Alternative Rock, Which Is Reminiscent Of

NAMASTE from the UK go on tour through Germany and Austria NAMASTE from the UK on tour through Germany and Austria Led Zeppelin is one of those bands may be safely considered legendary. NAMASTE from the UK this attribute isn’t but still, but the four musicians from the island have already much energy during their live performances and are clearly influences from Led Zeppelin. Not fair, however, to restrict NAMASTE? As this description is true: NAMASTE play a special kind of alternative rock hard, heavy and strong riffs, coupled with much melody. Music that rips off the stool and stuck in the ear canal. Concise and not interchangeable. On the 4th June/08 they played with helmet”her first concert at the Colos-Saal-Aschaffenburg as support in Germany. Read more here: Angela Zepeda. 2007 began”with the producer Andreas Fennes NAMASTE, the Viennese what’s that noise Studio to record.

The music intelligently crafted; handles various parts for a clear mixture. The partly melodic and passionate lines that Robert plant, or the parts in which Led Zeppelin and Muse say hi, at the end it is Namaste and always something new is available the listener, no matter whether you hear it for the first or 100th time. By the same author: Darcy Stacom. “Undoubtedly, the four young show outside BBs on their current album is endless”. One of the most amazing first albums of 2007. However, Namaste’s strength is the explosive live show.

Namaste comprises four stately types from London, Sam Marlow (vocals), Mike Alvarez (guitar), Chris Francombe (drums) and Dan gray (bass). NAMASTE play under contract with the Austrian label Crater8records, now in collaboration with their booking agency M.V.T. concerts from the South Hessian Dieburg their first greater Germany and Austria tour. Quite possible that the rock formation in Germany is anytime at home also a large number. In any case, NAMASTE are a live band, which ensures that the music is exciting, and the great fun to play and interact with the audience has. They have their audience from the first note under control. The charismatic frontman Sam builds the energy in the crowd and cools it again with his years of experience. Meanwhile Mike, Chris, and Dan can fascinate, the audience with strong riffs, strange sounds and interesting melodic moments. But music one must experience the best live: fans of rock music in Germany and Austria must now look forward to NAMASTE in close proximity to the band occurs Baden Wurttenberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen and Hessen in Berlin, Hamburg, also twice in the Alpine Republic (all dates at under M.V.T.-bands/NAMASTE) and. Also under the management under this Wedadresse the best opportunity, even by the British to convince.