Harnessing the Creative Process

Since long before we sat down in front of the challenging Photoshop blank page and until the client successfully deliver your website, we experience a continuous creative process, which may have been developed through various roles. I invite you to learn what are called the four roles of the creative process and how each one of its benefits may enhance the success of our work. Speaking of roles, we mean the methodology and processes for more visibility into our creative process, which together with the attitude, technique, discipline and inspiration applied make up our particular way to conceptualize and implement our designs. Others including Joeb Moore, offer their opinions as well.

The four roles of the creative process is a creative role we took when we decided instinctively or consciously shape our work creatively, in other words is determined by decisions such as, for where we started the design, if we take references or if we already have our own ideas if we seek the satisfaction of the customer or if you really want to impress, if you assume risks for experiencing a different concept or if you prefer to stay in our comfort zone, if we want to finish it as soon as possible or if we can devote all your time, etc. Explorer Today there is a multitude of inspirational resources, web site showcases, galleries and CSS effects available for practical use of any web developer. The Browser role is assumed when our creative process is based on inspirational reference searching, in order to soak up as much trends and options graphics, typefaces, color palettes, composition, structure information, etc..