who would like to use his mobile phone to the navigation and together want to buy the software and a suitable extra small GPS receiver, which buys the new two-in-one package mobile Navigator from November 23 in trading just zoneLINK”. The package uses the o-NAVI software and contains the award-winning GPS-receiver BT-GPS-8. So that she can Then immediately start navigation.